'Whites Get Out -
This Is Are Land'
(From ALA Flyer)

From Rayelan Alan < 3-18-00
Rumor Mill News received this email from a reader regarding our story on the Aztlan Liberation Army:
...that is the most concocted story I ever heard. La RAZA just means the people or the race not a communist action group. As far as that poster is concerned it was probably some dropout kid with time on thier hands. Your story is just another attempt to divide the population of the United States into fearful little groups instead of the Strong Nation that we are.
Marine who served in Viet Nam. Have a good day.
Dear Marine,
You are wrong about my motive and you are wrong about the story.
I am one of the few people who consistantly talks about how the New World Order uses "divide and conquer" techniques to destroy countries.
The best divide and conquer technique being used right now is illegal immigration. Anti-immigrant rage is tearing European countries apart right now. This same kind of anger will soon start tearing the United States apart.
I point these things out in order to awaken people so they are familiar with our enemies' tactics. If you understand your enemy, you can defeat him.
Sadly, La Raza has taken on many different meanings. To some it is only an expression. To others, it has become an loose knit organization. And in certain towns and cities, it has become an organized group.
In the case of the informal, but still organized, groups, many have been infiltrated with ALA "soldiers". Most people who are associated with a La Raza group believe they are working to raise the standard of living for Mexicans living in the United States.
Within these informal "La Raza" groups is a militant group of people who are part of the ALA. They are not working to help Mexican people, they are coordinating and planning a war with Americans.
In many California towns that have a large Mexican population, you will find copies of a newspaper called, "La Raza". Next time you find one, read it carefully. Squeezed between the helpful and uplifting articles you will find bits and pieces that don't seem to fit in or even make sense.
Communicating with covert operatives via newspapers has a long history. The use of the newspaper "La Raza" for this purpose should come as no surprise.
Being a former Marine, do you remember the story of the Marine Sergeant who killed his commanding officer? This happened in California in 1996. When asked why he did it, he replied, "I did it for the Brown side."
When the television media was reporting this story, they reported that the Marine was a member of the ALA, (Aztlan Liberation Army).
I am married to a former Marine who is a Viet Nam combat veteran. He spent 13 months in the jungle with a rifle company. How did you spend your time in Viet Nam?
My former husband was a Navy SEAL who was a POW in Laos. He was attached to the CIA. My first husband, (deceased) was a combat veteran from Korea who became the Dean of Science and Engineering at the Naval Postgraduate School.
I have been around the military my entire life. Because of this, I have many sources from the military and/or intelligence communities. My sources for this information have a track record of accuracy. If they have been accurate in the past.... why would this story be a fake?
Sorry to rattle your cage. But the world isn't the way you think it is. Sometimes there ARE conspiracies. Brutus conspired to killed Caeser. The Sanhedrin conspired to have Jesus crucified. German and Austrians conspired to assassinate Hitler. American Patriots conspired to declare independence from England.
Not all conspiracies are fabricated or concocted. Most have a foundation in fact. However, history is written by the victor. If you win, the conspirator becomes a patriot. If you lose, the conspirator becomes a traitor. Before the war begins, people who point out the conspiracies are labeled "nuts".
Even when their predictions and analyses are proved true, the label of a "conspiracy nut" sticks. The controlled media is a powerful force that shapes the minds of most Americans. As long as the controlled media is the major outlet for America's information, those of us who tell the truth behind the headlines will be labeled, "conspiracy nuts."
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The following email contains a link to a webpage that has a picture of a flyer. The flyer was found in a parking lot in California.
The flyer was distributed by the Aztlan Liberation Army (ALA) --- known in the United States as La Raza.
The Aztlan Liberation Army is a Communist Army funded by the Communist Chinese and Cuba.
They are trained in Mexico by Cubans and Chinese, with a few expatriot Russians and Sandenistas thrown in for flavor.
Their purpose is to declare war on the United States of America and take back the lands that the United States stole from Mexico in 1848.
The Aztlan Liberation Army has millions of sympathetic supporters and/or soldiers in the United States, willing, ready and waiting to assist the Aztlan Liberation Army (ALA) in killing the white pigs and reclaiming what is rightfully theirs.... CALIFORNIA, NEVADA, ARIZONA AND NEW MEXICO.
The soldiers of the ALA are dedicated and well trained.
Some ALA soldiers have been sent to North Africa where they have been trained in the same terrorist schools that have trained Islamic terrorists. They have learned how to bomb cars, government buildings, assassinate goverment leaders, torture and interrogate prisoners. They have learned how to buy nuclear and biological weapons on the black market.
Other ALA soldiers have been sent to Harvard business school where they have been trained in the American way of business. Once they have earned their MBA's they are then sent to school in Cuba to learn how to import drugs into the United States, launder the money through off shore banks and Panama, and invest the laundered money into legitimate businesses in the United States that are owned by ALA soldiers and/or sympathizers.
Other ALA soldiers are sent to Law School, trained in fund raising, legal and illegal; taught how to elect Latinos who will make laws that benefit Mexicans, both legal and illegal.
The soldiers and sympathizers of the ALA truly believe that they will be able to take back the land the United States stole from their ancestors. They are dedicated and fearless fighters. However, what they have not been told by their Cuban and Chinese teachers, is that the ALA is merely the cannon fodder for a much larger plan.
The Chinese are using the ALA and the Cubans. They could care less about Mexican or Latino rights. The Chinese want to eliminate their number one enemy... the United States. With the United States in ruins due to nuclear and biological attacks by the ALA, the Chinese can have their way in the western hemisphere.
Once the United States is in ruins, the soldiers of the ALA will no longer be needed. At this time, all Mexicans and Cubans will be reclassified and put into the same slave labor camps where the remaining whites have been sent.
The Communist Chinese do not plan to share power with the Mexicans. They plan to use them to accomplish Chinese domination of the Western Hemisphere. When this is accomplished, the ALA will be disbanded, killed or enslaved.
The Chinese and the Russians have agreed to split up the world into two parts. Once the United States is destroyed, there will only be two super powers.
Where does the New World Order fit in this scenario?
As long as the NWO controls the financial world, they will control everything that is important to them. The Communists may think that they are in control, but they have been duped and used by the NWO Slave Masters, just as the Chinese used the Aztlan Liberation Army.
What goes around comes around.
However... the Aztlan Liberation Army is getting ready to invade the United States. At the moment, there is an army being trained to wreak chaos and terror on the streets of America.
Last month, former CIA Director, Stansfield Turner was in Costa Rica. It has been reported that he was there on a secret mission. Military equipment, from the United States was discovered in Costa Rica. Is the United States going to assist the ALA in the invasion of the United States? Or is the United States Military setting up a base in order to moniter the ALA?
A few days ago the bodies of two college girls were found in Costa Rica. One of the young women was shot in the head, assassination style. They were found partially disrobed, as if someone wanted their deaths to look like rape.
One of the young women was in Costa Rica as part of a photography project. Was she killed because she was in the wrong place at the wrong time? Did she take pictures that showed things that were supposed to remain secret?
It appears as if there are things going on in Mexico and Central America that are not being reported in the media.
When the wars in Mexico, Central America and the border states, finally break out, just remember that you read it first in Rumor Mill News.


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