A Sheriff's Letter To
Concealed Weapons
Permit Holders
What Does HE Know That We Don't?
From Matt Ridgway <>

A Well-Regulated Militia
From a Letter in July to Concealed Weapons Permit Holders in Sioux County, Iowa, by Jim R. Schwiesow, County sheriff. Harper's magazine, November, 1999.
Dear Concealed Weapons Permit Holder:
These are troubling times. I personally believe that the potential exists for some very trying, perhaps even catastrophic, events to come to pass during the next few years, bringing about lawlessness of a magnitude unprecedented in our memory. And I strongly suspect this may happen within the next six to twelve months. One would have to be totally deluded not to perceive the depravity present in our nation today.
If a catastrophe actually does occur, we will certainly see the collapse of many state and federal agencies, and the fact is, the sheriff's office may need your help. We must be able to rely upon people who are solid, decent-of-character and law-abiding. As a holder of a permit to carry concealed weapons, you have been certified as morally and psychologically fit, and I have faith in your integrity.
I propose to put together a stand-by force composed solely of concealed weapon permit holders. This would be strictly a volunteer pool of trustworthy people that I could summon in dire times. I urge you to give serious consideration to this call. I have provided, with this letter, a short form of acceptance.
Sadly and tragically, this nation has renounced the Christian principles upon which it was founded. Be not deceived, good friends. God will not be mocked. If He withholds His presence from this nation and leaves us to our own devices, we are indeed in deep trouble. And I believe that time is at hand.