Plum Island Update -
Chemtrails Revelation?
From Patricia Doyle <>
Hello Jeff:
I have also heard that a dead red tailed hawk was found in Bronxville, Westchester County, New York. It tested positive for the West Nile Virus.
Things heating up here again! I will keep you posted from the Hot Zone! BTW, Government denied Plum Island its funding for Maximum Containment Level pathogens. Now, I am watching to see if the private sector provides any funds to them.
This new species of Pfiesteria could be what killed the lobsters last Fall. Wonder where it came from? Why, now, in the area?
So, we now have West Nile Virus-infected mosquitos and a dead, infected red tailed hawk. And it is only mid March????
Chemtrails Update
I did find out something on the chemtrails. The aerosolized agents are out of Dugway, I am sure. The Chief of Life Sciences at Dugway let the cat out of the bag in the following statements.
According to John Middlebrook, Chief of Life Sciences, "Dugway's chief enterprise is aerosolizing agents, and in doing so, the issue of offensive vs. defensive research is seriously clouded."
In discussing the upcoming identification and detection field trials, Dr. Middlebrook unwittingly offers a glimpse into the Army's offensive capabilities. (The BIDS testing that I spoke about on some of the radio shows.) "We have agricultural sprayers that make them (aerosolized particles) the right size-half a micron is most effective," he says. "But those make them spray up and come right down." "But, it doesn't take too much technology to make them stay up longer." "With a good sprayer we can cover 50 - 80 kilometers, and still deliver infectious doses."
Jeff, I would say this Chief of Life Sciences at Dugway, John Middlebrook, is sorry he said the above. I can see where this testing of dispersion, maintaining infectious doses, under various topography and meterological conditions, is Will Thomas' chemtrails.
At first, they were spraying over Dugway. I will bet the farm that they wanted to test their offensive capability in all types of climates and also, they were testing their BIDS monitoring equipment on the ground. Ergo, chemtrails over the total US, Virgin Island, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and just about anywhere on the globe where there is a US miliitary installation.
They aerosolized "designer" or synthetic pathogens that would cause the BIDS technology to react as though it was monitoring pathogens like plague, anthrax, smallpox, bottulism etal. Suppossedly safe for humans, yet, will cause just enough of illness that cases would be reported in the various areas of scheduled testing.
Sound like a possibility? Yep.
I will keep you informed
Thank you again. Patty


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