JFK Offered Peaceful Co-Existence To Castro
By Gregory Burnham
Castro had NO motivation to murder JFK. My reasoning in that regard is based on interviews I have conducted with persons in a position to know the details of JFK's (behind the scenes) CUBAN policy.
In those years, it was politically suicidal for any public figure to openly suggest any non-agressive option to dealing with Communism. The "cold war" dictated the rules of engagement - and those rules were primarily based on the pontifications of those in the John Foster Dulles camp. Dean Rusk, a J.F. Dulles protege, was incredibly silent during a period when he was considered an expert on China by his colleagues in the State Department. Rusk, a Rhoades Scholar, was the Assisstant Secretary of State for the Far East, a position that was called "the suicide seat" during those years, yet Rusk VOLUNTEERED for the position; VOLUNTEERED to take a demotion from his current position of Deputy Undersecretary. -- But by that time the careers of many of the real "China Experts" at State: Marshall, Kennan, Bohlen, Clubb, Service, et al, had been ruined.
Even the formidable, and formerly "untouchable" Dean Acheson was forever tarnished by the fall of China to Communism. Later, many of the best experts on China were described by Richard Nixon as graduates of "Dean Acheson's College for the Cowardly Containment of Communism..."
But not DEAN RUSK.
RUSK assumed the position of Assisstant Secretary (Far East) after China fell, thus escaping the China debacle unscathed... It was a fait accompli mostly because he did not participate in formulating policy, criticizing policy, or publically displaying an awareness of that doomed policy, in very much the same manner that he would later embrace as Secretary of State during Vietnam, attempting to project the appearance of having been "in no way involved ..."
The reputation and career of John Patton Davies (arguably the VERY BEST expert on China) was all but ruined by those in the State Department and elsewhere, who blamed the fall of China to Communism, on the "failure of the U.S. to properly contain it" under the policies of the Democratic [Truman] Administration.
Most people don't realize that Allen Dulles' brother, John Foster Dulles, was the Chairman of the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION during the TRUMAN administration and that Dean Acheson, as Secretary of State was the prime architect of that administration's policy on South East Asia, with Dean Rusk as his principal Deputy for Asia. Together, they engineered the war in Vietnam at the end of WWII and the beginning of the end of a Democrat in the White House.
By 1952, upon Republican candidate Eisenhower's election to the Presidency, John Foster Dulles would be leaving his position as the Chairman of the Rockefeller Foundation to accept the position of Eisenhower's Secretary of State. But, he needed to fill the position for ROCKEFELLER that he would be vacating. And he did just that.
So, when Ike became President, Nixon became Vice-President, John Foster Dulles became Secretary of State, Allen Dulles became Director of Central Intelligence, and who became the Chairman of the ROCKEFELLER Foundation, you ask?
Dean Rusk.
Eight years later, JFK defeated Vice President NIxon to become the 35th President, and Dean Rusk, like John Foster Dulles before him, vacated the Chairmanship of the ROCKEFELLER Foundation, and became Kennedy's Secretary of State.
Here's a rare memo from Richard Helms to National Security Advisor, McGeorge Bundy, confirming the JFK plan to re-establish relations (and much more) with Castro's Cuba. JFK realized, as he expressed in his speech at the American University, that the only sound "deal" between the US and the Communists that would insure a true and lasting peace, NOT a Pax Americana, where American weapons of war were used to inflict "our peace" on nations around the globe. Rather, a true peace would necessarily depend on the deal's being in the Communist's best interest, as well as our own best interest. He said that the only dependable agreements reached between nations were those agreements, AND ONLY those agreements, which served that nations own self interest...
That is the type of "language" that get's a President killed by those in the business of WAR, who depend on the escalation of fear in the hearts of the taxpayers who will fund this great Military/Industrial Complex of which we were warned against by Dwight D. Eisenhower in his parting address to the nation. "We must guard against undue influence, whether sought or unsought, by the vast Military/ Industrial Complex..."
Greg Burnham


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