John Lennon Said Turned
Into New World Order Patsy
By Barry Chamish

Yoko Ono arrived in Israel last week and initiated the most publicized cultural event in years. She opened her "art" exhibit in an obscure Arab town called Um Al Fahd, whose only only claim to fame is a roadside cafe with decent grilled lamb, as a statement for peace and the following week moved her treasures to the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, which responded by footing the bill for full page ads advertising the honor of her presence.
Since Ono is hardly in demand anywhere, one may legitimately ask what she is doing in Israel spreading her vision of world harmony. To do so, it might be a good idea to examine a few alternative views of who she is in the first place.
An important place to start might be a book written by a London attorney, Fenton Bressler, called Who Killed John Lennon. Bressler makes a strong argument that Lennon's murderer was one of a long line of programmed killers. Like Oswald, Sirhan, Amir, Sarah Jane Moore, Squeaky Fromme, Hinckley, et al, Mark David Chapman was a rather confused young person who was isolated for a time from his regular circumstances. In his case, he spent the summer of 1975 in Beirut, Lebanon, just when the civil war broke out, as a youth trainer for the YMCA. Bresler notes that the YMCA is one of those international organizations the CIA utilizes to plant agents worldwide and his conclusion is that the CIA knocked off Lennon because he was planning a comeback that threatened its militaristic philosophy.
More likely, Chapman was a New World Order patsy programmed to eliminate a similar stooge for very different reasons. After Chapman's Beirut sojourn, he felt impelled to fly to Hawaii where he courted and married a Japanese woman whose similarity to Ono was more than uncanny. Just before shooting Lennon, the penniless Chapman found the funds to crisscross continental America. He arrived in New York in 1980 carrying his precious copy of J.D. Salinger's classic book, The Catcher In The Rye.
After shooting Lennon, Chapman waited patiently for the police to arrive and they found him reading Salinger with great intensity. Under questioning, Chapman didn't actually remember the moment of the shooting but said he had no strong feelings towards Lennon one way or another. In fact, he never even bought a Lennon album. He murdered him, he insisted, to prove that HE was the real Catcher In The Rye.
Now there's a rational motive, if you happen to be psychologically programmed to kill. Sarah Jane Moore thought she was a character in the Donna Reed Show, a mild tv sitcom of the 1960s, while Squeaky Fromme claimed to be a Clairol Girl, from a TV commercial of the same era.
Meanwhile, a few months later, the new president, Ronald Reagan was shot by a patsy named Hinckley who claimed he saw the film Taxi Driver and wanted to murder the president to impress its star, Jody Foster. One could legitimately surmise that Lennon's murder was just a dry run to test whether the public would buy the Foster motive after the real target, Reagan, was murdered, to be replaced by the NWO star George Bush. Reagan's intended demise was a repeat of the two attempts on Ford by Moore and Fromme, whose goal was to get the New World Order superstar Nelson Rockefeller into the White House.
Yoko Ono, a product of a prominent Japanese military and financial powerhouse family, was planted in the Beatles to break them up. In this, her ever obnoxious presence did the trick. Her next stage was to turn everbody's choice as the most intellectual Beatle, into a NWO ass. It wasn't long before she had Lennon posing naked on his most embarassing album, sitting in a burlap sack during a bed-in for peace and sending acorns to world leaders for motives less than clear then and downright ridiculous now. And the more Lennon became a clown, the more his programmed obsession with Ono increased.
Why would Lennon be such an easy target for mind manipulation? Albert Goldman, in his biography of Lennon, maintains that he was a violent, unstable personality who beat band member Stu Sutcliffe so badly that he died of a blood clot in the brain shortly after. He insists that Lennon had a homosexual relationship with manager Brian Epstein and had a personal hand in his unexplainable "suicide," a claim that Paul McCartney unconvincingly dismissed in a recent BBC documentary.
However Ono did it, Lennon began writing songs that fit the NWO agenda like a glove. In his first solo album, the most memorable song, called God, attempts to destroy religion as thoroughly as possible. The song begins with the line, "God is a concept by which we measure our pain," a patently false observation. As any religious person will explain, God is a concept by which we measure our joy. The song then lists Gods from Jesus to Elvis which Lennon rejects, in favor of, "I just believe in me, Yoko and me."
After this, Lennon recorded a series of meaningless radical anthems like Give Peace A Chance and Woman Is The Nigger Of The World, a song which one can argue whether it is more insulting to women or blacks. But the ultimate disgrace was a ditty called Imagine, which attempts to brainwash and inculcate his listeners in the full NWO agenda.
Imagine paints a world with no heaven or hell, that is with no morality, with no countries, possessions or religions. It is a thoroughly dreadful vision of a robotic state without devotion to any higher good; just what the NWO ordered.
During this period, Paul McCartney attacked Lennon's behaviour and his irrational attachment to Ono. Lennon went on a vengeful rampage, posing for a photo of him holding a pig's ears, a mockery of McCartney's Ram album cover and attacked McCartney viciously in a song called How Do You Sleep.
But the ultimate revenge was rumored to have been Ono's. Just prior to McCartney's performance in Japan, he was busted at Tokyo Airport when the police found a small amount of grass in his equipment. McCartney was jailed and in ways he refuses to divulge, the cops forced him to sing Yesterday for them. The humiliation of McCartney was complete and Lennon's vendetta against him stopped.
That freed Lennon to ruin his career with the close cooperation of his Dragon Lady. He now released albums and appeared on stage with her cacaphonious contribution sabotaging his musical integrity. That was the state of affairs in 1979, when Lennon returned to the studios to record his final album. Once he was dead, the mediocre cuts became hits and even Ono had a number one bestseller. The exact motive for Lennon's death remains unclear but there is no doubt that his killer was mind-controlled and fulfilled a covert operation in the exact mode of most political assassinations since the 1960s.
And now Yoko Ono is doing her unique thing in Israel, and whatever the real reasons she is here, there is evil in her motives. That's her way of doing things.


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