Chemtrails & Disinformation
By Ken Welch
Spring comes early to the Texas Gulf Coast and since we've had very little winter to speak of this year, the main indicator in the Houston area has been an unusual amount of overcast skies. Since January we've seen exhausted cold fronts periodically push down from the north, only to be pushed back again by warm moist air from the Gulf and lots of clouds. After more than a year of chemtrail spraying, truly cloudless blue skies have become so rare that they really stand out.
One such day was Sunday before last, February 26. Because I've been involved in a photo project to better identify spray planes, I was delighted to awaken to perfect "seeing" weather. Our local spraying group had been busy for many days, with spray plumes often visible through breaks in the clouds, and the occasional taste of Ethylene Dibromide drifting through the city. While the day before had seen some rain, there was no sign of it this morning. Yet, for some reason, the spray crews seemed to be sleeping-in. I was disappointed because clear weather would give me some great photos and a chance to try out a new lens, yet the planes were nowhere to be seen. I would just have to keep an eye on the sky to see if they showed up later in the day.
Perhaps it was my imagination, but a wonderful mood seemed to be sweeping over the whole area and it seemed everyone wanted to be outside. I was quickly caught up in spur of the moment plans to visit several open-air markets in a search of great bargains in outdoor furniture and the like, and discovered that twice the usual number of people were engaged in the same pastime. The beautiful weather held for the whole day, with warm Texas sunshine and a delightfully cool breeze from the north that made it a joy to be outside. And not a chemtrail in sight the whole day. Not even one!
In fact, the breeze became cooler and a bit stronger as the day progressed, and when we got home I finally checked the weather situation to see what was actually happening. The previous day's rain had signaled the arrival of cool air from the north, which had continued during the day on Sunday. In fact, Sunday night actually got a little cool for people who'd spent the day in T-shirts. The following day, warm moist air from the Gulf would flow northward again, obliterating all traces of the exhausted cold front but reforming the cloud cover that masked current spraying operations so well. Still, from our point of view, the weather picture was quite significant. After fifteen months of near continuous chemical spraying activity over Houston and so many other major cities as well, why was there not a single white line in the sky on that beautiful, cloudless Sunday?
Most readers will know that early last year I concluded that the chemical spraying of civilian populations heralded a major event in the near future. I assume that this event will be marked by the heavy use of biologicals because decreased resistance to airborne infection is the only known result of Ethylene Dibromide which seems relevant. (Decreased fertility is gaining in significance as the program stretches out over time.) Others have more hopeful interpretations but I cannot see any reason for this other than wishful thinking. Since spraying operations have cost billions of dollars at this point, I think it is safe to assume that we are looking at an event designed to create geopolitical and economic change of incredible magnitude.
As this "event" gets closer, we are seeing a sharp increase in what I can only call disinformation. I think that the expected curve of public awareness was carefully calculated, with the conclusion that not enough people would wake up to what is happening before it was too late. However, with the explosive growth of the Internet chemtrail awareness is reaching "critical mass" much too soon. There are now too many people who can say, "We know what you are doing, and when this is all over you will pay." At the same time a significant disinformation campaign is underway here and in Europe to prevent this, and keep as many people as possible confused about what is really happening.
To understand the logic, lets go back to that beautiful Sunday. I'm up at the ranch today, and can see a nice spray pattern to the north over the city of Huntsville. Wind is from the west, so the spray planes working Houston will be west of the city this morning, beyond my horizon. If it shifts northward this afternoon they'll be up here and I'll get out the camera. But on that particular, beautiful Sunday all spray operations stopped, and there was not a single white line in the sky. Why?
Cooler air was moving in that day so, according to the disinformation campaign, those mysterious white lines in the sky should have been more prevalent, and even longer lasting than usual. As most everyone is now aware, the disinformation specialist will tell you that your eyes and memory are lying to you, and we are all seeing a "natural" phenomena called "contrails". Contrails are formed at high altitudes (roughly five or six miles up and higher) when moisture in hot jet exhaust freezes, leaving a trail of minute ice crystals that dissipates in a minute or so but under extremely cold and still conditions can remain for longer periods.
Disinformation websites are actually posting pictures of chemical spray plumes, and baldly telling everyone they are contrails. Interestingly enough, in Europe it appears that people have a better eye for distance and altitude than they do here, or better memories of what contrails really look like, so the contrail story doesn't work so well. Consequently, European disinformation channels are telling the people that chemtrails are actually a pollution problem caused by a sudden and mysterious conversion to high-polluting jet engines (the opposite is true), and what must be a six-fold increase in commercial air traffic that apparently happened overnight for no known reason. Here in the U.S. we would immediately dismiss this story as nonsense, but struggle with imaginary ice crystals instead.
So why would cooler temperatures in Houston cause the disappearance of ice crystal formation in the upper atmosphere? Because it's the wrong question. In fact, we saw no "contrails" that day because spraying operations were halted. There were no contrails from commercial air traffic simply because Houston almost NEVER experiences contrails. There simply are very few, if any, high altitude air routes that go over the city. If you will look at a map that shows the whole country you will see why. Virtually all air traffic in our general neighborhood is arriving or departing from one of our two major airports, and is at altitudes too low to freeze anything at all. You can watch commercial flights all day long with a simple pair of binoculars, and they never leave a trail of any kind at all. Otherwise, the only explanation for the absence of "contrails" amid cooler air would require that all air traffic was grounded that day.
NASA recently completed a landmark study of contrail formation and behavior (wonder why?) and according to their results, the sub-zero temperatures required are pretty awesome, at least to someone who lives near the Gulf Coast. The chief scientist for the project has written that when temperatures got any warmer than MINUS 35 degrees Centigrade, they couldn't make a contrail form at all. To get a better handle on air temperatures and altitudes I appealed to members of the chemtrail tracking club for help, and got responses from two professional pilots that were invaluable. First, I was directed to an excellent explanation of the way that decreased air pressure causes a drop in temperature that can be calculated by formula. Second, I was directed to the Winds Aloft Forecast, which is a goldmine of information for anyone trying to understand spraying operations.
Spraying activity was halted over Houston on February 26th, not because of air temperatures, but because winds at altitudes from 12,000 feet and below were too fast to allow useful concentrations of chemicals to reach ground level in the city. In fact, the correspondence of wind speeds and spray days is SO GOOD, I started to post predictions about whether we would see spraying or not on the following day. Unfortunately, the Winds Aloft Forecast itself is not very accurate beyond about twelve hours, so I abandoned the effort. It worked if the winds followed the forecast, but not if they didn't. It's right on the button for current data though, and you can watch it's correspondence with spraying operations hold true, day after day.
The Winds Aloft Forecast is at
In most locations spraying activity is now at fever pitch as the "event" moves closer. Consequently, I believe you will observe that there is always spraying activity around major populated areas, in some cases 24 hours a day, unless wind speeds in the critical zone from ground level to 12,000 feet prevent it. This means that your work with the Winds Aloft Forecast will be confirmed by days when the spraying stops, rather than the opposite. You will also see that if wind speeds exceed 25 knots at 12,000 ft but are slower below that, the spray planes are likely to operate at a slightly lower altitude as well, giving you better photo opportunities if you are trying to catch the planes rather than the spray plumes they leave behind.
The winds aloft charts have a help function, or tutorial, that explains the abbreviated notations. If you run in to difficulty, though, drop me a note at and I'll walk you through it.
Once you've located the line of information that corresponds to a city near your location, you will find that for various altitudes you have not only the wind speed and direction, but the TEMPERATURE at that altitude as well. Disinformation channels that are pushing the contrail story believe that you cannot tell the difference between an airplane two miles away and one that is five, six, or seven miles away. Consequently, they don't expect you to be very firm in identifying a spray plane at 10,000 feet (2 miles) or 30,000 feet (5-6 miles). With a little practice and common sense you can get pretty good at this, however. Drive by an airport and see how much of a big jet on the ground you can see at two miles. Learn the altitudes of traffic in and out of your airport and visually compare commercial planes and spray planes. You can even use measured angles and triangulation to get an excellent altitude reading, with two instruments at least 500 feet apart and some familiarity with surveying math.
Once you have a good idea of spraying altitude, which is generally between 9-12,000 feet, you can check the temperatures on the Winds Aloft chart to prove to yourself once and for all the contrail/ice crystals story is a complete sham and total disinformation. Remember that temperatures must be below -35 C on the chart to see even the most short lived contrail form, and far below that to make one that lasts.
Beyond the silliness of ice crystals and hitherto unknown forms of pollution, what other forms of disinformation are we seeing? Some is not disinformation at all, but simply confusion that I suspect is honest although misleading. A case in point is the widely circulated report of a current DARPA research project pointed at improved bio-war countermeasures. Many people who understand full well that we are being sprayed on almost a daily basis still cling to the hope that it must be for some "good reason", despite the climbing death rate from various forms of upper respiratory and other unusual diseases. Personally I have difficulty with the idea that governments are willing to harm or kill people in small numbers but not large numbers. It's never been true in the past, and I doubt that in a political arena of almost total corruption it should suddenly be true now. Be that as it may, the DARPA countermeasures project is a good case of simple confusion.
First, it is a CURRENT project. This automatically rules it out, since full scale operations we see today must come from research and experimentation considerably in the past. My guess would be that you would have to look back more than ten years, before the reformulation of jet fuel to include EDB which took place in 1991. But the important thing to note is that the project documentation itself does not describe aerial spraying at all. A few key words do not make a billion dollar spraying program. In fact, it turns out that the hoped-for countermeasures are to be used to protect troops in the field, who have only a few seconds warning of a chemical or biological attack. Careful reading shows that the program is focusing on a mechanism by which a thick mist of soap suds laced with germicides could be blasted into the air, so thickly that all airborne microorganisms would be coated, dragged to the ground, and killed. Actually it's quite brilliant and might well save lives. It certainly has nothing to do with aerial spraying of whole cities for months on end. Imagine! Every time it rained, the whole city would start to foam!
In fact, any sort of countermeasure theory simply won't work. What happened to the people who were NOT sprayed and consequently not protected, in the first month of the program. How about those who were not protected in the second month, or the third or fourth? Did they all die? No, of course not. They don't even have symptoms. In fact there is no evidence of any current threat except for the spraying itself, and the fact that our populations are more and more susceptible to airborne biological agents. In the UK this year, so many people died from the flu that was not flu, that bodies were stored in refrigerator trucks because the hospital morgues could not handle the numbers.
I suppose we should also look at the magical airborne immunization program as well, but it is so short on facts that there is little to talk about. Yes, there is current research on how this might be done. No, there is no way it could be implemented in a program that must have begun years ago. Presumably, if such a thing were possible, our military would be using it now instead of injections of a dubious Anthrax vaccine that is causing all kinds of trouble.
Disinformation about an airborne vaccination program, while perhaps well motivated, carries the message, "Go back to sleep". This always makes me nervous, since it is so close to the message we get from the media every day. It raises an interesting question, though. How would they know which particular disease, and perhaps the particular strain of that disease, to immunize against?
While a sprayed vaccine is just wishful thinking for now, the military vaccination program has a very odd quality to it and some unanswered questions for sure. Equally puzzling is the similarity between the denial of the existence of Gulf War Illness and the denial of the existence of chemtrails. Both have been handled as absolute non-events while at the same time being completely visible to anyone with their eyes open. Perhaps the satellite photo below, showing the actual use of CHEMTRAILS in the GULF WAR by US forces, links these two stories together? Were sick and dying veterans actually the victims of friendly fire?
This discussion of bad information is not intended to discourage new ideas on the nature or purpose of chemtrails. Certainly the more of us that are thinking, and doing a little digging here and there, the more likely we are to run across answers. And debating the various ideas can only serve to sharpen our reasoning skills. A case in point, which I suspect to be disinformation, was the recent announcement by Michael McDonnough, creator of Chemtrails.Org, that he had solved the chemtrails riddle and we could all forget the whole thing.
McDonnough's story, which I have difficulty following and may not be stating correctly, is that he obtained the use of a computer program available to the public to track commercial flights around the country. On the day in question he fired up the program with its Internet link and it reported two commercial flights in his area. For some reason he waited until the program reported them gone, and then went outside to see two chemtrails, which he captured on video and showed on his website. From this he concluded that chemtrails are in fact contrails laid down by commercial aircraft going about their normal business. Why this would be a logical conclusion, since he did not even see the planes, is a mystery to me.
In an unusual twist, he also states that we are seeing a lot more "contrails" lately because the air is now wetter. This is truly amazing. If McDonnough can figure out how to freeze 1000 degree (F) jet exhaust by making it wet instead of cold, I'm sure there are commercial applications worth millions. But I think he could just as easily have said it was because we are all eating a lot more ice cream, and made just as much sense. Air more humid? Where on earth did that come from? Since normal humidity in Texas ranges up to 100% anyway, I wonder what constitutes more? 110%? What that would feel like!
But the real story was the software. I checked it out and found that for a monthly fee it does indeed show most commercial flights known to the FAA computers. However, the big news was that a lot of air traffic is deliberately blocked out, by government request or mandate. No flights with military or government designations are shown. Aircraft with foreign registrations are only shown if they are a commercial airline, and so on. In other words, McDonnough had no idea what was actually in the sky at the time he was watching the screen.
If he had run outside with a pair of binoculars and actually identified the two commercial planes being reported, it might have made a good starting point. Personally, I think he would observe that the commercial flights were leaving no trails at all, the same as elsewhere. As I see it, he really had no information at all on which to base any sort of conclusion. Who knows what other planes were in the sky at the time? He certainly offered nothing else - for instance, whether or not the timing and direction of the planes matched the different ages and directions of the chemtrails.
Chemtrails.Org appeared on the seen rather suddenly and somewhat late in the game. As far as I can tell, McDonnough made an outstanding effort to gather good photos and get as many people as possible to visit his website. Then, after a relatively short term effort, we have this bizarre conclusion. It is certainly disinformation because it clouds the whole issue for anyone trying to find the truth, but is it deliberate? An embarrassingly poor grasp of simple facts? A response to pressure of some kind? I doubt that we will ever know.
Deliberate chemtrail disinformation is not designed to change the minds of anyone that is actually involved with investigation, but to inject as much confusion as possible into those who are new to the idea and just now trying to make sense of it all. Since the beginning, early last year, there have been voices echoing a "party" line that chemtrails were just nonsense and purely a "natural" phenomena. At the time it was so obvious that we were talking about two different things that I don't think anyone paid much attention to them. Having dealt with several of these folks via e-mail conversation, I think my experience might be useful in recognizing what is going on.
Generally, the disinformation channel will provide a great number of quotes from esoteric texts on atmospheric physics, all about contrails. Or, if you are in Europe, it will probably be all about the evils of pollution. You, if you are inclined, might respond that no, what you are seeing with your own eyes does not fit the requirements for contrails. Their response, however, will be more information about the red herring, completely ignoring the points you put on the table. You may think that the person is some sort of retired academic, having difficulty going outside the bounds of a comfortable field of study. So you try again, asking how air that is above freezing could at the same time freeze jet exhaust, or why aircraft were going from one town to the next, lingering at each one to make a fancy pattern in the sky. Or why an unusually low spray pattern was burning everyone's eyes with those pesky kerosene-smelling ice crystals? And of course all you will get back is the same stuff you got to begin with. The disinformation source will REFUSE TO DISCUSS any of the key points that distinguish the intensive aerial spraying of population centers from the red herring, be it contrails or pollution.
A relatively new factor, in an attempt to explain why so many people are apparently lying about what they see with their own eyes, is to raise dark hints that someone is making a lot of money from chemtrails. I can't imagine how, or who this might be, but hope they will pin it down soon. I want to apply for my share, and I'm sure that many others who have put long hours into this mystery will want to do the same!
If you are like me, you will at first be puzzled by the distinct lack of communication. Then you will conclude that the man is simply stupid, perhaps even senile, and cannot grasp the basic issues. Later, you may decide that you were the stupid one for wasting your time and that's really what they wanted in the first place.. Finally, you may look again and realize that you were fooled into believing two opposite concepts: 1) that the person is fairly sharp because they have marshaled a great deal if information about the false target, some of it seemingly very difficult to follow, and because they have been able to write well and /or put up a nice logically designed website. And 2), that they are abysmally stupid because they cannot grasp the key issues. (You may notice this is the same set of beliefs that we are given at birth about our current political process.)
Needless to say, you cannot have it both ways and must eventually pick one of the two. Are they abysmally stupid or sharp as foxes, and dedicated to their assigned task? Regardless of their efforts, however, in the U.S. it is too little and too late. Much more often now, when I ask a stranger if he or she knows what that spray plane is doing overhead, the answer is "Yes, they are spraying something. They call them chemtrails, don't they?"
From Michael McDonnough
I have read all of Ken Welch's material and he is only parroting what others have said and does not establish any facts or reveal any new evidence to explain chemtrails. He is very soft on the science side for certain. If Welch could not follow my reasoning he should have ask for me to explain it to him in terms he was familiar with.
For what ever reason perhaps because my conclusions offended him in some way Ken Welsh has decided to attack me in as public and offending of a way as he could. Perhaps he was unable to follow my reasoning and has failed to see the logic or reasoning that I have put forth on the conclusion page. He certainly could not have been thinking that this attack against me would go unnoticed or unchallenged.
Instead of coming to me and speaking to me to get my views and understand my reasoning he has decided to use this forum of Sightings to attack me, call me stupid, and a disinformationist, and or an outright fraud.
It was like he was going out of his way to put me down and belittle me.
For one thing he stated that my observation was flawed and that is simply ridiculous and without foundation. I was just outside before I logged on to Flight Explorer and I had been watching the sky and it had no contrails at all before my observation took place. I have a big bay window that faces in the direction of the flight path that the planes took. I not only saw but heard them pass over and I was watching the screen just before and after.
This is a heavily trafficked air corridor and I am familiar with just where planes heading in or out of DFW or Houston pass over in this airspace. I work from my home but I am not home bound. I walk and ride my bike everyday and always carry a camera or video with me.
I am a trained observer and my abilities to discern what I see and measure my world are expert. I was raised around Airforce bases all of my life and have flown with my father who was a pilot since I was old enough to reach the rudder peddles. I know airplanes and I can determine altitudes very well with a glance.
Further to explain about global warming and its effects on the atmosphere. It does not take a genius IQ to figure out that with hotter overall global temperatures that have been recorded, and with polar ice caps melting at an alarming rate that there is simply more water vapor suspended in our air as a result.
It is also not that difficult to follow that this will create more cloud cover with the increase in suspended water vapor. There is also a lot more suspended particulate in the air due to a number of sources and this increases the balance in favor of added cloud creating conditions.
Jet fuel also contains agents designed to attract water that might get into the tanks and binds it so that it will not foul up the combustion process in the engine. When these agents are released into the atmosphere they tend to continue to attract water vapor. These fuel drying agents have more to do with chemtrails then you may realize. This is likely a major factor with persistence of contrails.
The Earth is a lot bigger and more complex place then Ken Welch seems able to fully perceive. The atmosphere has been studied for years by NASA and they have found that contrails are on the increase. This impact has been studied with a lot better instruments then your eyes or your wild imagination. They have certainly produced more science on the subject then Ken Welch's web page will likely ever contain.
If you read my conclusion page it clearly states that I think there is something going on more then just persistent contrails. I am a lot more critical and scientific in my reasoning then most true believers but I am not without doubt and questions of my own. I also have my suspicions and a general distrust of the government and all of their black-ops world. I just simply will not spout what may be my baseless fears to the general public.
Ken Welsh also seems to intone that I have rallied a lot of people and have attracted a lot of attention to my web site. without access to my server logs and my email conversations you would have a very hard time knowing that information at all. There is no counter on any of my pages that tell you how many people have visited my site. So how exactly does Ken come to this conclusion. Again this shows his lack of reasoning. His distrust of anyone who does not share his particular view of the world is quite obvious.
Since he does nothing but parrot the words and writings of others who is really providing the disinformation here. At the very least my site shows that I am taking a serious approach to this investigation and coming up with my own information. Right or wrong at least my site represents what I have discovered and not just a collection of stories and pictures from others.
My message board is now the largest part of my site. The system time and date stamps every report that comes in. It allows pictures to be directly uploaded on the system to be instantly viewed by everyone. It has grown to 46MB. All in all my site represents a great deal of work and personal sacrifice. I am the only one that is working on this site and created all the html and graphics you see, I installed all the CGI scripts and I am constantly working on and monitoring this site in real time.
I came up with the conclusion page mainly to share what my personal views are with the public so I can move on to other matters that are just as important to me as chemtrails. Maybe it would be fair to say that I have jumped to some conclusions and if Ken had left it at that instead of this personal attack there would be nothing but musing and agreement from me. After all I do have to work and I am not writing a scary story about chemtrails to sell just yet.
I have just taken some of the elusive low altitude chemtrail pictures and I am working on how to add them to the site. For now they are just uploaded to the forum area under the New Photos section. is just under 100MB of data, photos, video, real time reporting area, and chat area. It has been a huge amount of work and effort on my part and I will never be paid for it except for I hope the final telling of the truth and disclosure of what is really going on.
To have my hard work put down by this man Ken Welch who does not know me and has never contacted me or ever ask me about my conclusions or ask me to explain them to him is frankly insluting, slanderous and wrong.
Michael McDonnough

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