New Phoenix Analysis
Says Lights NOT Flares
By Andrew Brockinton and Terry Rodemerk
MUFON Baywatch Newsletter
At around 8:00 PM on March 13, 1997, lights were sighted in the sky over Phoenix, Arizona. There have been numerous reports written about the sighting and many theories bantered about as to what it was that moved over the night sky in Phoenix. Numerous people video taped the events and these tapes have been analyzed and re-analyzed in an attempt to explain the phenomena.
Some of these analyses have lead to a chevron shaped vehicle, some alluded to being a much larger ship, and the government official explanation is that it was flares from the nearby Estralle Air National Guard bombing range which lies southwest of Phoenix on the southwest side of the Estralle Mountains.
In our analysis, we utilized the video by Mike Krzyston taken from the top of Mt. Ridge and scanned in several still photographs using an Amiga 1200 AGA computer with DCTV video frame grabber and ImageFX software for photo analysis. Our analysis leads us to theorize that the MUFON article stating that they are flares is erroneous. From enlargements of the single lights, they do not appear to be flares. To verify this, we have a photo taken over Houston, Texas at night of a flare in the sky, and the two pictures do not look anything alike.
In addition, from our analysis the lights in the Phoenix films appear to be maneuvering jets along the same lines as the nozzle jets of the liquid fuel rockets on the NASA's shuttles. Whether these are liquid fuel jets like the shuttle, ion propulsion or plasma propulsion, we cannot determine that at this time. Yet, looking at the pictures that show this, tends to lead us to believe they are a form of ion plasma, they trail off much like the aurora borealis does.
Watching the film you can see that it is one large ship rotating on a center axis using maneuvering jets of some kind, possibly ion-plasma propulsion, to turn a larger ship that was in between the Estrella Mountains and the Phoenix South Mountains area in the southwest area of Phoenix.
It may be that the only reason the people could see the lights at all, is that this was a course correction maneuver done by the craft's navigational system to fly between the South Mountains and the Estrella Mountain range. This places the craft on a direct line of flight to Casa Grande and then Tucson along US Interstate 10. Sightings of a large object were reported in both these locations within an hour after the Phoenix sightings and also by motorists along US Interstate 10.
The analysis in the July 1997 MUFON JOURNAL places the so-called flares being behind the Estrella Mountains, which appears to be too far away to be the actual location. Analysis of other photos have shown the faint outlines of 4337 foot Montezuma Peak, the highest point in the Estrella range, behind the lights. This demonstrates the craft to be a good mile to mile and a half closer than their location under the military flares theory. If we place the craft on a Phoenix map, Montezuma Peak shows to be behind the lights in more than one of the pictures we scanned.
Analysis of photos show that the lights move from lower right to upper left which is something that flares don't do. Also, it shows that these lights move in synchronous, clock-wise movement, something that the laws of physics would not allow a group of individual flares to do. This synchronous, clock-wise movement shows that the lights were connected to a single larger object being acted upon by a propulsion system, i.e. the lights seen.

New Computer Analysis Results
From Bill Hamilton September 5, 1997
More information is coming through now from witnesses and additional sightings are being checked, but I want to share an important development that is the outcome of computer analysis.
Last night Jim and I took the Mike Kryxzton video footage of the wide array of lights over Phoenix. Detractors have pronounced (without evidence) that these lights were the flares dropped over the test range 40 to 50 miles south of phoenix and way beyond the Estrella mountains.
By taking the night footage and equivalent day footage, we were abble to mark out the positions of North Mountain, the Phoenix city lights, and the mystery lights, one by one. Marking out the same lines and positions in the daylight footage we could then superimpose the marks made over the mystery lights onto the daylight scene can plainly see that the lights were between the Estrella mountains in the south and North Mountain and Shaw Butte in the North. In other words, they were in a position placing them somewhere over Phoenix or one of its suburbs and not beyond the Estrellas.
Other reports and data have not been fully analyzed as yet.
Bill Hamilton
Exec Dir
Skywatch International

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