Lawsuit Against
Firearm Industry
Thrown Out of Ohio Court
NRA hails dismissal "with prejudice" as first of many proving lack of merit of suits brought by greedy lawyers and scapegoating Mayors.
(WASHINGTON, DC) - Municipal lawsuits that attempt to hold lawful, legitimate manufacturers liable for criminal misuse of their products have no legal merit. That is the message of today's decision by an Ohio state judge in dismissing with prejudice the suit filed by Cincinnati -- the first such lawsuit to reach court disposition.
UPS To Stop Some Handgun Deliveries 10-7-99
ALLENTOWN, Pa. (Reuters) - United Parcel Service, the world's largest package delivery company, has decided to stop delivering handguns through its ground service, leaving gun manufacturers to scramble for other ways to move merchandise, a Pennsylvania newspaper reported Thursday. The Allentown Morning Call quoted a spokesman for the Atlanta-based company as saying the delivery policy would change Monday to prevent handgun thefts by employees or outsiders. Handgun shipments have been stolen in the past. Company officials were not immediately available to comment on the report.
The newspaper said UPS handles as many as 75 percent of the guns sent from manufacturers to distributors and nearly 99 percent of firearms shipments from distributors to dealers. UPS will continue to accept handguns for delivery by more expensive overnight air routes, to reduce the time the weapons are in the company's possession, the newspaper said. Ground transportation can take as long as six days. Rifles and shotguns, which are harder to conceal, also will continue to be shipped by UPS' brown delivery vans. Gun maker representatives said overnight delivery would increase the costs of shipping weapons four-fold, leaving manufacturers with the choice of finding a more cost-effective alternative or passing higher prices on to customers. The U.S. Postal Service is legally barred from shipping handguns. UPS officials had been discussing the policy revision since the spring, the Morning Call said. A letter dated last Friday and signed by Senior Vice President John Beystehner was mailed to UPS customers who ship handguns.