Bill To Hillary:
'No Way I'm Going To
Be Your First Lady' -
Divorce Said Coming
Drudge Report *Exclusive*
White House officials are furious that the NATIONAL ENQUIRER is planning to report that Bill and Hillary Clinton are talking divorce!
Tensions escalated after a brutal fight last month in Turkey, where Bill and Hillary were touring earthquake-ravaged areas, says the report.
Next week [12/14] the tabloid will unleash the report with a front page scream exclusive that quotes "family and legal sources".
One senior White House official called the paper earlier this week to express his outrage at the devastating story.
But compounding the matter is the fact that Bill Clinton's private attorney, David Kendall, who is overseeing much of the president and first lady's private legal affairs, is a member of the Washington law firm Williams & Connolly -- a law firm that reviewed the ENQUIRER story on Hillary Clinton's divorce demand!
"It has been legally vetted for accuracy and libel -- from the inside," said one publishing source.
The ENQUIRER story, obtained by the DRUDGE REPORT, runs for pages.
The paper quotes an insider: "It's so frosty at the White House, there are icicles hanging in the First Lady's office."
Hillary is furious, claims the paper, that Bill will not take a back seat to her Senate campaign.
"There's no way I'm going to be your First Lady," the president reportedly roared during the fight in Turkey.
That's when Hillary told him that the marriage is over.
"You'll go down in the history books as the first President to get divorced the day he steps out of the Oval Office," she fumed, according to the report.
It was revealed on Wednesday that Hillary Rodham Clinton will miss next week's ceremony in which her husband will light the National Christmas Tree on the Ellipse in Washington. She will be campaigning in New York City.
The ENQUIRER's sister publication STAR is planning to give the White House a double blast -- it will report that when Hillary moves out of the White House next month to live in New York where she's running for the Senate, she's really walking out on Bill -- with no intention of ever going back.
Fights between the Clintons have been more intense than ever in recent weeks as their marriage dissolves, says the report.
"When Hillary all but announced that she was running for the Senate last week," according to one source close to the First Lady, "it was no slip of the tongue that led her to say, 'I'm going to be moving into my house as soon as the Secret Service tell me it's ready.' She's hinting to the public what's up -- and she's telling Bill, who still doesn't want to hear it.
"But this Senate run is Hillary's way out of a failed marriage. Win or lose, she gets out of it. She may yet decide to use her maiden name, Hillary Rodham, on the ballot instead of Hillary Clinton. She's that serious."
The STAR reports that Hillary's friends in the White House are almost giddy about Hillary being finally free.
"It's like when you've got a friend in a terrible marriage, how relieved you are when they finally smarten up and get out," said one. "You're so happy they saved themselves."
The national soap opera intensifies next week.
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