Phoenix Chemtrails
Laid In Perfect Pattern
I shot these three photos of the sky over Phoenix 15 Feb 2000. Nothing cris-crosses. And I wasn't outside early enough to witness which aircraft made these (single sprayer, or multiple ship formation). But I'm sure you'll agree that the first photo was enough to catch my attention. Even my four year old daughter noticed it without my prompting. I imagine it's possible that the Air Force or Navy could have a 7 ship formation flying in parallel, but I've never seen more than 4 aircraft in any formation. And, I shot the second two about 2 hours after the first distinct 7 contrail photo, to show that the contrails had not dispersed, and had in fact spread out. I personally believe that if they're truly done by the gov't with a purpose, it's either weather control experiments, or inoculation against a future terrorist attack. But I think it's more likely that this was a seven ship formation on it's way from one air base to another. Viewers can make their own decisions. It is strange, however, that the contrails started at the west edge of the Phoenix metro area, and ended at the east edge.
Bob Lemm


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