Three Students Wounded
In Oklahoma School Shooting
By Ben Fenwick

OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuters) - Three students were shot and wounded on Monday when a fellow-student opened fire with a gun outside a small-town middle school in Fort Gibson, eastern Oklahoma, police said.
The suspected shooter, who began firing randomly as students gathered outside Fort Gibson Middle School for the start of classes at about 7:45 a.m. (8:45 a.m. EST), has been taken into custody by police.
Officials said the wounded students were two boys and a girl, aged 12 or 13.
Oklahoma City TV station KWTV said one boy was shot in the leg, the other was hit in the forearm and the girl was shot in the cheek.
Other television reports said the girl's injuries were more severe and she was flown by helicopter to a Tulsa hospital, 50 miles away. The two boys were taken by ambulance to a hospital in Muskogee, about 10 miles away.
``The students were gathered outside. Another student just walked up and fired on them,'' Fort Gibson Public Schools superintendent Steve Wilmoth said on KWTV.
``From what I know at this time, it seems to be a random thing,'' he said.
Fort Gibson is a town of about 3,500 people 50 miles southeast of Tulsa. The school has about 450 pupils in grades 6, 7 and 8, school officials said.
``It's a very close-knit community,'' Wilmoth said.
Monday's shooting was the latest in a series of school gun attacks in the United States. In April two students killed 13 people before shooting themselves at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado in the deadliest U.S. school shooting.
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