Corrupt Top IRS
Officials Face Exposure
In Dope Bust, Part 3
By Sherman Skolnick <>
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As we told you in the two earlier parts to this story, a dope bust in the first day of the new century tends to expose top corrupt officials, including the following:
[1] Top corrupt officials of the IRS, Chicago Region Office, who stole, for their own personal benefit, and not for the public Treasury, Kingspoint Condominiums, a group of four large buildings in a west suburb of Chicago. Over a period of some 20 years when as this occurred, the buildings as well as surrounding area were part of a reputed dope trafficking "immunity" zone. Up to recently, the Drug Enforcement Administration authorities looked the other way. That "immunity" may be expiring as a result of us sending in November, 1999, six heavy volumes of related corruption documents to the Office of Inspector General, Department of the U.S. Treasury, Washington,D.C. Sent by registered mail, return receipt requested, just prior to the dope bust we described.
[2] Among those reportedly implicated in matters which may tend to incriminate them, have been top corrupt officials of the IRS, Chicago Region Office. Who well knows about all this but has been looking the other way? The Director of IRS, Chicago Region Office, Robert E. Brazzil who likewise, as we stated, received the heavy group of documents.
[3] The Director of the Illinois Department of Revenue, Kenneth Zehnder, top tax collector official in Illinois, is a defendant in a civil suit as to his corrupt acts and doings, to try to stop our TV Productions by violence against us, acts of his Gestapo at gunpoint,all related to the corruption. He likewise was confronted with the heavy group of documents outlining the corruption over the last two decades, which he reportedly joined and became a part of and implicated.
[4] Congressman Henry Hyde [R., Ill.] who reportedly, as we earlier stated, picked up a suitcase of cash near said buildings and the happening was reportedly videotaped by an undercover team of local TV reporters whose news director suppressed the matter. We described the same in Part One of this story. The suitcase reportedly was from the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza, big in the dope traffic in the U.S., although the monopoly press seldom mention it. Hyde's reported involvement with a corrupt Federal District Judge, outlined in Part One, who is an owner of a west suburban shopping center reportedly a criminal money laundry in which top IRS and State revenue officials are silent partners protecting the Mob.
[5]This all revolves around, as we told you, reportedly in the riverboat casino gambling realm, apparently laundering dope proceeds, at least some in law enforcement believe the Empress Casino is reportedly implicated. It is located in Joliet, such south of Chicago.
[6] A key operation point reportedly is an ocean-going ship, renamed "California Rose", reportedly owned and operated by current, recently current, and former key IRS officials from Chicago. This, jointly with Henry Hyde, Illinois Governor George H. Ryan [whose Caribbean and other activities we told you about]together with what we assert is a highly corrupt Illinois Attorney General, James E. Ryan [no relative of the other Ryan].
[7] Others ostensibly implicated in these nefarious activities have been the former Vatican Bank Chief Bishop Paul Marcinkus. According to the Italian authorities, he is reportedly sheltering in the U.S. with his Vatican passport, from being returned to Italy to be questioned and perhaps prosecuted on charges of he and others being involved with the Vatican Bank, the American CIA, and members of the traditional Italian and Sicilian mafia, in reported dope smuggling, gun running, clandestine sales of osmium nuclear bomb triggers, and counterfeit currency trafficking. Also reportedly implicated in this, according to Italian authorities, is the bank in the mafia enclave next to Chicago,Al Capone Land, Cicero, namely, the First National Bank of Cicero, long dominated by Marcinkus who ran a Church in Cicero.
Marcinkus is closely linked to Illinois Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka. He and his cronies reportedly helped her get elected such in 1994 and re-elected in 1998. In some capacity or another, Topinka did a form of public relations for the Bank. On our TV Show in 1994, Topinka lavishly praised Marcinkus and the Bank as being just "wonderful". Previously, she was Illinois State Senator, quite naturally, from the District of Berwyn-Cicero, were else?
"California Rose", as shown in documents to the Inspector General, is an ocean-going vessel,re-fitted as a floating gambling casino. It is owned and operated reportedly, as stated, in the Caribbean, offshore Mexico, England, Portugal, Spain, and elsewhere. It is a reputed floating criminal money laundry stopping at various "brass plate" bank havens in the Caribbean.["Brass plate" banks are those with no real address, secret ownership, identified only by brass plates up on an out-of-the way location]. It reportedly is a shipboard and off-shore floating criminal money laundry for illicit funds from Chicago and elsewhere.
Many of these matters have been brought to the attention of the Inspector General who may have initiated the Kingspoint dope bust, to divert attention by blaming a large dope shipment on virtual nobodies. Press coverage was evaded by the drug agents. We have little confidence in the top U.S. Treasury officials.
Why? Well, one reason is that law enforcement authorities have identified to us that the Acting Inspector General of the U.S. Treasury was Robert Cesca, described by them as reportedly "the highest ranking mafia representative in the U.S. Government."
I have never in my 42 year career as anti-corruption crusader made idle statements. The numerous judges and others who were sent to jail by our work, attest to the care with which we accuse anyone. We have good reason to believe all these matters in these stories are true and correct as stated. Many of the details came up in more than 12 lawsuits involving, implicating among others, First National Bank of Cicero, Marcinkus, Topinka, Zehnder, James E. Ryan, various IRS officials and others. I have been accused of being a little too loud and direct in court in accusing corrupt public officials, including judges, to their face of massive corruption. At no time have any of these persons disputed the truth and validity of my charges in court. Hence, I have no reason to believe any of these matters are false or erroneous. On the contrary, the thousands of pages of court records show these matters have not been challenged or disputed by those so accused.
The fact that what I consider these public officials to be as criminals, and they are not prosecuted and sent away to prison, is no fault of mine or my associates. It is simply a tragic commentary showing the American legal system with high-level officials granted immunity, is shot through with unremedied, blatant corruption. It is a cop-out to say these public officials are to be considered innocent unless prosecuted and jailed.
The prosecution authorities are corrupt. The Office of Inspector General of the Treasury, in the past, has been apparently corrupted and bought by the mafia, at least knowledgeable law enforcement personnel believe that to be so. Many of the officials here named have not disputed our assertions in court of their corrupt acts and deeds.
I intend separately to post, if possible, two pictures of the boat "California Rose", scenes used on our TV Show of November 29, 1999, and part of the documents sent to the Inspector General, Zehnder, Brazzil, and others. [I am new to using a scanner with my computer and there may be a delay in posting the pictures on Internet.]


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