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All is not as it seems! A letter from Seattle
This is a fax (another one) that I sent to the Mayor of Seattle. Top 10 Reasons to Oppose the World Trade Organization Via APFNetwork
Subject: a letter from Seattle Date: Thu, 02 Dec 1999 10:31:10 PST From: Name on file
To Whom It May Concern:
I am a young man living in the Seattle area. I am not going to reveal my name, for reasons that will be obvious.
Several weeks ago I was approached by the representative of a major company. I was offered a lucrative, temporary job as a demonstrator as part of a 'media event' that the company rep said she was involved in planning. I was offered $35 an hour, plus bonuses and meals, for a job that would last a week or so. Being a rather poor college student, I jumped at the offer. I was assured it was all legal. I signed a strict non-disclosure agreement. And I was given a few days paid training. All of this was before I had heard about the upcoming World Trade Organization meeting. In fact, I didn't really know what the WTO was.
In the past few days I have carried protest signs and chanted slogans for various causes - whales, farmers, human rights, rainforests; I have blocked traffic, been shoved, kicked, tear-gassed, arrested (bail promptly paid), worn a panda bear costume, and been on tv; I've been well-fed on steaks and shrimp and pizza; had a hell of a lot of fun; made some good cash money and recieved some merchandise bonuses like vitamins and Pepsi stuff; - and become totally disillusioned with our political system.
The company that hired me is Archer Daniels Midland, but Pepsi was somehow involved, too (and no doubt some others). The demonstrations this past week in Seattle are contrived and manufactured. I'm sure that many of the people out there are sincerely trying to further their cause, but many more are just nuts getting caught up in the moment, and some are paid agitators (like me and about another 100 or so that I know of). I'm not out there anymore, though, I took my cash last night and left, went back to school.
Here's the thing: Have you noticed how the aims of many of the protestors for the most part actually go along with the aims of the WTO and the multi-national corporations? The 'event' is being portrayed as a demonstration against capitalism, but actually is about stricter environment and labor controls, and stricter international standards in many areas. This is the agenda of the WTO and the New World Order. It is all part of the one-world government thing. It is all about more CONTROL over people. When I saw this, I walked away.
All of this should be obvious to thoughtful people, but the media are drooling all over each other covering this story as if it were some kind of spontaneous happening, instead of the staged drama it really is. People think the New World Order is just something some crazy person on the internet thought up, but I first heard it from the mouth of President George Bush years ago. The New World Order is alive and growing.
I just wanted to put the word out on this to counter the prevailing spin. All is not as it seems!
Just Some Guy - a NWO shill
From Ken McCarthy <
"Paid Demonstator" story : highly suspect
"Being a rather poor college student..."
"People think the New World Order is just something some crazy person on the internet thought up, but I first heard it from the mouth of President George Bush years ago."
Years ago? Like when he as 9 years old? Bush hasn't been in office for 8 years. If this kid is in college now, he was just a small child when he "heard" Bush speak about the New World Order. A bit precocious, wouldn't you say?
Also, the writer claims the WTO is for *stricter* environmental and labor laws? That's just plain inaccurate. The whole purpose of the organization appears to be to gut any law that interferes with the business agendas of multinationals, a direct attack on national sovereignty.
I would treat this higly dubious report with maximum skepticism. It appears to be a plant to discourage support for the demonstrators.
I've seen a number of these "eye witness" accounts on the Internet. They're all "written" in a young, hip voice and they all end the same way: "once I saw what phonies/fools the protesters were, I left digusted."
Given the amount of money spent on tear gas and rubber bullets, having a few ringers pumping out bogus "eye witness" accounts would be a minor line item in the budget.
From Ken McCarthy 12-3-99
Just so there's no misunderstanding, I do not doubt for one minute that provocateurs were used by the so called authorities to create the initial mayhem and "justify" the orgy of police violence and terror that followed.
I simply doubt that they ran ads in the newspaper and paid people $35 per hour to pose as demonstrators. Provocatuers come from the ranks of police officers themselves or trusted colleagues for what I think must be obvious reasons.
I also still doubt that a current college aged student "remembers" George Bush's speech mentioning the New World Order from when he was a kid of nine or ten.
The other suspicious e-mail I've seen purports to be from an "unemployed 3D aninimator" who had similar disparaging remarks about the intentions and validity of the demonstrators which he wove into an "eye witness" narrative.
"Unemployed 3D animator" in this job market in 1999?
What's the old joke? "You couldn't get laid if you were a warden with a fist full of pardons in a woman's prison." Any 3D animator who can't find a job in today's market should start think about calling himself something else. It's a very sloppy digital disguise.
Also notice how all these e-mails circulate with no return address of author.
Your tax dollars at work.


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