50% Of US Population
Rejects America's Dysfunctional
Political System
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More than half of the population of the United States will not participate in the next presidential election, according to a BBC News report on March 10, 2000. This is happening because more than half the US population view the whole political technocratic control system as corrupt, with choices only for unacceptable people with regressive ways of solving problems, and an invalid way to conduct a sociopolitical system, and see no way to protest other than not to participate.
In what one would view as a "normal" progressive society, if half the population wasn't interested that would mean that the system would have to be replaced immediately by a system which the people would prefer -- which is exactly what the Americans did when "under the guns of the British" in the 19th century, and what the American Constitutional infers is theoretically possible, but does not make provision for, since the framers couldn't conceive that the system they introduced was in reality a "temporary" one, that the "representative" system would become corrupted by power-hungry people obsessed with control over others, because most the Framers knew nothing of social or planetary evolution and could not foresee what would come. They just weren't that smart.
Social systems are meant to evolve with the evolution of the population it serves, and when a social system is "locked" into a box, preventing individual and collective evolution, it is only a totalitarian dictatorship that can "insist", through manipulation of the minds, beliefs and emotions of a population, that the system remain "as is", forever. There are many who would argue that this perfectly describes the current planetary situation, with the G7 countries as "shining examples" of failed external control-based reality systems, and that there is an irrational addiction to the past combined with a programmed fear of the future that is preventing most of the population from even experiencing the present moment - the percentage of the population that is really "here", in the present moment, as far as focus of awareness is concerned, is really small. But, it is in the present moment where individual and collective power resides. Carp Diem, and think of the welfare of the children who represent the future to guide your way.
There are many viable alternatives to the "status quo" in virtually every social component in society, from medicine to physics, and most of these have been heavily suppressed by agreement on a planetary level in order to preserve systems of external control, while repressing the development of a society of responsible self-controlled people who do not require external control systems "to keep things in line". Together, we can simply ignore what we do not prefer any longer, look into alternative more efficient ways to do things, and then focus on what we prefer, working together collectively.
It's not surprising to learn that the grandfather of one presidential candidate materially and financially supported the buildup of the Nazis (BUSH/Gush), and the father of the other candidate supported the building of the USSR (BORE/Gore) ..... now, given the choice and the track record of the families, put yourself in the place of the American voter .... whom to choose
....Another consideration is that every president elected for 200 years in a year ending in a "0" has either died in office or has been assassinated ..... so it's the Vice-President who will inherit the power in the next election. The only reason Reagan escaped with his life is that he delayed his inauguration from the time of 12 noon for 5 minutes. Ponder that.
U.S. Politicians Misplace Blame for Gun Violence on Guns in order to Advance Social Control
The continuing issue of "gun violence" in the United States is making a host of factors readily apparent, despite the fact that gun-related incidents in the United States are in reality pretty rare. Out of a total population of 250 million people, less than 2600 die each year from guns. That's a microscopic number of people. However, in order for people to shoot other people, the idea that violence is an acceptable solution to a problem must have been continually presented over a period of time to the mind of those people. The deplorable, despicable nature of all forms of media in the United States and many other countries on the planet, who continually program the population with dysfunctional "acceptable responses" to life challenges, are responsible or accountable for the school shooting deaths and every other death where a weapon is used.. The fact that guns were used is almost incidental.
Congressional Hearings were held in the United States where television, entertainment, broadcasting executives were induced to testify in regard to violence in the media and its effect on children and adults. Media executives pleaded with Congressmen not to institute government control over the content of the media, citing "free speech", feigning ignorance of the social effect of programming the population with sex, body-id consciousness, self-aggrandizement, dysfunctional social response scenarios, crime, mayhem, drama and generalized bullshit, decade after decade. Include those video games which embody "dysfunctional response" modes as "entertainment".
Innumerable studies have been conducted which have shown that social disorder has its root with dysfunctional views of reality which have been programmed as "acceptable and responsible responses". Now, since they know this is happening and they continue to allow it to happen ... then they are in effect doing it on purpose knowing it is harming the entire population, and its future (the children).
That should be cause for alarm and a reason for the population to collectively discharge the people who are creating the problem (treating the cause), instead of trying to enact strict techno-social "solutions" (treating the symptom). Apparently, most of the population is too dense to figure this out. So, most seem to be waiting for some huge oppressor to manifest itself to balance the huge number of people stuck in "victim" mode who are demanding it. Why not break the cycle of victim-tyrant? Victims become the best tyrants ... it's been going on for thousands of years and yet most of the planetary population is not smart enough or aware enough to see what is in front of them. How can so many be so genuinely stupid? Boggles the mind, doesn't it?
To quote the Encyclopedia Britannica: "In the 20th century, the use of science has been extended to the study of virtually all aspects of human affairs. The possibilities of scientific control of men and events have brought profound changes in philosophy and education." Profoundly dysfunctional changes, because they have been based on a dysfunctional view of the universe based on material reductionism and scientism, where science becomes a religion which proclaims it is the only source of truth, and where the end justifies the means ...


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