Provable Accusations
Against American
Public Schools
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*If you have kids or are in public school, I urge you to read this all the way through. Every bit of it is the Truth.*
Where do you start if you wanting total control of the minds, bodies and souls of a country? You start with the children.
How do you perform this systematic brainwashing of the children? You first have to start by getting full control of the schools. You have to be able to force the use of your materials, your methods and your value system. Teachers must be indoctrinated in college and enrolled into a strong socialist organization to keep them straight.
The teachers are convinced that top educators and the centralized government know what's best for your children. To handle teachers not indoctrinated, you need to punish those who would rebel, first by controlling their funding and then by passing laws which force them to use your "system".
Next, you make sure that the parents are happy with what you are doing.
HOW? What do you tell the parents? You announce a revolutionary new approach to teaching. You tell the parents that you are going to make dramatic improvements. You use positive, flowery words to put the proper "spin" on what you are doing.
You then tell the parents that this approach will help the children be more tolerant and understanding of others. The chidren will be taught social skills such as conflict resolution, self esteem, etc..
What does that REALLY mean? You teach the children that people have different values and that no set of values is superior, just a different way of looking at things. Christians are no better than Buddhists who are no better than Satanic Cults. It's all just a "different way of viewing the world".
You know that to control people, you have to get them to stop thinking for themselves but to think for the collective good.
How do you do that? You teach the children in groups. You teach only at the level of the least intelligent. The goal is to "dumb down" the children and get them used to working only for the good of "the group".
You stop teaching the traditional subjects in a traditional way. You tell parents that you want their children to learn a "higher order of thinking". This higher order of thinking translates into having the teachers implant the "right value system" into the children. What you want the students to learn is to focus on their emotions and to downplay values and opinions as relative.
What about the parents and their values? The teachers are taught to watch for signs that the parents are resisting or impeding the brainwashing effort. Since you are teaching the children "how to think", they can not pass until they think the way you have taught them.
Whenever actual subjects are taught, it must be taught the "politically correct" way. size=4History books must be rewritten to reflect the view of history you want to implant into the children.
You then use the children as spies for the State against the parents. You develop surveys (and homework assignments) to ask questions concerning the parents like "Do your parents own guns?" "Do they drink too much?" "What do they think about politics?" "What views do they hold which are politically incorrect?"
You then announce a new health screening program which will help guard the children against both physical and mental disease. Why? So you can have professionals "examine" the children in a way which is degrading and embarrasing. You "screen" the children with questions like "Have you ever forced sex on someone?" "Do you ever torture animals?" "Have you ever shot a gun?" "Have you ever started a fire?" All the while you reassure the Parents telling them that you must get their permission even to give their child an aspirin. Parents assume the schools are "overly protective" and that their children's minds and bodies are safe.
This is the basics of how dictatorships brainwash children. Its a good thing it could NEVER happen here. Or could it? Or even worse, has it already started?
1. The federal government of the united States (that's not a typo!) has used force, intimidation, lies, deceit and other methods to get you to pay federal income tax. The fact is that 95% of the people who pay are not even subject to the tax. (Its all in the Code once you find out how to read it and what it means. And it can easily be documented and confirmed.)
2. So the federal government STEALS your money through fraud, deception and threat of force. Then, they offer to give the States money for education, no strings attached. This amount increases steadily until it is a large part of the education budget of the States. Then, they slowly start "attaching strings".
3. At some point they decide to implement their main programs. They have names like "GOALS 2000" (their goal is full control by then), "Outcome Based Education" (you have to think the way they teach or you don't have the right outcome, and "Comprehensive Health Screening Programs". Then they start to run the process EXACTLY AS DESCRIBED ABOVE.
Not in America? Here are some examples:
A. Pana, IL. Once parents found out what was being taught, a total of 46 children removed from school. A petition was signed by 526 parents demanding an end to "Goals 2000" and a return to traditional teaching methods.
B. East Stroudsburg PA, March, 1996. A physician comes to school and orders 59 sixth grade girls to remove their outer garments and wait in line. Several of the girls start crying. The nurse calls them "babies". A number of girls ask to call home first. They were refused. Some were so frightened they tried to escape. A nurse blocked the door, effectively subjecting these sixth graders to false imprisonment. One of the mothers of the victims described the examination:
"The physician put the girls in a room and told them lie down on a table, spread-eagle with nothing covering them...The girls had no idea what they were doing. The doctor didn't talk to them. She just did the genital exam and didn't say one word. All my daughter could do was stare up at the ceiling. And it hurt. It still hurts."
Was this investigated? Yes. However, none of the girls were questioned. What side did the teachers take? They wore blue ribbons as a sign of support for the exams!
C. Pittsburgh, PA: Parents become furious about a comprehensive survey given children at the Gateway School District. In this survey of elementary school students, they were asked questions regarding forced sex, the torture of animals, the use of guns and setting fires. The questions were so upsetting to the 5-10 year olds that many of the children became physically ill, started bed-wetting and having nightmares. At the time this was brought to light, the "survey" had been given to over 1,500 children in the Pittsburgh area. The parents called the teachers communists, socialists and Nazis. (I wonder why?)
Bottom line? This is only a SMALL PART of a MAJOR CONSPIRACY aimed at total control of this country by the federal government and eventually integrating all countries of the world under a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, a.k.a. the New World Order.
Sex education for kindergarteners. Sensitivity training in first grade. Values clarification programs. Body cavity searches for six grade girls (no parental consent and none needed). Sounds like something from Nazi Germary or Stalinist Russia or some other sick, totalitatian regime.
Well, welcome to the US of Amerika.
Not only have they thrown God out of the schools, but now the schools, under the aupices of the NEA, have brought in programs and curriculum designed to make your child the model citizen of the 21st century. Trained, obedient, and servile to their anti-God, anti-Church, anti-parent, anti-moral philosophy. Think I'm a paranoid nut? Read on...
National Education Association & American Federation of Teachers
* Soft-core Porn -
"And so, we have arrived at the point where a teacher who reads out of a Bible will be fired by the school and prosecuted by theAmerican Civil Liberties Union for violation of the First Amendment, while a teacher displaying pornography in the next classroom will be defended by the same organization under the same Amendment."
* Sex education ( -
"Sexuality education must be a fundamental part of the school curricula from kindergarten through twelfth grade in every school district in the country."
* Values clarification ( -
"However, this "values clarification" is never done in a vacuum. There is always a teacher (with the proper Humanist credentials, of course) hovering nearby to "guide" the student into making "responsible social decisions" that support the Humanist population control agenda."
Anti-smoking propaganda: the beginning of a new brainwashing campaign
The following press release was issued to promote anti-smoking tiles on school floors:
BOSTON - (BUSINESS WIRE) -- June 6, 1997 -- US Senator John F. Kerry will join students and principals from the Millis, Mass. public school system at a press conference today to unveil the new and innovative anti-smoking Educational-Tile (TM).
Educational-Tile (TM) is a first-of-its kind durable, wear resistant floor tile that will deliver anti-smoking messages to students with pop-out colors, and magazine quality images. An effective tool in supporting the promotion of anti-tobacco awareness, the Educational-Tile (TM) delivers its message to students of all grades. Educational-Tiles (TM) reinforce the positive life-style of the non-smoker to every student several times each school day.
US Senator John F. Kerry states, "The best way to prevent smoking related illness is to discourage young people from starting to smoke. These anti-smoking Educational-Tiles (TM) are a great way to reach kids and teach them that smoking is bad for them. We need to reinforce the message that kids and cigarettes don't mix."
Students present at the conference will be the winners of a Millis, Mass., school-wide contest. Elementary, middle and high school levels will be represented by these winners. the unveiling will kick off the Millis pilot program, a program that will be expanded nationally over the next year. Negotiations are currently underway with Arizona and Virginia for the Educational_Tile (TM), and preliminary talks have begun with California and Oregon as well. Market Media, Inc., of North Dighton, Mass., the company that produces the patented floor tiles is financing the pilot program.
Think of the possibilities of brainwashing the "kids" to become the model citizens as adults on that our government feels we need to follow!
If you think that it will stop only with smoking and tobacco, you are living in a dream. The propaganda possibilities are endless. What the anti-smokers have wrought will carry on beyond the smoking issue.
A US News and World Report article, "Don't Listen to Miranda,"June 16, 1997 issue states, "Parents: Be on the lookout for Miranda, the toucan. She shows up in Here's Looking at You, 2000, a health curriculum used in several thousand public schools. Because she knows that parents can't be trusted, Miranda encourages children to check the family cupboards for 'poisons,' such as alcohol and tobacco. The busybody curriculum also urges them to confess 'problems at home' by writing secret messages to the teacher."
"Using students to 're-educate' their parents is standard fare now in the schools."
"Working on those 'problems at home' which many schools consider part of their role, is a never-ending task for zealous reformers."
As our politicians continue on a fascist-like path to a forced "health", our freedoms, civil liberties and children are in serious jeopardy.
Every guilty smoker and apathetic nonsmoker that doesn't speak up against this threat to our society is guilty of condoning our governments actions.
If the public doesn't start to take real action and vote the politicians out of office that support this kind of brainwashing, then the quote "the people get the government they deserve" will unfortunately hold true.
"The right to abortion will be guaranteed ... As far as the policy toward the family, it will be recognized for what it is: not some holy or sacred institution to be preserved for all time ... not only will the family be a secondary form for determining children's upbringing, but its influence in promoting conservatism among its members, especially the women and children, will be actively combatted. While the parents will still have significant responsibility for their children, this does not mean they are "theirs," and there will be struggle to prevent parents from imposing old values, and conservative, non-revolutionary thinking generally on the children."
-- Revolutionary Communist Party's New Programme , page 78
Extending State Control. Humanists know that the future of our country rests with our children. Therefore, in order to control the future of our country, they must control the minds of our children. And the easiest way to control our children is to control the schools.
"When an opponent declares, "I will not come over to your side," I calmly say, "Your child belongs to us already ..."" - Adolf Hitler, speaking about the schools and their indoctrination of the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth Corps). Quoted in William Shirer. The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich . New York: Simon & Schuster, 1960. Page 249.