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From Ian Goddard <>
The federal government's attack on James Sanders and his wife and colleagues in an effort first to prevent the publication of his book...and once that failed to punish him for his efforts by arrest and prosecution... is one of the most egregious and blatant violations of Freedom Of The Press in American history. Sanders' book proposes that the U.S. Navy shotdown TWA Flight 800. Sanders worst "crime" was allowing Flight 800 debris to be subjected to independent testing. Unlike Sanders, the Federal Govt continues to conceal its own test-findings of the same residue Sanders had tested, a "crime" for which he was arrested and prosecuted.
(The Red Residue: The Government has enforced the standard that concealing the evidence is proper and revealing it is a crime.
Even while on probation for his crimes against the cover-up of Flight 800, he's fighting the cover-up with his new website: . The following is an excellent overview of the Federal Govt's merciless criminal persecution of James Sanders:
New TWA 800 Book Shrouded In Secrecy http://newsmax .com/showinsidecover.shtml?a=1999/12/8/93856 12-8-99
Freelance investigative author James Sanders has a new book coming out on the TWA Flight 800 disaster entitled Altered Evidence. But given his recent experience at the hands of federal prosecutors, Sanders has decided to take some extraordinary precautions.
Why? Because, when he penned 1997's The Downing of TWA Flight 800, the Clinton Justice Department went after everybody associated with the book's publication in search of evidence against Sanders and his wife Elizabeth.
In an outrageous breach of his First Amendment guarantees as a working journalist, Sanders was convicted last year of conspiracy to remove evidence from the Calverton, Long Island, hanger where wreckage of TWA 800 had been reassembled.
A TWA employee had voluntarily given Sanders seat fabric from the plane, which he promptly subjected to lab analysis. Tests revealed rocket fuel residue, suggesting that a missile had brought down the ill-fated Boeing 747 just minutes after it took off from JFK International. Because Mrs. Sanders had spoken by phone several times with her husband's source, she was prosecuted as well.
The author gave a preview of his new book's acknowledgments:
"The last time I wrote an acknowledgment to thank those who touched my life in some meaningful way during the investigation of government wrongdoing was March 1997 as The Downing of TWA Flight 800 went to press. Virtually everyone thanked in that acknowledgment, from publisher to agent to friends, soon became victims of federal harassment and intimidation.
"The Justice Department used the book's acknowledgment section as a virtual roadmap to neutralize that which placed them at risk. It has been a long journey from March 1997 to November 1999. My wife Liz and I have survived. Because of the efforts of many people, I have been able to use the ordeal of indictment to accumulate additional, compelling evidence of federal lawlessness and corruption.
"Kensington Publishing was raided by the FBI. The movie producer holding the option on the book was severely leaned on to not go forward with the project [he will not talk to the media]. A letter arrived the next day canceling the contract. My agent faced the real prospect of being indicted as a co-conspirator, had to retain counsel at significant expense.
"Liz's best friend at TWA, listed in the acknowledgments, also had to retain an attorney and negotiated a deal to avoid possible indictment. Virtually everyone at TWA identified as a friend of Liz was subject to interrogation. Senior TWA management was leaned on to fire her. The FBI swept through our neighborhood in Williamsburg, wanting to know if I was ever seen carrying guns outside the home -- shades of Ruby Ridge.
"In summation, it is impossible today in America to publish Altered Evidence without treating everyone involved as a sensitive source requiring journalistic protection."

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