Brad & Sherry Steiger Photo Album


Brad and Sherry Steiger investigate a "haunted mirror" hanging in the lobby at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, California. It is reputed that guests frequenting the Roosevelt Hotel often report seeing an attractive young blonde woman gazing into the mirror and then suddenly vanish into a ghostly wisp. Many insist it was the ghost of Marilyn Monroe. An official of the hotel explains to Sherry and Brad that this mirror was one of Marilyn's personal favorites, having spent much time in front of it while reading herself for appearances.




Brad and Sherry on the set in Atlanta, Georgia for Television News interview.


In order to take their tour group to a very remote island in Lake Titicaca, Peru,
the group endures a long, rickety boat ride!


As described in their book, Indian Wisdom And Its Guiding Power, Brad and Sherry share lunch with
the Uros Indians on this remote island. The Uros honor a mandate not to accept any of humankind's
technology in order to have the Sacred Ones they believe to descend from --return for them --in the end times.


Brad takes photo of Sherry contemplating the energy, on the site the Native Peruvians call the Naval
of the World --a most important Vortex of energy, located in Cuzco, Peru.


After halting production for an intense downpour of rain, Director, Kevin Barry and production crew reorganize
the set to film Sherry's segments for Celebrities and UFOs for A & E, Arts and Entertainment Television Network.


Brad on location in Sedona, Arizona, filming for the television production: Celebrities and UFOs.


Sherry gives the Steiger's Black Lab Moses a good scrubbing, much to his obvious delight.
The Steigers' love of animals is reflected in their bestselling Animal Miracles, a selection of the Literary Guild
and the Doubleday Book Club and in Mysteries of Animal Intelligence, winner of the
American Library Association Award.


Sherry and Brad hitch a ride with a friendly alien visitor. Their detailing of the activities of some
not-quite-so friendly aliens in The Rainbow Conspiracy has created a
great deal of excitement and controversy.
The UFO Odyssey has been hailed as "the UFO book for the next millennium."


The eerie bedroom in Bellingham, Washington, in which Sherry first perceived the spectral form of
a nervously pacing man and later felt the hand of a ghost child clutching her own. Read the details of
this and many other spirit encounters in Shadow World.


On expedition in the ancient city of the giants, Sacsahuaman, high in the Andes of Peru.
Remarkable archaeological discoveries and the unearthing of startling anomalous finds are presented,
along with numerous mind-boggling photographs of unexplained phenomena,
in Mysteries of Time and Space.

Inspirational accounts of the Steigers' exploration of sacred spaces around the Americas is
offered to all serious seekers in Indian Wisdom and Its Guiding Power.


Sherry and Brad were literally brought together as the result of an act of angelic intervention.
Their story and many others are presented
in Love is a Miracle: Amazing Real Life Stories of Matches Made in Heaven.