Elders Update On Mexican
UFO Video Analysis
From Brit Elders
On August 6, 1997, a remarkable segment of video footage was taken over Mexico City. The video tape depicts an unidentified aircraft which is a classic flying saucer shape that appears to be rotating in a counter-clockwise manner.
The initial shot is at a distance. The object is hovering next to a large apartment complex. The cameraman then begins to zoom up to the object. The unknown then begings to move; at first with a jolt and then smoothly until it passes behind the apartment building and emerges above the roof. The unknown continues to move across the skyline, over the building, until it again passes behind another section of the apartment complex. After that the unidentified aerial object is not seen again. It does not re-emerge nor is it seen in any other location visible on the tape. However, at this time we do not if this video is the entire tape that was shot on August 6th, or just a portion of it.
The footage was brought to us by Jaime Maussan and, after the initial shock wore off, we were faced with two possible explanations: Industrial Light and Magic has moved to Mexico City or this is could be the 'smoking gun' everyone is hoping to find. Either way, it really deserves exceptionally close scrutiny.
The plan was to quietly allow scientists, qualified professional people, working on sophisticated equipment, the opportunity to compile as much data as possible from their independent analysis. But the besy plans always find a monkey wrench.
Unfortunately, the thrill of seeing something that should rock the world if it is real, spurred an overly enthusiastic reaction from an individual that was present during the initial viewing. Within hours, notification of the existence of this new footage was sailing across the net. Jaime, seeking more information, put the footage on his program, Tercer Milenio.
Since then, the debate of "is it real or is it a hoax" has been the topic of conversation, e-mail, and net postings. Some people have gone so far as to record Jaime's television program, use a video capture process to capture stills from the footage, and post the stills on the net, with complete and utter disregard for the copyright logo.
An investigation is only as good as all of the facts that come into it and the analysis of those details by qualified professionals are crutial to discovering the truth. The individuals that we have asked to analyze this material are among te best. They do not wish to release anything, including their names, until they have completed their analysis. Their reasoning is that initial postulations may or may not be correct and they are not seeking publicity and would like to do what they do without interuption. Their consensus is that theories and initial findings can taint and color the overall analysis. Therefore, in the interest of providing accurate information to the public we will not feed speculation until we have data.
However, in an effort to appease those who want to know more and to put some issues in order, the following is what is known at this time. Please keep in mind that details and information are still coming into us. We, by no means, have all of the pieces to the puzzle yet.
1) The footage we have lasts only 35 seconds. The date stamp on the video tape says Augusat 6, 1997. This may or may not be the entire segment. The excited voices of two men can be heard on the tape. The conversation is very real as is their verbal reaction to what they are seeing as they videotape the unidentified object.
2) The footage depicts a wealthy, exclusive area outside downtown Mexico City. The apartment buildings in the foreground are visible from the road to Toluca.
3) The footage was sent to Jaime Maussan anonymously. Accompanying the video tape was a letter from the man who says he took the footage. In the letter he stated that he was afraid of loosing his job and did not want to be identified. He did, however, direct Jaime to copyright the footage, which has been registered under international copyright laws.
Anonymous material is always a concern of ours. But, we have a good idea who the "shooter" is and our team in Mexico is trying to convince the him to come forward.
4) The building and the office from where the footage was taken has been located.
5) We do have witnesses on the ground. One example is a teenage girl who described the object to a tee before ever seeing the video.
One of the most impressive of the witness statements comes from a woman who was standing beneath the unknown. She reported developing a "sun burn" that lasted for more than a month after the experience.
We asked H. David Froning, a retired senior staff scientist at McDonnell Douglas and propulsion specialist, his opinion of her statement. His feelings are that the "sun burn" could be the result of ionized radiation left in the wake of an electro-magnetic form of propulsion. The ionized air would would not block any ultra violet rays, thus creating a "sun burn" in short period of time. David comfortable releasing this information now as speculation is all we can do regarding the "sun burn" statement.
Also of interest is that several witnesses reported a "haze" around the object.
6) Preliminary estimations of size and distance have been triangulated by Village Labs in Tempe, Arizona. The object appears to be 36 to 50 feet in diameter. The distance from the camera to the unknown is estimated between 800 and 1200 yards. We are working on a program that should provide better estimates.
7) Could the unknown be suspended from a helicopter? No. August 6th was one of the most polluted days in Mexico. The authorities declared it an emergency and grounded all but two choppers, neither of which were in that area.
8) Could it be a blimp? No. There is a law in Mexico that forbids the flight of blimps.
This leads us back to one of two possibilities: this is a spectacular segment of video footage OR a spectacular hoax.
If this footage is hoaxed, then sophisticated computers and programs were employed. However, the suggestion that has been posted on this site that the material was first composited then filmed off of a monitor screen is inaccurate. Anyone who has attempted to film a monitor or television knows that the scan lines of the camcorder and the monitor do not sync. This was verified, not only by first hand observance, but by one of our consultants, an engineer with several years experience at NBC. Taking that possibility one step further, we posed the question, "What if a composit were created then placed on a video tape through audio/video output?" His response, "Output to video tape would leave a telltale mark that could be found."
If one only considers the possibility of a computer generated hoax, then that thought process is an injustice to the witnesses. How does one account for the witnesses who have nothing to gain and who do not know each other, yet, issued remarkably similar descriptions in their statements?
Differing opinions are healthy; they make us all think. But they become unhealthy when opinions are formulated without facts. We know and understand that everyone is curious. We are, too. But we all need to be patient and to let the investigation run its course and the analysts do their job before we make out-of-turn statements and premature judgements.
We will keep Jeff and Sighings updated and future releases on the progress of the investigation and the analysis will be available on our website at: If anyone has any questions, we may be contacted directly via email at
Brit Elders

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