A Beautiful Day In
The Ozarks...Except For
The Chemtrails

Hi Jeff,
It was a beautiful day in West Plains, Missouri today. Warm, wonderful blue skies....Well almost. Until the sky filled from horizon to horizon about 1:00 p.m. with crosses upon crosses of chemtrails. Way too high to get a good photo of the culprits, my 230 mm zoom could not quite do the trick. However the aftermath is plain (or plane) to see. I did snap off some images with a digital camera and also a 35 mm. Unfortunately this a very familiar sight lately in the Ozarks. If it is any indication of my severe sinus attacks that I have been coping with for the last few months. It is going to be a very long unwelcome spring.
Daniel Ahrens
From James A. Carroll <
I would like to confirm the story above. I live in Central Arkansas and on 3-1-00 we were traveling to Fayetteville Arkansas on business. When we arrived in the city we noticed to unusual number of jet trails in the sky. My wife counted 21 trails crisscrossing each other. We had never seen anything like it. But what was even more interesting was that as we could see the trails being made, we could also see other jets higher than the ones making to trails and they didn't leave any trail. The small trail behind them disappeared very quickly unlike the ones being made by the lower flying jet. There trails stayed visible and expanded wider and wider.
What really struck me was how uniform the pattern was. I have never seen commercial jets fly so perfectly parallel. Very strange to observe. My wife was so upset that we left early and returned home as soon as possible. If everyone could see what we saw that day they would not question that these lines in the sky where being made for some reason.


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