Update - Provocatuers
Noted In Seattle Riots -
Millions In Damage
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New World Order's trained provocateurs have turned the entire situation regarding anti-World Trade Organization demonstrations upside down from what the great majority of protesters had intended.
Their intentionally-scripted destructive, violent actions have given New World Order schemers the perfect opportunity to enact martial law on a limited scale and begin immediately curtailing or abolishing human, civil, and constitutional rights.
Stay tuned!
NewsHawk® Inc.
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John, et al,
There is no doubt in my mind there are agents provocateurs acting "under the color and auspices of authority" in Seattle this week ... as was clearly evidenced in just one video clip aired nationally by CNN-TV on Tuesday afternoon, 30 Nov., 1999.
This one clip showed a couple of masked men smashing the storefront windows of a "Starbucks" with a woman shown in the same video asking these hooded vandals why they were breaking the glass ... as if to ask: "What does the glass actually have to do with the purpose of the demonstration?" A legitimate question in my opinion.
No police were around - and a "Starbucks" would not likely be located very far off of "the beaten path". Laughing, the vandals did try to answer the woman's question to some degree - and their overall attitude was interpreted to suggest they were wholly protected from being arrested ... and if arrested, they would never be prosecuted.
RonHannivig, Simpson, PA
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Hi all:
Listening to the live police scanner from Seattle.
Dispatcher announced that the mayor just made it illegal to sell, possess, or convey a gas mask in the city limits.
What have we come to now? Now you have a small idea of what is going to happen to all cities if Y2K goes down like predicted. Watch Seattle to see how they operate this 'emergency'.
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Of course it would be interesting to see the credentials of these self proclaimed Anarchists . Where did they come from ? My guess is that the ring-leaders are from the FBI Academy and the School of the Americas . Of course only their dupes will get caught unless someone out side of official law enforcement can make a citizens' arrest of one or more agent provocateurs . Also a sympathetic national news outlet will have to be on hand.


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