Rabin Assassination Update -
Rubin Was NOT Shot
By Barry Chamish <>
Dr. David Chen is currently the most successful Rabin assassination researcher at work. Using his insider contacts and impressive initiative, he has uncovered stunning new evidence proving the conspiracy to murder Rabin. He has requested that the new evidence be gathered in one explosive package and then presented to the justice system.
My response to his strategy was, "What justice system?" Dr. Chen has faith where mine has disappeared. Last week he faxed me a document of such import that I could wait no longer to release it. I called Dr. Chen and expressed the view that events are out of control in Israel and every weapon must be released in a last ditch effort to save our nation. The report he sent me had the potential to short-circuit the government. He reluctantly accepted my logic.
I have in my possession the clinical report on Yoram Rubin, Rabin's personal bodyguard and as my latest evidence proves, the prime suspect as his murderer. Recall that on the night of Rabin's assassination, Rubin was reported badly wounded in the arm trying to save Rabin. The new Prime Minister, Shimon Peres immediately appointed the courageous Rubin as his personal bodyguard.
Recall that Rubin testified under oath that a bullet entered his arm, "like an electrical charge," at the elbow and traversed the forearm until exiting at the armpit. The bullet was never found. Recall that the Shamgar Commission, and the judges at Yigal Amir's trial concluded that Rubin was wounded by a bullet which entered the arm at the elbow and exited at the armpit. These rulings were central to the government coverup of the murder, since they served the dual purpose of proving that a Shabak (General Security Services) officer did risk his life trying to save Rabin and of deflecting suspicion of murder from Rubin.
* * *
Surgery Department Elias Sorosky Medical Center
Name: Yoram Rubin ID No.: 5959979 Address: Morgenthau 31, Jerusalem Admittance level: Emergency Admission Date: 4.11.95 Date of Birth: 1965 Telephone: 02 863489 Release Date: 10/11/95
Patient, aged 30, was transferred from Surgery G for continuation of treatment. He was previously transferred in emergency condition from ER.
Wound description: Gunshot wound to forearm from under the elbow, leaving two wounds in the upper forearm under the armpit, causing a slight swelling and sensitivity in upper forearm. Patient reported inability to straighten arm beyond 110 degrees because of the pain. Bruise in distensible region.
( Note: To imagine the wound, point your finger from under the elbow continuing at an angle toward the top the the underarm. There the fold in the skin will be hit twice by the passing of a bullet. Yes, passing of a bullet, because no bullet enters the flesh. This is a friction wound. Now imagine Rubin shooting a gun from under his elbow to under his armpit via the underside of the forearm and you'll see what happened. BC)
Treatment: The wounds was cleaned with a toxoid in ER. Afterward, in our department, Polydine was applied locally along with antibiotics. The swelling was quickly reduced. The wounds in the arm were clean. The patient was released in good health with no fever.
Signed by Dr. Laslo Kalmanovitch
(Note: Rubin's "wounds" were washed and Polydine (an iodine-based cleanser) applied. The swelling disappeared and Rubin was released. That's it. Rubin's boo-boo was treated with soap and iodine and he was home free. BC)
* * *
So why did our government tell us Rabin's bodyguard was seriously wounded and why did he remain in hospital for 6 days? And why did our government's commission of inquiry rule that Rubin was actually wounded by a bullet IN his arm? Further; Shamgar accepted that Rubin was shot while lying atop Rabin, by Amir who was shooting above him. No one shooting from above could have caused the horizontal friction wound described in this report. The only way Amir physically could have caused the wound is if he stood in front of Rubin and asked him to hold his arm out for him. I will fax this report to anyone who sends me a fax number. Perhaps some brave soul will make a police complaint against Rubin for falsifying his wounds. Maybe others will apply pressure on what remains of our legitimate government and media to finally explain Rubin's role in Rabin's murder.
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