The Beating Of
'Citizen Joe 6pk'
By The Gestapo
From Byron T.Weeks, MD <>

I had thought I had relinquished my moniker of "joe 6pk" with the writing of what I felt was to be my last article titled " The Passing of "joe 6pk". It seems the literal stomping on my chest (and other parts) by the Anderson County Tennessee Sheriffs Office may have indeed brought new breath to my lungs. Let's call it a close encounter with a "Police State".
As many of you know, I have had to devote more time in these crucial days to family matters due to illnesses. Last month my Mom was diagnosed and hospitalized with cancer. Additionally, 2 weeks ago, my wife was rushed to the emergency room after she fainted at work and briefly quit breathing from as yet unknown causes. Last week my sister was rushed to the hospital with upper abdominal pain and rectal bleeding. After a few hours in the emergency room, in walked my nephew with his wife in severe pain as well. It's a good thing I am not a conspiracy theorist or I would think someone was out to get my family. (Of course, I consider the occasional fly-bys of fully-armed Cobra choppers to be just routine military training :-).
On Monday, I was at my parent's home and stepped across the street to visit with my sister in her home. She was having problems with her grown twin daughters and was asking them to please leave her home. I briefly counseled with both girls and asked them to comply with their mothers wishes. I had thought they were going to do that, so I left .
Later, at about 5:30 p.m. I saw two squad cars pull up and I went to check on my sister's safety. It turned out she had called them to remove the two girls. I entered my sister's home and was surprised to hear the officers speaking rudely to my sister. They asked who I was and my sister responded: "That is my brother and he is welcome in my home anytime. He is here making sure I am OK." She once again requested that the officers remove the girls. Instead, the officers each took one of the girls aside and began talking to them. My only words to the officers were that I was not there to interfere, I was only there to make sure my sister would be OK. Again my sister repeated I was indeed always welcome in her home.
One of the officers stepped back inside and in a moment said, "I need you to step outside." I complied, thinking they were clearing the way to escort the two girls out. Instead the one officer followed me out and asked me if I had a weapon on me. I responded: "Anything that I might have on me is my right to have under the Constitution of the United States of America." He repeated his question and as I began repeating my answer, I reached to pull out my copy of the Constitution. The booklet went flying from my hand as he drove my head into the corner of the post, followed quickly by a chop to my windpipe. He screamed the 'get down' order to me but he had pressed me in the corner preventing me from doing so. I noticed a look of pleasure & excitement on his face before his delivery of his knee to my groin. Then a look of astonishment that I had not collapsed. He barked "Get down!" to me again with me still penned. I said, If you will let me, I will be glad to comply." He stepped partially aside, having my right arm in an armbar and his hand on my shoulder and walked me to the center of the porch.
As I started down I was apparently not moving fast enough for him, (due to my disability of having two steel rods in my back, one of which is broken plus the beating.) So, he did a 'Hulk Hogan' type body slam of me on my back, slamming my head hard on the wood decking and shattering my glasses. The other officer joined in and kneed me in the ribs as they rolled me over.
One stood on my head and ground it into the deck, as the other pulled my left arm up behind me much further than it is designed to go. In extreme agony, I yelled out to my sister, "Judy, I am complying with them. "Do you see what they are doing, brutalizing me this way?" She told the officers, "It is not necessary to hurt him. My brother is complying with you!" They told her to 'shut up' or they would arrest her as they cuffed my right hand.
Then they stood over me and barked at me to get up with me on my stomach and my hands handcuffed behind me (try that sometime) (especially after a good beating) (with steel rods in your back). Of course, I was unable to comply fast enough, so they yanked me up by my handcuffs.
I was taken to the back of the patrol car and told to 'stay put' as I was being slammed on the trunk. I was unable to comply since my rib was impacted by the cars police antenna which had folded into my rib. So, for moving in recoil of pain I was slammed down on the trunk again. My Dad had come over from his house and protested this treatment of me while I was incapacitated. He was told to shut up or he would be arrested as well. Later, I found out my Mother had gotten out of her sick bed and witnessed this final assault at the car from her window. I was searched by the officers.
I was placed in the patrol car and never at any point told I was under arrest (though that became obvious) or read any type of Miranda rights. Many of you know from my past articles about Andrews, N.C. that people have been being arrested there without Miranda warnings. Since I exposed that over a year ago, 60 Minutes recently revealed West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, North and South Carolina no longer have Miranda rights. Soon, I guess I will find out about Tennessee.
After I was in the patrol car. One of the officers yelled in a loud voice (as they are trained to do) to the officer standing next to him:
"Did you see him go for that gun?"
"Yes, I did" yelled the second officer.
"You guys are full of crap!" I yelled from inside the closed and windowed up car. "You know that was my Constitution booklet," I proclaimed before realizing the futility of it.
As I was being driven off to jail, my wife acted quickly notifying fellow Patriots and scraping funds together for bond. One officer remained behind and arrested my drivers license and derringer and overseeing the job he was called to do in the first place, the removal of the two girls. The ACSO has refused repeated requests to return my drivers license removed from my wallet by officer Parker.
At the jail, personnel there immediately let it be known they were in charge as if that wasn't obvious to me. After I was searched they brought a nurse in who observed my injuries and asked me what happened and if I was hurt anywhere else besides my head that was obvious. I responded that I had been beaten by the deputies and my shoulder, ribs neck and back were injured as well. They determined I would need to go to the hospital after booking and processing (a lengthy process ).
The desk officer who did the search began cataloging items removed from my pockets and person. He asked me about two items in particular. A plastic pill carrier.
He said, "Is this for drugs?"
I said, "No, it's to carry the aspirins in that I regularly take for pain. I don't do drugs!"
He looked at my POW/MIA bracelet and said, "What is this?"
I said, "It's a POW bracelet."
"What's that?" he said.
"Prisoners of War that fought for our Constitution and America who never came home."
He still looked puzzled and said: "But that's not your name on there? he asked.
"No, of course not." I responded in disgust.
He also remarked how vicious my pocket knife looked. I asked about my glasses and wallet. He said, "I don't have them apparently the arresting officer has them."
I I glanced to the right of me and noticed the infamous "torture chair" I had written an article about. The one that they strapped a petite young women in and sprayed her in the eye with mace for asking to pee without the male guards and male prisoners watching. She was also robbed of a hundred dollars by this same guard. I wondered to myself if I would escape this hell hole before it was discovered I was the author of that piece and placed in the chair myself. I also noted how two of the jail guards had recently been charged in separate murder cases.
I was ordered by this captor to go stand in a painted box area, where I was finally able to knell and pray for my family. I was worried as to how they would be able to cope with what had transpired.
I was informed by my captors that my bond would be $7,500.
"What for?" I asked? "What are the charges for?"
"Assault, resisting arrest and going armed," he growled.
I couldn't help but reflect back how my head had assaulted that post and porch deck and how resisting came from being battered & blocked and not being able to bend fast enough for them due to my disability. Being a Constitutionalist I know both the Tennessee and United States Constitutions and above all God's law give me the RIGHT to be armed, especially on my families property !!
My female captor complained my bond was to low because the going armed charge is a misdemeanor. She said : "That's what's wrong with this country, people going armed and it's just a misdemeanor."
"I know," replied the male guard.
I said: "If you swore an oath to the Constitution you should know law abiding Citizens have a RIGHT to be armed".
In unison they told me to shut up. "Nobody asked you to say anything," the female growled.
I was told I would have a choice. I could let them transport me after booking to the hospital or I could be bonded out and my wife could take me. I opted for the latter and was allowed to call my wife when the phone line was finally available. ( they were doing a booming business that night ) ( Monday, Dec 20th ). My wife informed me she would be there immediately with the bondsperson.
My female captor asked me for a nickname or alias. I have a Christian name I responded and started telling her the Capital and small letter spelling. She said, "I'm not listening to this crap and I am not going to release you without one," she demanded. So, after reviewing my lack of option, I stated my sister calls me "Bubby".
I was ordered to step up to the camera for my photo and then was taken back and fingerprinted electronically by what I noted to be the LSS 2000 labeled on the machine. Said high dollar equipment likely purchased by good of' "Federal" funding. On this apparatus your fingers are rolled across a space aged red laser glass panel. I couldn't help but note the red and associate it with the beast system many of these "public servants" serve.
After waiting awhile in shear agony from my beating I was called forward to sign some papers. I immediately told the officer I could not read the papers he was requesting I sign without glasses. He told me to sign them anyway.
"I can't sign them without knowing what I am signing. Can I wait until my wife arrives so she can read them for me?" I asked.
"No, you can't," was my captors response. "You must sign them now or you will not be released," he demanded.
So I wrote: 'under duress w/o prejudice UCC 1-207' on all 3 forms and signed my name. He looked at them and tore them up and made new copies without saying anything. He put them on the counter and said, "Sign these."
Again, I protested that I could not see and signed in the same manner. He looked and said what's this garbage. I ordered you to sign them, not write all over them. I said, "It's to protect me under Uniform.." he interrupted me and barked: "Go sit down...Now!"
He returned with the female guard and the guard also that I had written my "Chair " article about. My wife and the bond lady appeared at the window / partition at this same time. The female guard had reprinted another set of documents and said, "If you don't sign these without all the garbage on them, you will not leave here!" My wife noted, as I did, how bad this guard wanted to strike me in her anger.
I told my wife to go ahead and leave I was going to continue to be held. The bondlady said, "Mr. Burton, please sign them or they will never release you, and you can take that issue up with the Judge in your case."
Seeing the futility and still hurting from my injuries and needing treatment. I was forced to sign their way. I remembered as well, torture was certainly in my future if I remained for a seat in their special "chair".
I gathered my remaining possessions and tasted the sweet air of freedom again. As my wife greeted me I remarked: this is not the America I grew up in.
I thought I knew how bad things are in light of my past real life articles, adventures and research. OH, HOW WRONG I WAS.
She said: "I saw the "chair" you wrote about are right" she said, "this isn't America anymore. My wife's cell phone rang, fellow patriots were calling to confirm that indeed I was walking out of the place. It was good to know my friends were indeed alert and watching. My wife noted on the paper work my arraignment date, December 29th, my mother's birthday.
My precious wife took me to the hospital and miraculously no bones were broken, just knots, abrasions, bruises as well as aggravation of old injuries. My body was so racked with pain I couldn't tell which part hurt the worst and my bruised larynx made it difficult to swallow.
It has taken me 3 days to be well enough to sit up and write this article. My body, though battered and bruised, will heal in time. My faith in God almighty and my spirit for a restored America continue to soar and cannot be damaged.
My fellow Citizens and Patriots, I've never asked for anything in this movement, I've never profited in any way from my investigations, travel or research in this movement. I now need help with money for a legal defense. I know it's a bad time to ask with all that's going on and it being Christmas in a couple of days. If you have just a few dollars and my work has meant anything to you and God leads you to help, I will attach my address below. If you cannot, at least please keep my family and America in your daily prayers. Thank You.
For God, Country and Family I am:
Joe Burton - aka "joe 6pk Amer I CAN" 'email - EZE 33:6 c/o 316 Market street Clinton, Tennessee 37716
p.s.- Please call Sheriff Manning and let him know treatment of Americans like this is wrong !
Sheriff Scott Manning Office (423) 457-5400 he is seldom available to the public so here is his home phone (423) 494-9222 _____


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