Russians Advocate Armageddon Evacuation To Siberia
By Peter Henderson
CHEBARKUL, Russia, Sept 8 (Reuter) - Armageddon is just around the corner, but there's no need to panic. A group of Russian scientists is planning to save humanity by attracting flying saucers from the fourth dimension and evacuating humanity to Siberia.
They say they have no more than two years to do it.
``We want to warn the West, so that we can save them in Siberia,'' Vladimir Sobolyov, president of the independent research centre, told a Congress of UFOlogists, Astrologers and Clairvoyants held in this Urals mountain resort.
Sobolyov's analysis of prophesies by Russian saints, the 16th century French astrologer and prophet Nostradamus, and other sources has led him to the conclusion that the earth will tilt about 30 degrees, very quickly, sometime within the next two years.
Widespread flooding, which will drown most of Scandinavia and much of Britain, will spare Siberia, where a new Jerusalem will be built, the bearded UFOlogist said.
Sobolyov, whose research focuses on the fourth dimension, admits that selling the plan, let alone the land, could be an uphill climb for the scientists, whose reputation has been damaged by false UFO sightings. But he is undeterred.
``There are only a few people on earth who can tell who is real and who is crazy,'' Sobolyov said, puffing on a pungent Russian cigarette. His research centre is the Rerikh Academy, named after early 20th century Russian mystic and scientist Nikolai Rerikh.
UFOlogists, who study Unidentified Flying Objects, are treated warily by governments the world over, although there are those, including Russia, which fund some UFO research.
But the tiny division of Russian science could become a big money earner if the government takes up the plan for the state to rent out Siberian land during Armageddon.
Conference delegates from Italy, Hungary and other countries worked with dozens of Russians on the problem from the safety of the foothills of the southern Urals which tumble down to the beginning of the Siberian steppe.
Governments have yet to comment on their plans.
The Chelyabinsk region where the conference was held is studded with lakes and compared to Switzerland by some, though it is also known for its high proportion of closed cities and nuclear bomb plants.
But the delegates at the remote mountain resort of Chebarkul had their heads in the fourth dimension, a higher cultural and spiritual plane and source of many flying saucers.
They look to aliens to help Russia regain and surpass standards set in its 19th century golden age by writers such as Alexander Pushkin and Mikhail Lermontov -- and thereon lead the world into the fourth dimension.
``There is no more urgent issue than to increase contact with such civilisations,'' said Dr Lev Chulkov, who heads the UFOlogy department of the partially state-funded Intersectoral Scientific and Technology Centre of Venture Non-traditional Technologies.
Chulkov survives on a miserable $100 a month, although his institute earns extra cash doing geological surveys for oil companies looking for black gold in Siberia -- hitherto known mainly for its extreme cold and prison camps.
Rerikh the scientist was also a painter, and the conference's cultural programme was well attended.
``As a dream I will come and sit among you,'' said an actor in a stiff black suit, reciting a Pushkin poem surrounded by paintings of flying saucers circling Russian villages. The UFOlogists cheered what they saw as the verse's special message.
Some delegates explain Russians' particular interest in the paranormal -- superstitions and faith healers continue to enjoy a wide following here -- by saying they are a chosen people.
They say centuries of desperation and hardship have forged hearty Russian souls who can also help lead humanity into the fourth dimension in the countdown to Judgement Day.
``We have lived through wars, revolutions -- all this has given Russia a special mission,'' said Galina, a librarian from Chelyabinsk.
She stood next to an Armageddon timetable which predicted that all Slavic nations would unite behind Russia shortly before the arrival of the Antichrist, to be followed by Judgement Day and the creation of a new continent in the Pacific Ocean.
Others at the conference questioned Russia's special nature.
``People are all the same,'' said Andrei Kovsharov, a 27-year-old unemployed aviation worker who added that in his previous life 900 years ago he had been a woman in New Zealand.
``It doesn't matter what nationality you are.''
Russian UFOlogists base much of their research on tried and true observational methods used throughout the planet.
Chulkov, a former astroscientific technician, says he has seen a spaceship a quarter the size of the moon and smaller ships which he knew were UFOs due to zig-zag trajectories beyond the ken of Soviet and Western technology.
Former Russian test pilot Marina Popovich said that while staying last year at cosmonaut training ground Star City she saw a cigar-shaped ship about 20 metres (65 feet) long with pulsing lights.
``There was absolutely no sound,'' said Popovich, who woke up a number of cosmonauts to see the ship. They arrived too late.
Such disappointments tend to boost scepticism towards the UFOlogists, but Sobolyov said the aliens -- who he predicts will step up their activity to help mankind during the Armageddon flood -- were cautious for a reason.
``If we completely believed in them, we would get lazy,'' he said. ``So they are clever. They stay hidden in the fourth dimension and only show themselves from time to time.''

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