Strange Visitors
Watching Chemtrail Websites

Dear Jeff,
I'm am writing in hopes that you, or someone in your listening audience can straighten something out for me. I'm very confused and somewhat concerned ...over the VERY strange visitors to my webite.
Last year, I came across a 1967 copy of "The TRUE (Magazine) Report On Flying Saucers." I was very excited as it contains articles from some of the legendary pioneers of UFO research and investigation; real accounts from the horses' mouths of some of the best folks in the field in the 1950's and 1960's. They just don't print news and information like that anymore.
I wanted to share the articles with others interested in UFOs, so I put them on my website. You were made aware of them, linked to them, and my hit counter started going bananas. Of course, as these things go, my interest in UFO's got me labeled a "kook". It did. Can you believe that?
Then something else happened. I started asking around about the strange contrails I had been seeing over my home. It looked to me like something was being sprayed. I found another woman who lives here in town, who was also wondering about the abnormal things that were happening in our skies. Actually, she found me, and we got aquainted over talk of "ice crystals" and "flu-like" symptoms. She started an Internet Club to see where else this was happening and I have since become co-director of the organization.
About this time, I added a new topic to my personal website: "Chemtrails." By then, we had learned that this spraying...or whatever it occurring all over the United States and in Canada as well. We KNEW is was happening but we were not getting any answers.
The club members started asking around their local areas to see if we could get more information to determine what it was we were seeing. Then, the weirdest thing happened: we began to be told by many skeptics that we were "kooks"... that what we were seeing, on an almost daily basis by then, was "normal." Can you believe that?
We started asking around our cities and directed questions to our city officials and TV and radio types. We got the same response in nearly every case: we were basically told we could not trust our own eyes, our individual and group experiences, or our collective knowledge.
It just didn't make sense. The big jet planes kept laying out the X's, and the grids, and the lines, and the loops right over our heads in broad day light; all over our nation, every day, day after day after day after day.
By the way, there are now close to 500 "kooks" in our club, from all over America.
Meanwhile, my website visitors started taking on a different quality. I wasn't just getting AOL surfers and such anymore. My new site visitors are bigtime government, military and industrial complex types, with a few odd Universities and foreigners thrown in the mix. I'm not talking our local Mayor's office here, either (although that would be very nice because he still hasn't gotten back to me regarding any of my messages). I mean these new visitors are BIG BOYS...the serious players.
So, I guess my question to you and your audience is this:
If we are all "kooks" and UFOs aren't REAL, if those planes spraying whatever it is that they're spraying in our skies are not REAL....then why are all these nice people spending their time at my little, homemade website? I don't understand.
If UFOs and Chemtrails are "non-events" like the skeptics say, why do so many top, blue chip military, government and corporate visitors from all over the world hit my site around the clock? What are they looking for?
Here are a few of them so you can see what I'm talking about.
(There is a much more comprehensive overview on my website at: )
What are they doing at my site? What do they want? What do they think I would know that they wouldn't? And why do they come so often? I really don't get it...I'd really like to know.
Sincerely, Lorie Kramer
Chem Trails Tracking USA
A few recent visitors
Executive Office Of The President, USA, Washington, DC U.S. Senate, Washington, DC The Pentagon, Washington, DC Federal Aviation Administration, Washington, DC Federal Emergency Management Agency, Washington, DC NASA Headquarters, Washington, DC and other NASA folks U.S. Environmemtal Protection Agency, Research Triangle Park, NC National Weather Service, Central Region HQ, Kansas City, MO Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio Naval Warfare Assessment Division, Corona, CA and other NAVY folks TRW Space and Defense Sector, Redondo Beach, CA U.S. Army Tank-Automotive Command, Warren, MI and more ARMY folks Czech Army General Staff, Prague, The Czech Republic The Boeing Company, Seal Beach. CA - ALWAYS there Raytheon Company, Executive Office, Lexington, MA Monsanto Company, St. Louis, MO Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN Rockwell International Corp., Seal Beach, CA Lockheed Martin Astronautics, Denver, CO Walt Disney Corp., Glendale, CA NBC, 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY CBC, Ontario, Canada The Dow Chemical Company, Midland, MI Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A,.Brooklyn, NY Bank of America, San Francisco, CA Harvard University, Cambridge, MA Cornell University, Ithaca, NY Stanford University, Stanford, CA Department of Defense HQDCG, Australia National Center for Science, Tokyo, Japan Ministry of Industry, Energy and Technology, Athens, Greece University of Lausanne, Switzerland Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Bologna, Italy
let me know what you think


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