Review Of 'Kill Zone'
By Craig Roberts -
JFK & Dallas Explained
Kill Zone: A Sniper Looks At Dealey Plaza
By Craig Roberts
Consolidated Press International
ISBN: 0963906208

(Note the references to Adam Weishaupt in this review)
Author's Stated Purpose of Book: To "present evidence of a secret government, an organization that lies both within the halls of congress, the offices of the Pentagon, and the White House, and certain, very special individuals outside of -- and often -- above these institutions. Kill Zone will present the missing pieces to a decades-old puzzle that will explain why, and how, certain mysterious things in history have happened Finally, after decades of deception, the crimes, conspiracies, and coverups of The Entity -- the powers behind the throne -- are brought into the light. And when the pieces of the puzzle are assembled, the picture becomes a revelation." [p. vii]
Key Points: 1) From the point-of-view of a former Marine Sniper, one man shooting one rifle, could not have possibly killed President John Kennedy in the way in which the official Warren Commission states it happened; 2) Roberts is also a highly trained police homicide investigator. Once he opened his investigation as a homicide detective, he was shocked at the path he found himself upon. He discovered the Who, What, Why, When, Where, and How of this assassination -- a trail that leads from 1963 back to 1773! 3) Roberts discovered that Kennedy was killed by the powers currently leading the drive to the New World Order.
Significance of Book; Contribution Book Makes: Roberts demonstrates that the official government version was a bold-faced lie from the beginning, and that the official coverup continues to this day. Roberts also discovered the powerful influence that secret societies [Freemasonry] has had upon American policies for the past 200 years. Finally, using his training as a Marine sniper, Roberts conclusively proves -- from a scientific viewpoint -- that our Federal Government lied to us in a huge way that continues to this day. Thus, all naïve Americans who think that our Federal Government has our best interests at heart should understand that the opposite is true: our government is planning to enslave us.
Is Information Presented New? Yes, this former Marine sniper scientifically proves the Government lie and coverup. Also, his progression in his homicide investigation took him through unchartered and unplanned territory, leading him out to the view of the New World Order Plan. Kennedy was killed because he was about to severely disrupt the Plan of the Illuminati, which had been on target since 1776.
Verification From Other Sources: I have read no other book that proves the lie of the assassination from the point-of-view of a sniper. However, his expose' of the New World Order can be verified from other sources: 1) Unseen Hand, A. Ralph Epperson; 2) Behold A Pale Horse, William Cooper [New Age author].
Recommendation: We highly recommend this book, with one caution. Crag Roberts has discovered the New World Order conspiracy that has grown insidiously since 1773, but he has not discovered the spiritual side to this discovery. This spiritual side is the Masters of the Illuminati, founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776. What Roberts has failed to understand is that, after Bauer [later renamed Rothschild] got the support of his 12 wealthy friends in 1773, he went to Weishaupt to get his support from the spiritual side. Rothschild instinctively knew that he needed supernatural strength to guarantee success for his global plan. He got such supernatural strength from Weishaupt, the Satanic Black Magick Masters of the Illuminati. If Craig Roberts ever understands this aspect, his understanding of the forces that killed President John F. Kennedy will be complete.


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