Hard Evidence Of
JFK Jr Death Coverup
With John Quinn
Monday Night
On Monday, Oct. 18 at 9 PM PDT, Jeff Rense will host a one-hour segment with John Quinn of NewsHawk, Inc., regarding hard evidence now obtained proving JFK Jr. DID make a final radio contact with flight controller personnel on July 16 at 9:39 PM--only MOMENTS before his plane was destroyed, killing all passengers.
We have obtained a tape archive of the July 17 broadcast of WCVB-TV Boston (an ABC affiliate), which at approximately 12:35 PM that day aired Coast Guard Public Information Officer Todd Burgun's original report on JFK Jr.'s communication. The crucial report was thereafter referred to REPEATEDLY by WCVB personnel AND ABC News for several hours and was relayed to some other mass media outlets.
ALSO proven by means of the material evidence obtained is that by Saturday evening, July 17, WCVB and as well as virtually ALL mass media outlets subsequently deliberately falsified records and took other steps to completely remove and cover up news of this radio contact from all reporting of the tragedy.
Irrefutable proof has now been obtained both that Kennedy's radio contact WAS made, AND that news of this radio contact was intentionally expunged and covered up by mass media under orders from the federal government.
The implications of both Kennedy's now-verified radio communication as well as the now-proven cover-up of this crucial fact will be explored in depth on the Sightings program.
Jeff will discuss with John Quinn implications of the WCVB-TV's (Channel 5, Boston) July 17 broadcast, in which the news of JFK Jr.'s 9:39 PM radio communication with flight controller personnel is reported live by Coast Guard Petty Officer Todd Burgun from the U.S. Coast Guard's Boston headquarters.
Burgun makes his report during this broadcast at approximately 12:35, July 17. For the next several hours news anchors at the WCVB refer REPEATEDLY to this important new update and to Burgun's indications the radio call had helped search and rescue operations narrow down the search area significantly; etc.--the whole nine yards.
Further noted was that the call indicated Kennedy was on final approach to the airport.
One of the principal anchors ALSO noted, himself a pilot, said repeatedly the mystery as to WHAT in fact caused the plane's destruction was SIGNIFICANTLY increased, in view of all reasonable implications and indications regarding this CONFIRMED 9:39 radio call.
This anchor was obviously visibly perplexed, even disturbed by the news of the radio contact because it PLAINLY made either fatal pilot error or "accidental", chance catastrophic failure of the craft only seconds later EXTREMELY UNLIKELY; which was indeed indicated by the news anchor(s).
Kennedy's altitude at the time of this contact was reasonable, considering he was on FINAL APPROACH to the airport, a highly pertinent fact which was STRESSED often by the Coast Guard's Todd Burgun. Burgun also stated that such calls are the norm as a pilot is about to begin final approach.
This very important news of JFK Jr.'s 9:39 PM radio call is repeated and discussed CONSTANTLY over the next few hours with never the slightest indication that the crucial report was erroneous.
The archive tape as originally received from Corporate Media Services of Auburn, New Hampshire was CUT just as Burgun started his report and resumed at SIX PM that day--at which time, the first thing news anchors do is vaguely repudiate and deny the fact that there is any PROOF the call, which had just received so much attention from these very same news anchors, was actually made!! HOWEVER, they NEVER simply and plainly SAY that, only that there appears to be no "recording" of the call, so it sort of "doesn't count".
OBVIOUSLY, this information has been COVERED UP by mass media outlets.
However, the UN-CUT archive tape of WCVB-TV's July 17 broadcast has "the whole story", for all the world to see.
Don't miss this extremely important and significant Sightings program on Monday, October 18, at 8 PM Pacific daylight time.
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John Quinn/NewsHawk Inc.