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Tired Of Being Raped By The Rothschilds Yet?
By Dick Eastman
Rothschild is a conspiracy against 6 billion people on this planet.  The dynasty and allied merchant banking families cause endless misery in every nation around the world.  They create evil because they always and only profit from evil.  They fashioned the system whereby all of our money for buying and hiring and paying debt is bank loans in which Rothschild collects the interest on money it costs him nothing to supply.  Therefore Rothschild has ended up owning the nation and all of us still deep in debt with no chance of climbing out by the current financial system rules. 
 And the deflationary squeeze continues while politicians only solution is either to squeeze us (and our public wealth managed by our government) all the more, decreasing the flow to us and increasing the flow to creditor Rothschild.  (All the banks are Rothschild owned, including and especially Goldman Sachs.)  We owe Rothschild because we have been tricked into a game where we are doomed to lose.  Rothschild bought Congress long ago and set things up this way.  Now we face destruction of everyone we love, because the Money Power has ordained it.  But I ask you?  Who the hell are Rothschild that they can make this stick?  Are we so overawed by money that we can't even raise a finger when a serial killer starts to starts his work in our own neighborhoods and families.  Is it OK with you that Rothschild devours everyone around you as long as he hasn't gotten to you yet?  Do you really think this economy crisis will pass you and your family and friends by?  Are you really going to do nothing while you know the American people are being mugged raped and murdered like this?  Are you going to continue paralyzed in fear so that you won't even discuss with people around you where this planned catastrophe that holds us is being driven?
Are you not going to share with anyone the solution that has been shared with you?
I have offered a weapon that can take down Rothschild and their system -- and quickly replace it with a system that will immediately perform better and in a very short time will restore us to abundant life and the limitless beautiful future that everyone knew was possible and every hope of seeing when I was a boy in the 1950s.  Americans NEVER talk to each otehr about politics.  Look at the media that comes to you on radio, movies, magazines, television, and even alternative media.  Where to you ever hear the common people speak?  Not the pollsters, who lie and who are paid by the same people who pay the mainstream news media  -- but the individual voices of people BEFORE someone averages them and throws out the "outliers" whose views don't fit the correct norms.
I have developed a solution for Americans and for every country -- borrowing from the best thinkers I could find.  The shills trying to get you to give up dollars in a deflation by preaching hyperinflation are shills and charlatans.  THEY NEVER TEACH YOU ECONOMICS.  They are tea-leaf readers.  Rather than delving into cause and effect, they talk about waves and business cycles -- just looking at the changes of prices over time without ever looking at the variables of which those price changes are a function -- which is not science at all!  --  these tea-leaf readers never show their science -- they just talk about trends over time in the thing to be explained -- THEY DON'T SHOW HOW THINGS WORK, THEY DON'T SHOW THE PLUMBING  -- because if you saw the plumbing you would see what is REALLY wrong with this economy.
I have shown you what is wrong with the economy and I have shown you what will fix it.  Yet why haven't you taken up the solution.  Why haven't you insisted that the real problem and the solution that addresses the real problem be subject # 1 in the discussion of the coming elections?   Why hasn't interest drain been forced on the discussion  -- rather than the phony boogy-men of "big government"  "too high taxes"  and "inflation" and "need for hard money"  and our "being irresponsible for borrowing so much money"  -- which is all missing the point -- ignoring the real culprits.
How would American National Credit work?
Why do you treat interest drain and social credit like they are just more of the same old babble that comes over the internet?
So why are you paying any attention at all to media and politicians who who argue over whether you should simply be forced to stop eating or whether an arm or a leg should be cut off so that you can eat that?  There is no need for austerity, for cutting, for liquidation of all debtor positions which puts us all out in the street!
But if you want the American National Credit alternative YOU have to fight for it. 
No media mouthpiece, no grant-funded academic, no crooked politician and no gold-seller pretending to be God's sent prophet of Doom  is going to lead you to the right answer.  And we can't have every sheep being led to slaughter waiting for some other sheep to rise up before he will make any effort to save himself.
Let's all speak with one voice.  
 "I speak with the American People and in the interest of the people  in repudiating the entire National Debt.  America must make our own money -- And we will not buy even an ounce of gold to have all the money we need!   And we will not let politicians spend any of this new money.  Households will  be the first to spend all new money and they can spend it into circulation  any way they want."
 Don't you know you can do that?  Don't you know that if you don't do that then none of us common folk are going to make it?
Monetarist Social Credit Economics

Debt Money , Interest Drain and Deflationary Depression - Experiment in Populist Propaganda
Examples of how to argue for American National Credit

Letter from Anthony Migchels
(This letter from Anthony is in response to an earlier statement of mine  asking that people not withdraw their money from the banks because doing so would be deflationary and hurt us much more than it would hurt Rothschild -- who has more cash many times over than all of us combined.  Yet I am forced to agree with Anthony too.  -- Dick Eastman)
Dear Dick,

I'm really, really surprised to hear you say this.

Of course you are completely right that taking our money out of the bank would make deflation worse.

But every dollar we put in the bank is multiplied at least ten times by the banking system, with their fractional reserve tricks.

These ten dollars are lent out ten times with 5 to 10% interest.

This means that every dollar we put in a bank means 50 to 100 cents per year income for our betters.

This money is invested in colonizing space, building underground cities, bizarre genetic experiments, and the development of high tech control systems.

Yes, by pulling our money out, we are destroying the economy as it is. We are destroying banks, the stock exchange, transnationals, hedge funds and Governments, who will put in their (better: our) last dime in bailouts.

What's bad with that?

And yes, it will be unpleasant. Most for our bosses, but also for Joe Sixpack.

But haven't we pleaded enough? Haven't we written enough? Signed enough petitions? Stated our case in any way possible? Haven't we suffered the malignant scorn of those we want to save?

Haven't we, out of good will, gone along long enough?

Can we allow ourselves to prop up this 'system' any longer? Is not a catharsis badly needed?

Yes, taking our money out of the bank is destroying the world as we know it.

Isn't it high time we did?

My dear friend, the system cannot be saved, and it cannot be taken over. Those in the driver's seat will destroy the world, before they let go.

We must not attack the system, we are non violent as long as we are not directly attacked.
But we must bleed it dry, by withholding our lifeforce from it.
At the same time we must build the new world. With our own systems, our own foodsupply, our own natural therapies. Funded with our own currencies, created interest free.

A world in line with the Will of the One.

It is not even a matter of morality, the simple fact that it is unconscionable to support this system. It is a matter of survival, because they will bring us all down. They are the destroyers. They say so themselves. They are out for the big kill.

Soon we will need that chip to pay, remember? That will be that pivotal moment. That last chance to choose to stand with the system, or outside it, left to our own devices.

Georges Bush, nor Jesus Christ, were kidding when they said 'you are with me, or you are against me'.

Don't try to save the system Dick. It does not merit saving.

Take your money out of the bank now.


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(Repudiation, National Fiat Currency, and Social Credit Origination of all new money in the household sector).
"The Debt-Deflation Theory of Great Depressions" -- by Irving Fisher
Arthur Kitson  -- the originator of the National Credit system as the solution to the fraudulent gold and debt-money standard.  He actually was ahead of CH Douglas in promoting ideas Douglas would popularize under the name "Social Credit" idea, yet Kitson gave newcomer Douglas his endorsement and financial support. Kitson and Fisher together are the real foundation layers of the economics of the 21st century.
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Who Was Bernard Baruch? 
Dick Eastman interviewed on Rense

This is the Jeff Rense  broadcast of Feb 21  2007

Jeff interviews Dick Eastman on the "string-puller" control of Bernard Baruch over Wilson, Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, the New Dealer brain trust and the economy of both world wars, and his hand in the great depression, the New Deal economy and the Cold War.  An understanding of Baruch's power and influence in the 20th Century is to know the influence of International Finance in every age.

90 pages of referenced quotations supporting statements made in this broadcast can be read here:  http://www.rense.com/rewer.htm

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