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How many shooters were at Columbine? The BATF says more than two.
How many bombs were assembled for the attack. Monday the number was finally revealed: 95
There is A LOT we don't know about what went on there.
And now two Columbine students were murdered without apparent motive in a fast food restaurant.
** The surveillance cameras were turned off - just as in the library where two of the shooters committed suicide. **
What you are not hearing about this story can be found here:
The latest:
Students found dead
At approximately 12:45 a.m. Monday night two Columbine High School students -- Nicholas Kunselman, 15, and Stephanie Hart, 16 -- were found dead inside a Subway sandwich store located less than a mile from the school. Both suffered fatal gunshot wounds. Hart, at the time, was believed to have been visiting Kunselman, a Subway employee. The suspect is described as being "a white male in his teens or early 20s who was wearing a red jacket and flared pants." He was seen near the shopping center about the time the bodies were discovered. A surveillance camera was present inside the shop, though appears to have been turned off. Click for The Washington Post and The Denver Post stories.
On Tuesday, The Denver Rocky Mountain News reports that cash was left in the register inside the store. The store was noted as an unlikely target for a robbery since large currency is placed in a locked safe throughout the day. "It's not worth robbing, 50 bucks, maybe," said employee J.J. Hodack. The shooting appears to have taken place sometime between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. A witness, present in the store at 10 p.m., reports that all was normal when the store closed. An employee, driving by the shop at around 1 a.m., noticed the lights were unusually on inside. The bodies were then found behind the counter inside the shop.
Investigators were seen searching trash bins behind the shop, as well as searching the top of the roof of a building across the street from the Subway. No weapon has been found. No motive has been determined, though a "murder-suicide" was quickly ruled-out. Both young students were a two-year couple and, according to a family friend, Kunselman's father said, "...he's never seen two young people as in love as they were."
(Brasscheck note: The original AP report suggested the possibility of a murder-suicide in its first paragraph. We can always count on the AP to do its job.)
The Subway store located at 6768 W. Coal Mine Avenue is just two blocks south of Columbine High School. Slain student Rachel Scott once worked at the Subway. The shop is also near Blackjack Pizza, the former employer of Harris and Klebold.
A series of tragedies have preceded Monday's shooting. Two weeks ago, the body of 11-year-old Antonio Davalos was found stuffed in a trash bin within a mile of Columbine High School. There have been no arrests. Antonio was a fifth-grader at Centennial Elementary School.
See the links for The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News in the right sidebar for the latest.
(Brasscheck note: The nature of the gunshot wounds which would tell a lot have not been part of the news reports to date.)
In other news, The Denver Post released an article on the 14th detailing the bomb arsenal used by Harris and Klebold. It is now revealed that they used in upward of 95 bombs in their attack.
The article quotes an official who claims Klebold and Harris brought the bombs into the school about fifteen minutes before they began shooting. Apparently, no one noticed they were carrying four 20-lb propane bombs and no one noticed them place them in the kitchen and cafeteria. The article does not mention the presence of the kitchen bombs. There appears to be a discontinuity in the official story in that there are conflicting reports on whether or not propane bombs were found in the kitchen. It was first reported that at least one propane bomb was found in the kitchen.


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