Rocket Fire?
Overhears Controllers'
Strange Conversation
From Carl Limbacher and Staff

Already the tragic flight of an EgyptAir jet is making news on the conspiracy mill.
Perhaps even more so because of the seeming snap judgment of federal authorities who have downplayed any idea of a terrorist attack -- or worse.
There is "no indication that any criminal act took place," Coast Guard Rear Adm. Richard Larabee was quoted yesterday as saying.
How about holding an investigation before federal officials like Larabee make any presumptive judgment?
And there is good reason to have an investigation.
EgyptAir's Boeing 767 fell from the sky sometime early Sunday morning -- at about 2 a.m. Later Sunday morning, editor Christopher Ruddy was on United flight #976, which departed JFK at 9:15 a.m. headed for London.
At about 10 a.m., Ruddy put on his headset. He clicked through the music channels and tuned in to transmissions between his United plane and air traffic control in the United States.
"Air traffic control was advising planes to change their flight paths, giving out new coordinates and altitudes for planes on the flight paths over the Atlantic," Ruddy recalled the conversation he overheard.
"At one point, a crew member of one of the planes radioed air traffic control to ask why the change. Air traffic control responded that 'there are rockets being fired in the area.'"
"I heard early that morning before boarding my plane that there was a missing EgyptAir plane," Ruddy said, "the conversation I heard on the plane really struck me, as did the controllers' use of the word 'rockets.'"
There is no indication yet of any U.S. military activities in the area. Still, the suggestion that there was some military activity near the plane's flight path raises the specter of TWA 800. Critics of the government investigation have alleged U.S. naval vessels were in the area and may have accidentally fired a missile at the civilian jet.