Russia In Fierce Warning
Against US
Anti-Missile System

The Russian military on Monday hurled fighting words at the United States over her pursuit to create and implement a national anti-ballistic missile system, Tuesday's WASHINGTON POST is reporting.
POSTIE David Hoffman writes that Russia's first deputy defense minister Nikolai Mikhailov "told reporters that 'our arsenal has such technical capabilities' to 'overcome' any antimissile defenses. 'This technology can realistically be used and will be used if the United States pushes us toward it.'"
In the past few weeks since the Pentagon successfully tested its developing anti-missile system over California coastal waters, the Clinton administration has pursued a diplomatic strategy with Russia in an attempt to retool the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.
According to Hoffman, the Russian strategy to overcome America's ABM system would be to "deploy more nuclear warheads atop its missiles, in the calculation that it could outnumber and penetrate any defensive shield."
Mikhailov warned that Russian nuclear warheads could reach any ABM facility.
The Clinton administration has stated that it will decide next Summer whether or not to pursue a limited anti-missile system -- a move that would force America to either change the 1972 ABM treaty or abandon it.