Nazi Gold Looted By
American Generals
From Damian Whitworth
In Washington
Towards the end of the Second World War, Adolf Eichmann ordered that a train leave Budapest for Germany crammed with gold, silver, paintings and furs seized from the 600,000 Hungarian Jews he had exterminated. Months later, American troops found the train hidden in a tunnel. Then, according to a new investigation by a presidential commission, they proceeded to help themselves.
According to the report drawn up by the Presidential Advisory Commission on Holocaust Assets in the United States, US officials allowed the Nazi loot to be pilfered by American generals, sold to soldiers at auction and turned over to Austria, instead of trying to return it to the survivors of the holocaust. Fifty-five years after he shot himself, the resting place of Adolf Hitler has been uncovered by building site workers in Berlin (Allan Hall writes). Historians hope to enter the bunker for the first time since 1945 before it is sealed, buried and a building housing representatives of the German federal states is constructed on it.