FBI 'Project Megiddo'
Blasted As
By J.J. Johnson <>

To: The Federal Bureau of Investigation Re: Project Megiddo
I am taking the liberty to speak on behalf of all the groups, institutions, and individuals named in your public document entitled "Project Megiddo. I am not a member of any of them per se, nor was I elected to do so. But as your project and the recent media stories that accompany your infamous meeting in Charlotte, NC demands a response in kind, I feel there will be little or no disagreement [from those I speak for] with the remainder of this statement.
Feel free to use this document as part of your ongoing propaganda.
For the past two weeks, it wasn't a matter of responding, but to whom this letter should be written. I thought at first to address the Police Chiefs themselves, the media, or the select non-governmental organizations who obviously conspired with you in slandering so many innocent people. But after reading "Project Megiddo" from your website and much contemplation, our response would be best served to you, and to a candid world.
At first glance, I found your thesis so unbelievable, I waited for a retraction. With none given, we must conclude this to be the "official policy of the FBI, hence the Federal Government. It would show more respect if you would just admit that Bible believers (especially New Testament believers) are a threat to National Security at year's end.
Any worded response will simply be used as more propaganda against us. You have masterfully set the stage for violence at the turn of the century. Even if an illegal assault by law enforcement (most of whom will be on duty at that time) against us is met with lawful resistance, it will be used to confirm all the propaganda, and justify more drastic actions to be taken against us.
We are in a box. We have been cornered. We have been ambushed. Most would think the only way a person could distance themselves from this perceived "threat would be to distance ourselves from our own religious beliefs; to denounce our Biblical teachings; to deny what we know is true, and to swear blind allegiance to what our Holy Scriptures call evil.
Let us first state that your project will fail (It has been written). It is failing already. In fact, your report, Project Megiddo has been our greatest recruitment asset since April 19, 1993. Project Megiddo is being distributed (in it's entirety) to priests, ministers, pastors, and subsequently, their congregations. Many have prepared. Many more will. They will prepare and stand against you because you have proven yourselves to be the enemy to Christian people beyond any reasonable doubt, and therefore the enemy to the vast majority of the people of this nation.
Our sources inform us that morale at the FBI is at an all-time low. There is dissension among the ranks. The stained image you have given yourselves over the last 7 years, the growing distrust both inside and outside your agency, and now being asked to stand behind Project Megiddo. No wonder so many local police want nothing to do with your or your domestic terrorism activities. They are learning, like many us of already know, who the real terrorists are. Respect for the FBI and the Justice Department has all but hit bottom. So, for those of you in the FBI who are now considering resigning and removing yourselves from what has become a rogue agency, you will find friends in the civilian population. But you should make your resignations public, and as soon as possible. For after Jan 1, 2000 - this "olive branch will be removed from the eagle's talon.
To the remainder of you (and your minions), we fully expect violence to occur around Y2K, but we expect it to come from you. Yes, we fully expect you to initiate force against us or some other innocent bystanders. You will then, of course blame us. You will deionize us further. There will be calls for our incarceration. Our weapons. Even our deaths. We expect all of this. We have made peace with our Lord, and ourselves on this issue. You will then attempt to carry out the wishes of a government gone mad.
If the above actions are carried out against us, words such as terrorist, hate-monger, extremist, etc. will no longer have meaning to us. WE WILL HAVE NOTHING LEFT TO LOOSE. History has shown that these types of people are the most difficult to subdue. History has also shown that upon such oppression, the oppressed are known to retaliate against those who falsely pointed fingers. Remember: They had nothing left to loose. Due to your dubious "insta-check program, you should know what we already know: You are out numbered.
We will not surrender our Faiths. We will not surrender our Constitution. We will not surrender our Sovereignty. We will not surrender our weapons, our food or our homes. And we will not fix your stupid computers. And yes, America (especially Christians) will hopefully withdraw its cash from your banks by the end of the year, and if that destroys your banking system, wellthat's just not our problem.
That's what you're really afraid of, isn't it?
We know the IRS expects millions of non-filers next year. We know they,re been hiring hundreds to work in their Criminal Investigations Division. We know what you,re training them for. Forget it. When all these Bible-believers who once believed your lies about us see what you have to say about them, they won't pay you any blood money either.
You have, in fact, painted yourselves into your own box. While you,re watching us, you won't be watching the people who will simply take their phones off the hook at midnight on New Year,s Day. You won't be watching all the computer hackers draining funds from all those accounts. And you won't be around to deal with any social chaos - all because you will do as you are told - keep an eye on those Christians. Remember that article "Terms of Surrender that made many of you so nervous? Well, you never surrendered. You never met any of the terms. Now, you must face the music.
Yes, we are a threat to the NEW WORLD ORDER. We are a threat to bar-code tattoos. We are a threat to global governance. We are a threat to your new-age paganism. We are a threat to your cashless society. We are a threat to your public brainwashing school system. We are a threat to your relevance on society. We are a threat to your illegal control of this nation - and the world. We are the people that will expose you. We are the people who would rather stand, fight, and die than follow your path.
We will not surrender, period. No matter how many of us you jail, kill or deionize. Check your history. Even feeding us to the lions didn't work. So, save us your "hate speech. The American Christian Community (that sleeping giant) has been awakened. We will stand against you. We will be victorious. We will survive. How do we know? It's already been written. So is everything else you will try to use against us. While you,re busy wearing out copies of the Turner Diaries, try reading the Bible (you,ll find the last chapter very disturbing - your side looses). After that, go get a copy of "Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand), Unintended Consequences (John Ross), "The Mitzvah (Neil & Zellman) or maybe even "Cracking the Liberty Bell (J.J. Johnson). Then you can better understand what you,re really up against.
With Project Megiddo, you have finally pulled off your masks, just like King George of England in the 18th century. Today, we have a population better armed and prepared than those who won this nation,s Liberty. Thus, on behalf of all of us, I will finish this response with the same battle cry that defeated such tyranny:
(That should raise your blood pressure)
Waiting for the ball to drop,
J.J. Johnson
P.S. You will have to kill all of us.
"Terms of Surrender" can be found at: