The Crime of the
Century: The JFK Assassination...
Or The Cover-up??
Events That Implicate LBJ in the Crime of the Century
By Gregory Burnham
Was LBJ guilty of contributing to the "cover-up" of the truth? The answer to that question is, no doubt, an area where few dissenting opinions exist among those serious researchers of the JFK assassination. Most agree that he participated, if not co-orchestrated the cover-up of the century!
Furthermore, the main indication of LBJ's complicity is evidenced by the haste in which he changed the KENNEDY Administration's Policies, at home, and even to a much greater extent, abroad.
In a Democratic-Republic, like the United States, the "ELECTED" leader, is not the "only legally recognized" part of the Executive Branch of the Government. When the People vote and elect a President, we elect not just "the man or the woman" who will sit in the Oval Office. But, we elect the President's appointees to his new ADMINISTRATION, as well.
The "ADMINISTRATION" consists not only of individuals, such as the four [4] members of the National Security Council: the President, the Vice President, the Secretary of State, and the Secretary of Defense; the remaining Cabinet members, and many other individuals, appointed by the President are also a part of the "Administration" elected by the people.
The ADMINISTRATION, however, also includes various "policies" that a President has implemented.
It is the RESPONSIBILITY of those that he appoints: to "administer, advance, and implement" his policies during LIFE OF THE ADMINISTRATION, (not ONLY during the life of "the president").
When a President dies in office the EXECUTIVE BRANCH of the U.S. Federal Government does not die in office along with him. His Presidency is over, but the health of his ADMINISTRATION is maintained by the integrity and loyalty of his successor... or it is not.
LBJ did not kill JFK.... He pulled no triggers, paid no contracts, supplied no weapons. But, he went one step better than that.
LBJ murdered the duly elected "Kennedy administration" instead.
What this means, is that prior to LBJ having "won the right" to reverse the KENNEDY ADMINISTRATION'S policies, he was already of the mind set: "The king is dead; long live the king... blah, blah, blah." The transition was almost too even, too easy, too smooth.
What a Vice President is supposed to do after ascending to the vacated office of his predecessor, the late president, is to direct the ADMINISTRATION OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH OF THE GOVERNMENT according to the NSAM's and Executive Orders placed in effect prior to the death of the President.
LBJ SHOULD have been finishing out JFK's term first, not beginning his own term, unless and until he was elected DIRECTLY by the people. Only then does he have the right to author new policy.
Until his inauguration in 1965, LBJ had no LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY TO ALTER THE COURSE JFK HAD SET IN MOTION. He did have the "usurped power" to change that course, but NOT the legal or moral authority to do so. But, that's exactly what he did.
Those who question JFK's intentions need to read the NSAM's and the many Executive Orders signed by him [JFK]. This is nothing new to those who work in Washington, but many would act as though such official orders mean little or nothing. They are wrong.
The policy of any administration is defined by the nature of the NSAM's and EXECUTIVE ORDERS signed by the president.
Point in case: JFK not only threatened to shatter the Central Intyelligence Agency, but NSAM's 55, 56, & 57 had already accomplished cutting out the red tape that normally would hinder such an endeavor. His having fired Allen Dulles, General Charles Cabell, & Dick Bissell is evidence of his resolve. These three NSAM's were slowly being implemented from the moment after the "Bay of Pigs" fall-out until the day he died, (with full implementation to occur during his second term).
Therefore a decision was made: JFK COULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO ESCAPE ALIVE. -- He must be denied a second term.
The fact that LBJ reversed several policies within 4 days of the assassination, (and within one day of the funeral); had already begun to restructure the budget BEFORE the Congress went home for the winter break to accomodate the cost of the many changes to JFK's policy that he would soon be initiating, such as the escalation of the Vietnam Conflict into an all out war; and further LBJ was informed by President Kennedy's Special Advisor on Natiional Security, Mr. McGeorge Bundy, while enroute to D.C. from Dallas aboard AF-1 within 60 minutes of the assassination that: "JFK was killed by a lone gunman..." --
These items speak volumes about LBJ's role in the Crime of the Century.
Greg Burnham
Copy of original draft of NSAM 55 provided to this author courtesy Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, USAF (Ret.)
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