Global Warming:
Fact or Fiction?
The threat of environmental crisis will be the
"international disaster key" that unlocks the
New World Order. -- Gorbachev

Submitted by Brenda Roberts
Political Director of Sky Searchers
UFO Observer for Georgia
The critical UN Global Climate Change Conference is scheduled to convene in Kyoto, Japan in December 1997. A United Nations spokesman told The WINDS this is a conference of major significance, calling it "top of the list."
He said the White House is "keenly interested in this issue", which could have major implications for Americans.
President Clinton recently made a speech at the United Nations, in which he began the build up of sentiment calculated to win support for ratification of the Climate Change Treaty. "We have much more to do, especially in reducing America's contribution to global climate change. The science is clear and compelling: We humans are changing the global climate", the President said.
"Concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are at their highest levels in more than 200,000 years and climbing sharply. If the trend does not change, scientists expect the seas to rise two feet or more over the next century. In America, that means 9,000 square miles of Florida, Louisiana and other coastal areas will be flooded; in Asia, 17 percent of Bangladesh, land on which six million people now live, will be lost; island chains such as the Maldives will disappear from the map unless we reverse the predictions."
Mr. Clinton further asserted that "climate changes will disrupt agriculture, cause severe droughts and floods and the spread of infectious diseases, which will be a big enough problem for us under the best of circumstances in the 21st century. There could be 50 million or more cases of malaria a year. We can expect more deaths from heat stress."
The President said "the science is clear and compelling", and he is correct, but the clear and compelling scientific evidence shows the opposite effect than what the President has claimed. Precise data taken by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration using state of the art instrumentation give a accurate picture of the trend. "Unlike ground readings, temperature-based satellite measurements take into account atmospheric temperatures over the oceans and are not skewed by the urban heat effect. An analysis of the satellite readings by Dr. John R. Christy of the University of Alabama and Dr. Roy Spencer of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama shows a slight COOLING trend of five hundredths of one degree Celsius per decade since 1979, when satellite readings first became available." New American 2-96
Continuing his UN speech, Mr. Clinton confessed what his first task would have to be. "In the United States... we have to first CONVINCE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE CONGRESS THAT THE CLIMATE CHANGE PROBLEM IS REAL."
With the help of the mainline news media, that will not be a difficult problem to overcome. Many of the nation's newspapers and magazines have treated the global warming hypothesis as an established fact, rather than the unproven, unfounded theory it is.
An underlying agenda for the Global Climate Change Conference is to tie the (purported) environmental cost of all goods, to the overall cost of the product. When you turn a light switch on, the price of that electricity would not only reflect the cost of producing the electricity, but would also include the (indeterminable) damage to the environment by the emissions from the power plant. Also factored into the price would be a charge for depletion of the world's coal supply. With this plan, the cost of gasoline would sky-rocket, under the ruse of global warming, climate change, and depletion of fossil fuel.
To put the issue in perspective, consider the statement made by the former President of the Soviet Union, Mikhail Gorbachev. He stated that the threat of environmental crisis will be the "international disaster key" that unlocks the New World Order. A national planner with ideas not unlike Gorbachev was John K. Galbraith (Counsel on Foreign Relations). He was a man who being a member of the top secret Iron Mountain study group, set in place by the Kennedy Administration, was used to devise methods by which the federal government could control the U.S. population. The study group's conclusion was that ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS offered the best possibilities for controlling the American people. It seems that Mr. Gorbachev and Mr. Galbraith have been working according to a specific plan. Obviously, they know what must take place to create acceptance of their proposed new world order.
Franklin D. Roosevelt is said to have remarked that nothing happens politically by accident, but if it HAPPENED, it was PLANNED that way. Clearly, the world is under the threat of environmental crisis, some real and some contrived, and according to Roosevelt's statement, IT HAS BEEN PLANNED THAT WAY. The resulting conditions are being used by those who are outlining major changes for America and the world. William Ruckelshaus (Counsel on Foreign Relations) says he doubts that "chronic problems" with the environment can be solved "within the context of freedom." The actual and the artificial environmental crises each serve to further the program of the powerful global manipulators.
The agenda of the UN under the guise of the various environmental agencies and groups is not recognized for what it actually is, and when the puzzle pieces are assembled, the big picture emerges. It reveals itself to be the benevolent (despotic) controller of not only the land and its resources, but of the people and their activities as well. Under the Wildlands Project, at least 50 percent of the land area in the United States would be returned to "core wilderness areas" where human activity is barred. These areas would be connected by corridors several miles in width.
The core areas and corridors would be surrounded by "buffer zones" in which "controlled" human activity would be allowed. The words of Reed Noss clarify the real agenda, "the collective needs of non-human species must take precedence over the needs and desires of humans."
"The Reorganization of Society, " as presented in their documents, is the five step plan of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) to implement their agenda within the United States and the world."
ïRedraw land maps to differentiate biological characteristics rather than political jurisdiction. (this would eliminate national borders, reducing the U.S. and other developed countries to third world status.)
ïRegroup human populations into self-sustaining settlements that minimize impact on Biodiversity. (reduce society to the status of cattle, to be relocated at the will of the ruling elite.)
ïEducate humans in the "Gaia ethic," which holds that Gaia is the creator of all life and all life is a part of the creator. (one world religion - deification of the created world)
ïCreate a new system of governance based on local decision-making within the framework of international agreements. (United Nations dogma, enforced at the local level.)
ïReduce the use of natural resources by - reducing population, reducing consumption, and shifting to "appropriate technology." (this would include mandatory abortion and euthanasia. Shifting to appropriate technology- a UN spokesman said this could also include "changing modes of transportation", i.e.. the use of bicycles displacing the automobile, etc.) Eco-logic Magazine
According to a UN official, the upcoming Climate Change Conference in Japan will likely result in an agreement on protocol, with compulsory compliance. Ford Motor Company has seen this conference as a portent with ominous implications. In a letter to all Ford dealers, Vice President - General Manager Ross H. Roberts said, "The Clinton Administration has announced its support for legally binding caps and cuts on energy use... to be enforced by a United Nations agency. The administration sees this as a political "win" and a way to position the U.S. as an environmental leader.
"For the auto industry, the implications are clear, such a treaty would necessitate major gasoline price increases and likely would lead to other measures...including RESTRICTIONS ON VEHICLE USE. Most Americans don't know what's going on or understand the implications." The letter goes on to ask all Ford dealers to contact the President and the Congress to let them know that "we are watching, and we are concerned."
UN Secretary- General Kofi Annon states in the current issue of "United Nations Development Update", that this world body is effecting a "quiet revolution". Although he did not intend the obvious meaning, that is in fact, the real mission of this organization. The quiet revolution has been covertly advanced by this world's professed leaders to the point that the revolution has been essentially accomplished. The spirit of true freedom has been relentlessly crushed, with only the illusion remaining.
The head of Worldwatch Institute in Washington D.C. said that it "might take a few more (environmental) scares to get this country energized" (to rally the people in support of the UN agenda). If, instead of acting from principle, it requires a "scare" to motivate and energize the people of America and the world, then surely this has become a world of slaves, fit subjects for the new world order.
One might consider that reducing global emissions is not a bad thing, or that making the major lifestyle change from dependence on the automobile, to use of the bicycle, would be a worthwhile sacrifice. These may be a valid assessments. The issue is not those few good things that may be accomplished, but, rather, the dictatorial arrogance of the few men who have assumed the right to control the lives and destiny of the whole of mankind, that stinks to the heavens. When it becomes Big Brother who chooses who must forfeit the use of his mode of transportation and who can retain these so called privileges, it becomes tyranny of the highest order. When the few elite of the world, decide when and where to relocate the masses of humanity, and who is entitled to life and who is not (abortion etc.), and when religious freedom and faith are regulated by mere men, then it has become the great moral evil that will inescapably create its own condemnation and judgment.

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