Cairo Paper 'Al Shaab'
Reports 990's Black
Boxes Were Tampered With
The Cairo Times

"Whatever conclusions that the investigators may draw from the black box, it's unlikely that they will convince everyone. The Islamist-oriented Al Shaab reported that the Americans retrieved the black boxes days after the crash, reprogrammed them, and threw them back in the water."
"Two theories predominate in the Egyptian press, both state-owned and opposition. One is that the Americans are covering up for Boeing. The other is that the American military shot the plane down, either accidentally or deliberately to get rid of 33 Egyptian air force officers who were returning home from training in the United States. Samir Ragab, editor of the semi-official Al Gomhuriya, has suggested either a missile launched from a robotic defense base or "destructive laser weaponry aimed at the aircraft by one of the quarreling US security services..."