Ten Year Old California
Boys Accused Of Plotting
School Killings

CARLOTTA, Calif. (Reuters) - Two 10-year old boys have been arrested for an alleged plot to kill a teacher's aide and a student at an elementary school in this small town, police said on Friday.
The boys, who were arrested on Thursday, were also planning to shoot at other students in the classrooms and other areas of Cuddeyback Elementary school, Humboldt County Sheriff Dennis Lewis said in a written statement. Carlotta is about 240 miles northwest of San Francisco.
Both students, whose names were not released due to their age, were booked for conspiracy to commit homicide, to commit assault with a deadly weapon and to shoot into an occupied school, Lewis said.
Police did not say what information they had on the alleged plot, other than saying that sheriff's deputies received information school officials that the children were conspiring to the violence.
The pair were also suspended from school and taken to Juvenile Hall, a center for juveniles who have committed serious crimes, he said.
A rash of recent shootings and threats of bomb and gun violence have plagued schools across the United States, causing officials to step up security at many schools throughout the nation.
7th-Grader Is Arrested With Loaded Handgun At School
By Jackie Powder Maryland Sun Staff
A Meade Middle School seventh-grader was arrested yesterday after the principal confiscated a loaded 9 mm semiautomatic handgun from him in a school lavatory, authorities reported.
No one was injured in the incident -- occurring three days after a seventh-grader at a middle school at Fort Gibson, Okla., opened fire with a gun, wounding four classmates. His weapon also was a 9 mm semiautomatic.
The Meade boy was charged as a juvenile and placed in the custody of the state Department of Juvenile Justice, said Officer Charles Ravenell, a county police spokesman.
School officials were alerted to the gun by another pupil, who told a staff member that a gun was in the first-floor boys' bathroom of the school, on the northern edge of the Fort Meade grounds, authorities said.
In a letter to parents, Principal M. Jacques Smith elaborated, saying, "A teacher immediately checked the bathroom, saw a handgun on the floor of the empty bathroom, and immediately contacted me."
The letter continued: "A single male student with a 9 mm handgun was in the bathroom. The gun was taken from the student without incident.
"In accordance with Board of Education policy, possession of a weapon requires extended suspension with a recommendation for expulsion. County police have charged the student with possession of a loaded handgun."
Smith continued, "Please take this time to talk with your children about the dangers of guns and to emphasize with them that weapons of any kind are not allowed on school property. The safety and security of all of the students and staff remain our primary concern."
Police are continuing an investigation of the incident, including the origin and ownership of the gun, and whether any other student was involved in its turning up at the school, Ravenell said.
He noted that the chamber of the gun had been empty, but that its magazine was loaded with ammunition. He did not know how many rounds it had.
Originally published on Dec 10 1999


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