A Gun Control Chat
With Bill Clinton
Exploiting The Horror To Advance A Cause
By John Guthmiller
When Bill Clinton and the anti-gun harpies seized on the recent shooting in Michigan to push for yet another round of gun restrictions, Wayne La Pierre of the NRA struck back, accusing the administration of being "willing to tolerate a certain level of killing because such sensational incidents provide fuel for their purging fires. Clinton and his press minions are in high dudgeon at La Pierre,s apparent blasphemy, and have countered with charges that La Pierre is a "sick fanatic.
In a tiresome repeat of his most successful rhetorical trickery, Bill Clinton again tries to paint himself as the victim, to scale the moral high ground and stand as defender of the weak. With a shudder of indignation in his voice, he shakes his head and says "I would like to see him [La Pierre] look Kayla Rolland,s mother in the eye and say that.
Well, Mr. Clinton, I don,t speak for Wayne La Pierre, or the National Rifle Association, but I,ll rise to that challenge.
I,ll gladly look Kayla Rolland,s mother in the eye and defend my right to keep and bear arms. I,ll gladly cite case after case of little girls who are still alive because their mothers or fathers took up arms in their defense. I,ll stand face to face with her and tell her that I,m appalled at the death of her daughter, but that that death is not on my hands, or those of the NRA, because I don,t kill people and neither does Wayne La Pierre. There are people in the country who kill, and we ain,t them.
Then, I return the challenge to you, Mr. President.
Stand in my place, and tell Mrs. Rolland how your Justice Department has failed to prosecute any significant percentage of the felons who have been snared by the background checks you insisted on You can point out how the cooling body of every child shot down in the last few years has been a platform from which to launch your disarmament agenda.
Why the push to disarm us Mr. President? "For the children? If you,re so concerned about "the children, why don,t you enforce the laws you,ve already put on the books? Why do you shrill for new laws, laws which would have had no effect on the Michigan shooting, or the LA day care shooting, or the Columbine shooting Why do you demand more laws that only serve to punish law-abiding Americans, while turning a blind eye to the depredations of violent criminals?
Do you want criminals disarmed, Mr. Clinton? Or do you want America disarmed? Because if you are trying to protect our children, it seems to me that the place to start is with the people most likely to harm them. But your laws don,t keep guns from criminals; they don,t buy their guns at sporting goods stores and gun shows. They steal them. They buy them from other people who steal them. But they don,t submit to background checks. And any adult who is irresponsible enough to leave a gun lying where a 6-year-old can find it isn,t conscientious enough to make sure a trigger lock is in place.
So I,m afraid you,re going to have to confess to Mrs. Rolland that your gun laws are knee-jerk responses to a far more difficult question, a question you can,t answer. And that as a result, you settle for superficial, headline-grabbing demagoguery that costs America its precious right to self-defense.
Pull up a chair. This could take a while. Mention your friends David Geffen and Spike Lee and Alec Baldwin, who peddle their message of hate and violence in pretty packages then stand on the stage at the Oscars and take home prizes for their work. Tell her how you and Jack Valenti laughed off suggestions that the media tone down the blood orgy they celebrate, and how you,ve successfully campaigned to have God stripped from the public discourse, except as the butt of increasingly un-funny jokes.
Regale her with tales of how you and your Left-wing fellow travelers have uprooted all sense of morality and tradition from our country, and replaced them with self-service, venality, and deceit. Whatever mendacity you can get away with is fine. And if you get caught? No problem. Your friends will shield you. Too bad her daughter didn,t have a Praetorian Guard around her. You can always get around the fact that these shootings keep happening on your watch, despite your unceasing clamor for more gun control.
Wag your finger at her and tell her how you "did NOT with that woman Then whisper the salacious details of your harassment of Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones, and cap it off with a gory retelling of Juanita Broaddrick,s rape. Mrs. Rolland will no doubt be spellbound.
Buy her a cup of coffee; you can afford it. The Chinese have funneled millions to your re-election campaigns, in exchange for which they now stand poised to launch nuclear missiles at California, using technology you made possible. Oh, and they,re a Most Favored Nation, so they can still sell us slave-made tennis shoes while they,re melting downtown LA into a large glass parking lot.
Tell her about Kosovo. Tell her about Iraq. Tell her about Haiti and Somalia and the Panama Canal. You may want to ignore the fact that 800,000 natives were being slaughtered in Africa, at the same time you were crying crocodile tears about fictional atrocities in the Balkans. And that Christians are being butchered daily in northern Africa by Muslim fanatics while you fiddle. Oh, and the human rights record of your Chinese friends isn,t exactly on Amnesty International,s hit parade.
Explain how Vince Foster shot himself to death, then drove himself to a park in Washington D.C. And how 900 FBI files on your political opponents mysteriously appeared in the White House, right before the Congress abandoned its constitutional duty to check the power of the Chief Executive, and right before the stalwart House leadership vanished like a wraith into the night.
Tell her how the greatest criminal in this country occupies the highest office in the land, and that he lies down with men who are nothing more than apologists for certain preferred ethnic classes. She,ll understand that those men protect their followers from the consequences of their own actions. Actions like becoming addicted to drugs and leaving a loaded and illegal pistol lying where a 6-year-old boy can find it. Give her the rundown on how "It takes a village to raise a child in a crack house, surrounded by welfare leeches and felons, and how your "village managed to look the other way for half a decade of this child,s life.
Remind her that if your Justice Department had enforced the 20,000 gun control laws already on the books, her daughter would still be alive. . You can describe the brutality and malfeasance and cover-ups you engineered in the aftermath of Waco. But make sure you blame her death on the gun and that madman, Wayne La Pierre.
As long as you,re at it, you might as well let her in on the secret: that La Pierre represents a mob of raving, camo-clad rednecks. He,s part of that mythical, faceless "gun lobby you blame every time your nihilistic lunacy breeds another horror. Be sure to describe the NRA as a monolith of evil, pushing its cold-hearted agenda as the victims of mayhem chill in morgue lockers across the country. Don,t mention the fact that the NRA has always and unfailingly called for safe, sane use of firearms and the harshest possible penalties for their misuse. Don,t mention that it,s the Left-wing judiciary that frees felons in fits of misguided compassion, only to watch as they take up illegal arms and kill again. And don,t mention that you continue to nominate such irresponsible judges to the federal bench, and to smear anyone who opposes them. Or that you,re owned body and soul by the Trial Lawyers Association, who -- coincidentally -- contributed heftily to your re-election.
Explain to her that her daughter is dead because a disturbed blob of humanity was thrown into a world far beyond his comprehension, and that the powers that should have contained and defused his inchoate anger were passed out on the couch. The watchdogs from the Department of Social Services were sitting in the break room eating donuts and kvetching about their overwhelming case loads. And the teachers at his school were busy comparing notes on "Heather Has Two Mommies and planning next year,s Kwanzaa festivities. Bring along the rap sheets of the uncles and "cousins and other guests at the child,s flop house so you can explain how repeat offenders and social parasites are the "controlling legal authority over the natural rage of a maligned 6-year-old.
Finally, you can explain to her how this child was supposed to keep his murderous impulses in check at the age of six while you, slightly older chronologically and in a position of ultimate authority, can,t seem to keep your fly buttoned.
By time you,re done with your chat, I,m sure you,ll have convinced her that but for your unbending defense, those crazies from the NRA would have armed everyone but the parish priest, and that La Pierre is Martin Bormann,s understudy. You,ve managed to sell that soap to a lot of muddled Americans already.
On the other hand, maybe Mrs. Rolland will be smart enough to see you for the fraud that you are. Maybe she,ll reject your suggestions and misdirections and come to her own logical conclusions. Her daughter will still be dead, no matter how many platitudes and lies you mouth, and tragically, that one truth will survive your siege. She may realize that she compounds the tragedy when she lets a second-rate hustler like you strangle the liberties of honest citizens in her daughter,s name.
Even with all your posturing, your unctuous riverboat charm, and legions of lackeys pressing your case, it may dawn on her that Wayne La Pierre is right. You ARE willing to exploit any horror to advance your cause. Her daughter,s death has been boiled down to its spin value. And the only redemption you seek is for your stained and sorry legacy.
If she,s astute enough to see through your pose, if her grief hasn,t overwhelmed her reason, if her loss compels her to seek answers instead of hysterically venting, then you,ll be glad you have those Secret Service goons standing nearby. If they,re fast with a handkerchief, they can keep you from getting too embarrassed when Mrs. Rolland spits in your face..
------- "The best weapon of a dictatorship is secrecy, but the best weapon of a democracy should be the weapon of openness." --Niels Bohr (1885-1962) Danish physicist


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