Murder In The Gold
Market - Billionaire's
Mysterious Death
By Sherman H. Skolnick <>

By Sherman H. Skolnick < 1
Since my original story about the strange death of Edmond J. Safra, it was announced as if the matter is closed by the alleged confession of Safra's male nurse, stating that the nurse supposedly set the fire himself.
Please note: the Monaco police are puzzled by the following:
(1) The male nurse was hired 5 months previous. (That puts it about the time the Bank of England together with Safra's bank empire were implicated reportedly in a plot to force down the price of gold.)
(2) The Monaco police are puzzled after a psychiatric study of the male nurse. He was hired at the huge sum of 600 dollars PER DAY. YET, the male nurse was apparently known to being deranged, and unstable. He was formerly part of secret operations as with the U.S. Green Berets. Possibly, as a reported "hit" team.
(3) Under these circumstances, the police and others are pondering whether some criminal gang, such as the Russian mafiya, who had grievances against Banker Safra, arranged to plant the "male nurse" in Safra's dwelling to arrange whatever caused his death. This also opens the matter to some discussion that this "male nurse" was prepared to take the rap, or be the patsy, if his story unraveled. Can they prosecute him if he is a "mental case"? In the U.S., such a criminal suspect or defendant is sent away for "treatment" rather than put on trial. And more, was the "male nurse" planted by some intelligence agency having a motive, as in my earlier story, to snuff out banker Safra?
(4) the monopoly press, having down-played or left out entirely these details, gives the false impression it is a simple matter and the case is closed. NOT SO.
The founder and major owner of an international financial empire, active in clandestine gold trading, was murdered. This occurred at a key point in the gold market.
Highly secretive, Edmond J. Safra died in a pre-dawn incident when two alleged masked intruders reportedly got into the heavily-secure building in Monaco, and started a fire in or near his two-story penthouse apartment. His copper-domed dwelling is atop a six-story pink stucco building containing the branch of the bank he founded and of which he was the major owner, the Republic National Bank of New York and its subsidiaries such as Safra Republic Holdings of Luxembourg. He lived a short distance from the Grimaldi family royal palace and the Monte Carlo Casino.
Safra was officially a resident of the tax-haven principality notorious for its gold smuggling and its shoreline docks and warehouses used to transfer contraband worldwide. [SEE FOOTNOTE ONE.] Ships, some reportedly without names or identification, load and unload there.
Monaco police are puzzled as to the apparent absence of his bodyguard. Was it an inside job? Safra died, suffocated from the blaze. Was the latest arson ingredient used, namely, rocket propellant, which burns furiously and rapidly leaving little trace?
Formed in 1966, Safra's banking and precious metals empire was founded and built primarily after the creation of the State of Israel, by Safra acting as the savvy money laundry expert for wealthy Sephardic Jews desiring to extract their fortunes as they were fleeing Arab countries where they resided. Safra was reportedly an expert on gold smuggling and the use of the precious metal in secret financing of covert operations, such as political assassinations, by intelligence agencies, such as the American CIA. [SEE FOOTNOTE TWO.]
During 1999, gold bullion had declined to about 252 dollars per ounce, a record low in recent years, more than 30 dollars per oounce below the COST OF PRODUCTION of the most efficient gold mines, those in Canada. South African mines, going so deep in the earth and costly producers, complained they were being ruined. One such mine went into bankruptcy.
Gold bullion prices had a momentous upswing after September, 1999, when most of the European Central Banks made a surprise announcement that they are deferring for five years dumping of gold which previously they had done, supposedly because they did not like to have gold in their reserves anymore. Just prior to that, the Bank of England held a gold auction supposedly of some of its reserves. Actually, the Bank of England was offering gold owned only on paper, not actual gold in their possession. Upon the downfall of the Soviets, corrupt former Commissars stole thousands of tons of the Soviet gold treasury and made a crooked deal with the Dutch beholden to the Vatican.
A Dutch bank octopus, Algemene Bank Nederland, ABN, has reportedly been using that stolen gold to buy numerous banks in 15 U.S. cities. ABN's American flagship is La Salle National Bank of Chicago, a long notorious haven for secret accounts to bribe state and federal judges through offshore fund parking.
The Dutch parked this former Soviet gold at or near an airport in Switzerland, for swift, clandestine shipments anywhere on the globe.
Basically, the Bank of England was thus offering by auction Soviet gold they did not own. When currency and gold pirate, George Soros, found out, he began an attack on the Bank of England, whereby gold shot up to almost 330 dollars per ounce. This was caused, in part, by Soros pressing for actual DELIVERY of the gold offered by the Bank of England, on paper, sold to Soros and others. The possibility of demand for DELIVERY is a key part of commodity trading, although actual delivery is seldom demanded. Caught in the middle of the squeezing of the Bank of England and other "short sellers", those selling borrowed or stolen gold not yet in their possession, was reportedly Republic National Bank and Safra's gang of gold smugglers and worldwide criminals.
One well-informed commentator on the rigging of the gold market, calling his essay "I Accuse", said the Republic National Bank was part of an anti-trust monopoly fraudulently forcing down the price of gold, damaging gold mine shareholders and various smaller nations. [SEE FOOTNOTE THREE.]
NO HONOR AMONG THESE THIEVES! Thus using his inside knowledge, George Soros launched his attack thereby fingering and blackmailing the criminal operations of the Bank of England and an accomplice, Goldman Sachs brokerage. Realizing gold is the "killer metal", and his opponents were relying on stolen gold not in their possession, Soros apparently was using the two-faced Safra and Safra's reported precious metals assassins.
Entering into this picture was Alan Greenspan and his highly conspiratorial PRIVATE BANK called the Federal Reserve, used in efforts to rescue those caught in the short selling trap worked by Soros. Soros was demanding huge DELIVERY from Goldman Sachs, a major gold contract peddler. To force down the price of gold by criminal means, Goldman Sachs and others had sold short subject to DELIVERY, the equivalent of TEN YEARS OF GOLDMINE PRODUCTION worldwide. And Safra and gang were in the middle. A default of a short selling contract results in the "long" buyer owning everything of the short seller. Soros was about to own Goldman Sachs and have an armlock on the Bank of England.
So Goldman Sachs reportedly was considering the invoking of a seldom-used contract provision, "force majeure", that an Act of God, horrendous storm, or such, made fulfilling the gold contract impossible. Of course, under the facts, this would be a ridiculous assertion by Goldman Sachs as aided by Greenspan. [Critics call him REDSPAN, since he acts like a rotten Soviet Commissar.]
To again fraudulently force down the price of gold, in December, 1999, the Bank of England conducted another "phantom" gold auction, purporting to sell what they did not possess. That is, the gold stolen by the Moscow criminals and handled by the Dutch with the aid of the Vatican and the Swiss. Just as gold started to collapse again, Edmond J. Safra was murdered.
Not the first time such an assassination happened. At a key point in gold treachery in the 1970s, a major gold promoter, who tangled with the paper-money crowd like the Rockefellers, was thrown to his death from the window of a building in Indianapolis, Indiana.
A flood of stories has developed. Such as, Safra was murdered by the Russian mafiya, because he double-crossed them on Russian ruble gambling. And that Safra's gang were going to finger the Russians with specifics of how the Moscow bandits embezzled billions of dollars from U.S. foreign aid and the International Monetary Fund, and others, and reportedly washed the sums through Safra's money ships.
Then there are the stories that the accused dope money laundry, Bancomer, a Mexican bank empire now spread out across the world, was reportedly criminally implicated with Safra and gang. And this, jointly with the money laundry experts disguising dope money as "soybeans" and "foreign currency" and "gold" dealing, on the Chicago Board of Trade, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Stock Exchange, and the Chicago Board Options Exchange.
The more likely explanation? That the French CIA, operating in their neighbor Monaco, snuffed out Safra. Remember, the French are great fanciers of gold. When real problems develop in Monaco, the authorities there somehow call up on their neighbor, the French police. Yet, in Monaco they have some 300 police officers for about 25,000 residents---a higher proportion than in nearby Nice, France. Once in a position with the secret political police to understand such things, Safra doesn't laugh anymore. Ha! Ha!
Princess Grace, once a movie star called Grace Kelly, then becoming wife of Grimaldi, the Monaco royal family, was murdered in a sabotaged car crash on a hill between Monaco and France. Some claim she was silenced. She apparently spoke too much about the traditional Italian and Sicilian mafia and their use of the warehouses on the Monaco shoreline and gold smuggling. Also: "Founding Father" Joseph P. Kennedy, of the Kennedy clan, lived in Monaco late in his life to be able to work secretive gold deals for his family in the U.S. where up to 1975, gold ownership by U.S. citizens was against federal law.
In 1995 we taped a one hour TV Show, part on-location, regarding a former member of the London Gold Pool, John Tarullo and his links to the highly corrupt First National Bank of Cicero. Tarullo was tightly wound into that bank, the dominant figure of which has been Bishop Paul Marcinkus, up to 1991, head of the Vatican Bank. Now in the U.S., Marcinkus is wanted in Italy on charges of gold smuggling and dirty money washing through the Vatican Bank jointly with the American CIA and the tradiitonal mafia. Marcinkus, protects himself with his Vatican passport. He was originally from the long notorious Chicago mafia-enclave suburb of Cicero, Al Capone land. For many years, Tarullo, as he admitted to us, lived near that Bank, was active there, and arranged worldwide clandestine gold deals for the American CIA and others in the secret political police. [Sort of like Edmond J. Safra.] Tarullo was found murdered on the day in August, 1995, when our public access Cable TV show was aired.
As to the "I Accuse" accusations against Goldman Sachs, Republic National Bank, Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank, and others, criminally manipulating gold. See: Ted Butler's "I Accuse". digest 99/butler112299.html Posted by Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee Inc.
Since 1958, Mr. Skolnick has been a court reformer. Since 1963, founder/chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, disclosing certain instances of judicial and other bribery and political murders. Since 1991 regular panelist, since 1995 moderator/producer, "Broadsides" public access Cable TV Show, cablecast in Chicago, each Monday, 9 p.m., Channel 21 Cable. For heavy packet of our printed stories: Send $5.00 [U.S. Funds] and stamped self-addressed business sized envelope WITH THREE STAMPS ON IT, to Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick, Chairman, 9800 So. Oglesby Ave., Chicago, IL 60617-4870. Office, 8 a.m. to midnight, 7 days: (773) 375-5741 [PLEASE, no "just routine" calls]. Before sending FAX, call us. Website: [NOTE "s" after name in URL]. e-mail:


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