Cops Strongly Support
Citizens Right To
Arm Themselves
From Skye Turell <>

The following survey questions were posed in the last 90 days by mail of 18,102 chiefs of police and sheriffs that was recently completed. It represents a cross section of professional officers involving every state with a 11.6% response.
The Survey was conducted for the 12th consecutive year by the National Association of Chiefs of Police. Washington D.C. (202)293-9088.Permission is given to reproduce in whole or in part if credit is given to our organization.
1. Do you believe the death penalty serves as a deterrent to certain types of crimes?
(Yes) 90.8%
2. Do you believe that when a police officer is feloniously killed in the line of duty that the penalty upon conviction should be death?
(YES) 97.6%
3. Do you believe any law-abiding citizen should be able to purchase a firearm for sport or self-defense?
(YES) 92.7%
4. Within the past has your office ever been called to arrest anyone who has made a false statement on an application to purchase a firearm?
(NO) 93.3%
5. Do you believe anyone (such as a convicted felon) in violation of state or federal firearm posession laws should be prosecuted by the US attorney and, if convicted recieve a maximum prison term?
(YES) 87.7%
6. Do you believe law-abiding citizens should be limited to purchase of no more than one firearm per month?
(NO) 65.8%
7. Do you believe local "gun shows" are a major source for sales of illegal firearms to criminals?
(NO) 55.8%
8. Do you believe criminals currently are able to obtain virtually any type of firearm by illegal means?
(YES) 97.9%
9. Do you believe any sworn peace officer or retired police officer should be permitted to carry a firearm form state to state?
(YES) 93.6%
10. Do you believe the ethical standards of your department are upheld to a higher level than those elected officials in our nations capital?
(YES) 93.8%
11. Would off-duty,private sexual misconduct of an officer in your department result in dismissal or penalty of any type?
(YES) 78.1%


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