Return Of The Big
Cover-Up In Israel

By Barry Chamish
Today was supposed to be special. This was to be the day that Israel's only secular alternative newspaper, Makor Rishon, returned to life. And to celebrate its revival, Makor Rishon was going to expose the full extent of the Rabin assassination coverup in detail.
And indeed, the newspaper was printed and a six page article written by Tsur Ehrlich about my work did appear with the headline, Khaver Ani Khoker; Friend, I'm Investigating. The radio commercials were broadcast this morning declaring the revival of Makor Rishon and proudly announcing that its feature article was a focus on my latest Rabin revelations. But at 10:30 this morning Tsur phoned to say, "We're not sure what happened yet, but the paper wasn't distributed."
"What do you mean?" I asked. "What happened to the copies?" "We really don't know yet. They could all have been trashed by the distributors."
"Do you think it's because of the Rabin expose?"
"Not very likely. We think the distributors are taking revenge for old debts."
So, I make no claims that the authorities suppressed the issue. Still I have my suspicions and here is why:
For the past month I have suffered one media disappointment after another. Every time it looks like I will finally be given a widespread forum to present the facts to the public, something comes up at the last minute to wipe out the opportunity. Two examples: three weeks ago I was filmed at length by the Channel Two morning program, Coffee Time, only to have my segment nixed from the show minutes before air-time. The next week, I was invited to appear on the Channel One program Politika. The producer came in the morning to interview me and by 4:30 in the afternoon, he called to say he was told to cancel my appearance because a balancing opinion could not be found.
The powers that be have been doing a marvelous job of repression in the past two weeks. Barely a fortnight ago, the Rabin family called for a reinvestigation of the Rabin murder and the media was forced to report that the circumstances of the assassination didn't add up. Then suddenly there was nothing. Rabin's children and wife were no longer newsworthy and the truth was stopped in its tracks.
So here I am, giving you some of the new revelations that you will not have a chance to read in Makor Rishon today and that you will never read in the mainstream media. I am very grateful to several of my correspondents for pitching in to spread this letter as widely as possible. Most of you reading this are concerned correspondents who have long ago asked to be updated on my work. Some of you are friends of my regular correspondents who recommended you as recipients in an attempt to fight the media suppression through an alternative e-mail network.
A mere five years ago, the Rabin assassination coverup would have failed. Then came the Internet. Because of you fine folks spreading the truth, the latest polls (Gallup, Jerusalem Post) show that some 65% of Israelis want Rabin's murder reinvestigated. And these people have bought my book Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin by the thousands and made it number three on the Yediot Ahronot bestselling Israeli books list last week.
So let's have a look at some new developments.
* One of the most intrepid truthseekers has been Asher Zuckerman, editor of the religious newspaper Kol Hashavuah. He just broke the disturbing report on the condition of the head of the surgical team which operated on Rabin, Dr. Mordechai Gutman. For those unfamiliar with the medical inconsistencies of the Rabin murder, according to the State Pathologist's report and the findings of the Shamgar Commission, Rabin was shot twice in the back and was not inflicted with any spinal wounds. Dr. Gutman's notes reveal that Rabin was shot once frontally and that two vertebrae were shattered. For the past five weeks Dr. Gutman has been incarcerated in Tel Hashomer Hospital with headaches that have all but incapacitated him. His doctors have sent his test results to hospitals around the world and cannot find the cause of his debilitating affliction.
* At a recent lecture, a member of the audience asked to speak with me privately and requested that I do not reveal his name. He opened my Hebrew book to the page where I presented the report on Hagai Amir's weapons from police ballistics laboratory. Hagai Amir was imprisoned for keeping an arsenal of weapons in his home and for giving his brother Yigal the bullets which supposedly murdered Rabin. Included in the armory was a pistol whose serial number was noted.
The audience member took out his own weapon and asked me to read the serial number. It was the very same number as Hagai Amir's pistol. How could that be, I asked? He explained, "The night after the murder, the Shabak raided my house and took my gun and bullets. They had to have handed them over to the police, claiming they actually belonged to Hagai Amir."
* Remember Rabin's blood-soaked song sheet held by Eitan Haber at his funeral? The week after the murder, a local Ashdod newspaper interviewed a hospital worker who insisted that he saw the songsheet fall out of Rabin's jacket pocket and that there was no blood on it. The implication is that after Haber absconded with the sheet from Ichilov, the blood was deliberately stained on the paper.
* In a profound piece of detective work, Dr. David Chen discovered the identities of one doctor and two paramedics who sat in an ambulance not twelve feet away from where Rabin was shot by Amir's blank bullets. After the first shot was heard, they ran towards Rabin and were physically prevented from reaching him by Rabin's bodyguards. The doctor was actually forced to the ground.
* Last Friday I appeared in a discussion group with Knesset members Michael Eitan, Nomi Blumenthal and Gideon Ezra. Former Shabak Deputy Chief Ezra was challenged by attorney Mordechai Mintzer to explain the twelve year incarceration of the Kahalani brothers. He replied thatthey were dangerous terrorists who were planning to mass murder Arabs. I said to him, "I have a report from the police ballistics laboratory from the night before the weapons were discovered in the Kahalani brothers' possession. The police had the rifles and therefore planted them the next day, not in their car but in a vehicle owned by a Shabak agent named Yves Tibi. The Kahalani brothers were set up and I can prove it." Ezra answered, "That's clear," and then stopped himself. Draw your own conclusions. The audience of 300 had no trouble doing so.
These are some of the facts the Israeli media is hiding from you. This week, however, presents a unique opportunity to create a situation where they can do so no more. On Thursday, Dec. 16, at 8:30 AM, in the Beit Mishpat Leshalom in Jerusalem, at the Russian Compound, the Shabak provocateur Avishai Raviv's trial begins. The newsmagazine Kol Ha'ir reported that Raviv was offered a generous deal if he confessed to failing to prevent Rabin's murder, and he turned it down.
And why shouldn't he? A minute after Amir's shots, Raviv called the beeper phones of over 30 reporters and announced, "We missed this time, but next time we'll get Rabin." A minute later, a Maariv reporter called back and Raviv gave out Yigal Amir's details, forty minutes before Amir's name was announced to the public. Raviv is innocent of the charge that he didn't prevent Rabin's murder. He knew of a fake murder attempt, not a genuine killing.
It looks like Raviv will fight for his innocence and the prosecution will do all in its power to prevent him from having a fair trial. It is vital that anyone concerned for Israel's democracy sit in the courtroom as witnesses. Only by doing so, is there a faint possibility that the trial won't turn into a judicial farce. Recall that twice before, Raviv's hearing was postponed. Before arriving, it might be wise to phone the court spokesperson and doublecheck that the proceedings will take place. Call Yochi at 02 6706411.
Finally, the English version of Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin is sold out in Israel. So David Perkins flew to Los Angeles to buy out the publisher's stock to be sold through the Zionist Book Club. He'll be back just in time for Raviv's trial with, hopefully, 1500 copies following him. Contact him at
As usual, the Hebrew and Russian editions are available from Gefen Books. Write or call 02 5380247 and the French edition is available by writing
And you might like to go into the Talk Back section of for the latest information on the assassination from sources worldwide. If you are interested in acquiring the Makor Rishon article that will never hit the stands, the author Tsur Ehrlich's phone is 02 5904051.

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