Most Israeli PMs Said
To Have Been Diagnosed
Mental Patients
Dear Rumor Mill News Readers,
For many months now I have been sending alerts to people in Israel, warning them about a Manchurian Candidate, probably a Christian Millinnealist, who is in Israel to provoke Armageddon on New Year's Eve or right around that time.
Today, I received a copy of a report from Barry Chamish, who happens to be the first person I warned when I first discovered this plot.
Karolyn Martin forwarded it to me. If you want to be on the most extensive news email list around, email Karolyn and get on hers. You will be amazed. You had better create an email address for Karolyn alone, because your mail box will get very full.
This is the part of the following article by Barry Chamis that distresses me:
Barak suffers ....from grandiosity and as such he too may be most dangerous to the state. His morbid aspirations to total power and control are pathological (he also used the same terms about Peres). In the jargon, he is untreatable. The Mossad keeps a most detailed psychological profile on each PM...
Could Prime Minister Barak be the Manchurian Candidate the Israeli Mossad is looking for?
From: Barry Chamish < To: Karolyn Martin < Date: Thursday, November 25, 1999 8:18 AM Subject: Psychos
Fascinating insider correspondence. ..Barry
You may like to know that most of our PMs were fully diagnosed mental patients of one description or another. I just had a long chat with an Israeli psychiatrist, "attached to the PM office" shall we say. He's in his mid 60s and worked with many PMs. He told me Ben Gurion suffered from grandiose hallucinations while his wife Pola was a inveterate kleptomaniac, nebbish. "Sarale" on the other hand, of the Netanyahu fame, was twice hospitalised under psychiatric order at Shalvata, with nervous breakdowns.
Begin was a diagnosed manic-depressive disorder and was in and out of hospitals very often. He would usually be admitted to "Chirurgia" or "Pnimit" but his real treatment was for manic episodes. His famous unintelligible speech on top of the Baufort in Lebanon was made under a severe manic attack, with all the famous disassociated and senseless sentences. The Golan Law was dreamed and put into action under a similar condition, when he convened the entire cabinet round his bed in hospital to vote on it. During his "depressive" spells he was a recluse. It's true he later suffered heart attacks but his real hospitalizations were for his mental condition. Last years of his life he suffered from dementia.
Rabin was, unknowingly to himself for many years, clinically depressed - even before he was Chief of Staff. Only as an ambassador to Washington was his condition diagnosed and he was thereafter treated with Lithium. He tried unknowingly to cure himself with the "bottle" but reduced the intake when he started taking Lithium. When he had his famous breakdown during the 6 Day War he didn't know the cause of it. In the last years he returned to drinking and heavy smoking with a vengeance. Lithium was also the reason for his famous 'staccato' speech. He was most depressed during the last months of his life when the "country" didn't follow him on the road to piece and many insiders worried he might change course or dramatically slow down the process.
Eshkol was a narcissistic "puppet" who needed to follow instructions from Sde Boker. Expectedly, he married a beautiful and much younger wife due to his condition.
Golda was the archetype "idishe mamma" with an iron cast will and hatred of men. She needed, but kept at arm-length, a figure like Galili, who could have by right become himself the top man but didn't have it in himself to become one.
Alon was "the father figure" who didn't have knives sharp enough to carve his way to the top either. He as much as gave up politics and became a "statesman" after he suffered his first stroke.
Interestingly, Peres is the eternal "Cain" son, who perpetually subverts and undermines everybody. He studied closely and learned well the cases of Alon and Dayan, but he never matured.
Dayan, for all his charisma, lacked real backbone, or principles, and that was his major undoing. He was an incorrigible sexual "maniac" who would sacrifice, earlier in his life, state affairs for a quick fix.
Peres learned that too, and although he wasn't a saint either in his younger days in Paris, political issues didn't suffer because of that. According to the psychiatrist, Peres doesn't really hold any vision or principle of his own, everything he utters is learned, read and recycled. He had managed to betray every single person he came in contact throughout his life, including "the old man" and his long time wife, Sonia, neither of whom would even speak to him. He thinks Israel was within a whisker of having the most dangerous PM yet in Peres. He "doesn't know" what was the reason for Peres' ultimate downfall.
The psychiatrist doesn't work there anymore but tells me that Barak suffers, like "the old man" did, from grandiosity and as such he too may be most dangerous to the state. His morbid aspirations to total power and control are pathological (he also used the same terms about Peres). In the jargon, he is untreatable.
The Mossad keeps a most detailed psychological profile on each PM and you can publicly see and read about its activities, according to the PM in power at the time. During Ben Gurion, Golda, Begin and Netanyahu's tenures Mossad was more active, during Sharet, Eshkol, Shamir and Rabin less so. Funnily enough (I said) during the latter PMs it was the GSS who was more active. He said: "Hm, interesting. Introvert and extrovert".
I hope better days are in store for us. Best ---


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