Dog Miracles is a completely new collection of over 60 stories of ordinary canines who have proven themselves to be miraculous. You'll meet tiny purebreds who thwart muggers, powerfully keen dogs who save entire families from life-threatening fires, and tenacious travelers who return home, often roaming over hundreds of miles of perilous conditions. There are also heart-wrenching stories of dogs who communicate - and connect - with their owners beyond the physical world.mend this book."
Janice Gray Kolb, author of Compassion for all Creatures and High
These amazing stories will delight and inspire dog lovers everywhere. Each of the extraordinary dogs truly demonstrates the meaning of love, as their devotion and good deeds illustrate the very real bond between dogs and people.
"Chock full of miraculous stories of dogs' love, devotion, and dedication to their owners. Perhaps we should think of our dogs as 'angels in fur.'"
Trudy Griswold and Barbary Mark, authors of Angelspeake
"I was literally moved to tears by many of the inspiring stories in Dog Miracles. I heartily recommend it to animal lovers of all stripes . . . you will definitely be exalted by the uplifting canine tales within.
Dr. Franklin Ruehl, Ph.D., Host/Producer of Mysteries From Beyond the Other Dominion
"The depth of connectedness of our caring companions to both our Creator and humans is made evident in these tender writings. I highly recomer Ground
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