Is Bill Clinton A Descendant
Of Cecil Rhodes?
By Andrew D. Basiago <>
Special to
President Bill Clinton's official biography states that he is a Blythe.
We have all heard the tear-jerking story of how he was born Billy Blythe, how his father died three months before he was born when he drowned after his car careened into an irrigation ditch, how he was adopted by a man named Clinton, whose name he took. It is a familiar scene from the black-and-white movie that is Clinton's past.
Despite this storyline, however, questions have lingered about the true facts of the President's ancestry since he first stepped onto the national stage in 1992. This debate has been fueled in part by the President's political enemies, masters of the low blow. But it has also been re-ignited, time and again, by the Clinton team itself. They have always acted as if they were hiding something about Clinton's heritage.
Remember how, following his election, Clinton went in search of his Blythe cousins?
Generally, when one has just been elected President of the United States, it is deemed unnecessary to go in search of one's long-lost cousins. Traditionally, they are expected to come to you.
Then we have the first inaugural of William Jefferson Clinton in 1992. The President and First Lady scheduled, and then abruptly cancelled, a sojourn to Monticello that was to immediately follow his Inaugural Address. Was this done to disguise the fact that the 42nd President was a direct descendant of the 3rd President, the sage of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson?
At least one long-time friend of the President has made public statements that would tend to support the premise that Bill Clinton is, in fact, related to Thomas Jefferson. William McDonough, today the dean of architecture at the University of Virginia (the university that Jefferson founded), told a Sustainability Project symposium in California in 1994 that William Jefferson Clinton is "the seventh lineal descendant of Thomas Jefferson." He called upon Clinton to act in the spirit of his ancestor by drafting "A Declaration of Interdependence," one that would include the biosphere, just as Jefferson authored a Declaration of Independence on behalf of humans. Clinton later appointed McDonough to his Commission on Sustainable Development.
This explanation of the President's "hidden heritage" was confirmed by a Clinton cousin in 1994, who stated that she and the President were related to novelist John Grisham, and that both are descendants of Thomas Jefferson.
Other theories about the President's lineage have been advanced over the years by muckraking journalists who have implied that something sinister lies lurking in Clinton's genetic code. Two of the most spirited the Clinton years have seen are Sherman Skolnick and Ace Hayes.
Skolnick, the Chicago-area court activist and author of recent anti-Bush jeremiads, has alleged that President Clinton is not a Jefferson, as McDonough and others have purported, but, in fact, a Rockefeller, specifically, the illegitimate son of Governor Winthrop Rockefeller of Arkansas, Clinton's political godfather.
In this vein, Hayes, the late, great editor of the <IPortland Free Press,</I speculated that Clinton is the illegitimate son of FDR's son, Elliott, which would make him, like his putative grandparents, Eleanor and Franklin, a "Charlemagne descendant."
After he was re-elected in 1996, Burke's Peerage, the British aristocratic heritage society [in full BURKE'S GENEALOGICAL AND HERALDIC HISTORY OF THE PEERAGE, BARONETAGE, AND KNIGHTAGE], whose pronouncements are deemed authoritative, stated that Bill Clinton, a descendant of Hugh Capet and Robert I of France, has more "royal blood" than any president in American history. Curiously, Burke's Peerage also stated that the candidate with the most "royal blood" has won every presidential election since our Republic was founded.
Subsequent events would bear out the certainty that Clinton has royal blood and the raffish propensity to disseminate this royal blood, willy-nilly, in the libidenous manner of a debauched monarch. I am speaking of the blood evidence in the Lewinsky case.
In the sordid season of 1998, when the stain on Monica's blue dress was analyzed, the President's "blood" -- to put it politely -- was found to have genetic markers possessed by only one in every five *trillion* Caucasians. Holy blood, holy grail, Batman! Could this uncommon combination of chromosomes have been created by the "kissin' cousins" of Hope? It seems doubtful. Talk to a mathematician. Rather, perhaps Bill pleasured Monica with a cigar not merely to prove that he is a polite smoker, but also to preserve the divine substance of his royal essence.
As he prepares to leave office and resume life as a mere mortal again, and walk and talk among us, royals and commoners alike, and become president of Dreamworks, and chase women, humidore in hand, Clinton's true paternity remains a lot like George Frost Kennan found Russia to be, "a mystery wrapped inside a riddle wrapped inside an enigma." What to make of this undistinguished President's distinguished lineage? Who is he?
One line of research that hasn't been explored, but that might be, with telling results, I suspect, is the possibility that Bill Clinton is a direct descendant of Cecil Rhodes, the British oligarch who founded The Roundtable and the Rhodes Scholars Program
If this were the case, active concealment of Clinton's ancestry might have been necessary to cloak the fact that he is a close blood relative of one of the principal figures in the vanguard of the world government movement.
At Georgetown, Clinton was a protege of Professor Carroll Quigley, who wrote the seminal history of the New World Order, 'Tragedy & Hope.' As President, Clinton, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and The Bilderbergers, has proven himself to be a tireless toiler for transnationalism. He has supported every free trade measure that would help his friends, the corporations, and defended every move that would cause NATO and the UN peace-keepers to become the building blocks around which a world police force can be fashioned.
We have to put Clinton's concealment of his heritage in its historical moment. Clinton came to power precisely at the time that President George Bush was being roundly castigated for uttering the phrase "a New World Order." With the anti-government movement rapidly degenerating into a militia movement, public revelation of the fact that Clinton is a descendant of arch-NWO conspirator Cecil Rhodes would have been more than merely controversial. It would have put his Presidency, and perhaps even his physical security, in immediate danger. Hence, the cover-up.
Three lines of research support the hypothesis that Bill Clinton is related in some way to Rhodes. Admittedly, they are tenuous leads at best, but I think that they merit diligent investigation by those with the time and the inclination to unwrap the riddle, the mystery, and the enigma that is Billy Blythe.
First, Bill Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, but left without taking his degree, which is hard to do. You have to really screw up at Oxbridge to be "sent down." He seems to have taken his Oxford degree for granted. By comparison, his classmates, Robert Reich and Strobe Talbott, behaved as if they would be expected to actually earn their degrees. Did Clinton truly fail academically, or was there resentment among faculty members that he had been selected for this meritocratic program merely because he was a descendant of its founder and patron, Cecil Rhodes?
Second, check any British heritage site on the World Wide Web, and you will find that "Clinton," the President's adoptive surname, is an Oxfordshire family name.
This odd fact again implicates Clinton, said to be an ordinary boy from Hope, with the town of Oxford, that shadowland of arch cabalist Cecil Rhodes, long before he even became a Rhodes Scholar.
Third, and finally, we have the documentary evidence. These include photographs of Bill Clinton and Cecil Rhodes taken in their maturity. Phenotypes tend to change, sometimes dramatically, over the course of many generations, but over the course of only several ones, it is quite common for a striking physical resemblance to be passed down between a father and a son, a grandfather and a grandson.
I invite the reader to examine the photograph of Cecil Rhodes taken at mid-life, found at David Icke's web-site, at Look at the sanctimonious self-seriousness expressed in clenched jaws; the irregular, roughly oval-shaped face; the heavily wrinkled, flinty blue eyes; the small mouth; the gray hair flecked with white that Rhodes, like Clinton after him, possessed as distinguishing facial features at mid-life.
As surely as they grow big watermelons in Arkansas, and cousins copulate with cousins there, Cecil Rhodes looked like Bill Clinton with a moustache! Close, but no cigar, you say? If you doubt this, then I invite you to find another human genome to be part of. _____
Basiago, a lawyer, journalist, and novelist educated at UCLA and Cambridge, writes frequently on matters of politics, social justice, and the environment. He can be reached on the web at


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