Another CIA Man
In The Media?
From Gregory Burnham <>
Ben Bradlee and his wife Toni were probably closer to Jack and Jackie Kennedy than any other "couple" -- Mary Meyer, Ben's sister in law, was married to CIA man: Cord Meyer. Mary was among the several score of alleged "extra-marital romances" attributed to JFK.
She was later found murdered.
Benjamin Bradlee went on to become the head of the Washington Post. In the early 1970's two of his reporters WOODWARD and BERNSTIEN broke the story that exposed the WATERGATE break-in, the plumbers, CREEP, and eventually culminated in FORD granting a pardon to NIXON-- (of course Nixon had resigned first, but THAT was not the "end of it"). The end came when Ford shut the book on that case and prevented the prosecution of the guilty party by granting a pardon to the main suspect, Richard M. Nixon.
Well, it turns out that Benjamin Bradlee was a CIA Operative, himself! In the early 50's he was working with CIA's Station Chief in Paris...
Gee, I wonder if Jack knew?
Greg Burnham
Office Memorandum United States Government
Date: 12/13/52
Subject: Rosenberg case
On December 13, 1952 a Mr. Benjamin Bradlee called and informed me that he was Press Attache with the American embassy in Paris, that he had left Paris last night and arrived here this morning. He advised me that he was a former Federal Court Reporter for the Washington Post and that he was sent here to look at the Rosenberg file in order to answer the Communist propaganda about the Rosenberg case in the Paris newspapers.
He advised me that it was an urgent matter and that he had to return to Paris Monday night. He further advised that he was sent here by Robert Thayer, who is the head of the C.I.A. in Paris.
His phone number here was Rhinelander 4-2595.
After conferring with you I advised Mr. Bradlee that before we could allow him to examine the file in the Rosenberg case, we would have to get clearance from the Department of Justice in Washington.
He stated that he was supposed to have been met by a representative of the C.I.A. at the airport but missed connections.
He has been trying to get in touch with Allen Dulles but has been unable to do so. I advised him to call the State Department in Washington, and to have them get the Department of Justice in Washington to get clearance for us to allow him to look at the Rosenberg file.
Mr. Bradley advised me that he would probably call you first to find out if he could look at the matters in the file which were public record, and if not would follow my suggestion about calling the C.I.A. or the State Department in Washington.
Handwritten addendum:
12/13/52 Mr. Bradlee displayed his credentials and desired to look thru the official public record of the trial. Mr. Maran brought it up. Mr. Bradlee worked on the record from 2:30 - 6:30.