US Concedes
'Error' In EgyptAir
Pilot Translation!
By Tim Dobbyn

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Some of the words originally attributed to a crewman of EgyptAir Flight 990, which bolstered a U.S. theory that the plane was deliberately crashed, were in fact never spoken, a government official said on Friday.
The embarrassing admission strengthens Egyptian opinion that U.S. media and officials are rushing to judgement on the cause of the crash and will further delay any decision to transfer leadership of the accident probe to the FBI as a criminal matter.
Closer review of the tape showed that the first sentence of a widely published quote from the cockpit voice recorder was in fact not uttered, the U.S. official said.
``I made my decision now. I put my faith in God's hands,'' was the incorrect translation from Arabic reported by Reuters and many other news organizations from sources.
But the official said there was only a reference to faith in God prior to the autopilot being disconnected and the plane beginning an unusually steep but controlled plunge toward the ocean.
The Boeing 767 aircraft crashed on Oct. 31 into the sea off Massachusetts less than an hour after taking off from New York for Cairo, killing all 217 people on board.
EgyptAir said Friday it had begun offering cash advances in cases of financial hardship to the families of those who died.
National Transportation Safety Safety Board Chairman Jim Hall on Friday said the accident might have been the result of a deliberate act but he scolded the media and government officials for fueling irresponsible speculation.
``Over the last few days we have seen a virtual cyclone of speculation about the course of this investigation,'' Hall told a news conference.
``We have not released specific information from the cockpit voice recorder,'' Hall said of the NTSB. ``I find it difficult to believe that responsible public servants would engage in this type of conduct.''
Hall, questioned by reporters, said he did not back away from safety board statements on the crash, including when he said Tuesday: ``We have so far found no sign of a mechanical or weather related event that could have caused this accident.''
The NTSB has said the engines were turned off during the dive. There are also indications on the flight data recorder that the captain and the co-pilot were in a contest over the controls, with the captain wanting to pull the nose up and the person in the co-pilot's seat commanding the nose to go down.
It was Hall who raised the possibility that EgyptAir 990 might have crashed due to a criminal act, when he told reporters Monday the safety board might yield leadership of the probe.
But it was not until the briefing Friday that Hall said he had met with FBI Director Louis Freeh ``to inform him this accident might be the result of a deliberate act.''
In the intervening days, news outlets, including Reuters, obtained information from sources about information on the cockpit voice recorder that officials said backed theories of a suicide plunge.
The U.S. official described the translation error as an ''innocent mistake'' but was unsure how it had happened. The official said it may have been the difference between an early interpretation of Arabic on the tape and a later listening.
U.S. Rep. Jack Metcalf, a Republican from Washington state, said he would switch to EgyptAir for a Nov. 30 flight from New York to Cairo for meetings with Egyptian officials as a protest at the ``premature and irresponsible speculation.''
``There are family members who are needlessly being anguished by these stories that are being splashed across newspaper headlines,'' said Metcalf, who sits on the House of Representatives Aviation Subcommittee and in whose district Boeing 777, 747, and 767 planes are built.
U.S. theories that the crash may have been deliberate have sparked anger in Egypt.
After a day of diplomatic meetings and phone calls Tuesday, Washington agreed with Cairo to delay letting the FBI control the probe until additional Egyptian experts examine the evidence.
NTSB's Hall Re: 990 - Things Said So Far Were Lies!! From NewsHawk Inc. < 11.20.99
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On Friday, Nov.19, NTSB head honcho Jim Hall said publicly that everything that's been claimed thus far by government officials about what's been heard on Fl. 990's cockpit voice recorder--as reported in the mainstream press--has been "LIES"!
Eh? LIES?? Well, isn't THAT a shocker (NOT)!
And who's responsible for these "lies", we'd dearly like to know? Hall seems to be trying hard to make it look as though the media has been taking things out of context and misinterpreting information, but the funny thing is the press been relying solely on little snippets and hints which came right from the mouths of government hacks! So, it's these government mouthpieces who are spinning the tales.
THESE are the kind of tactics now used by the criminals who've assumed control of our government to such a great extent at this point.
They leak these little tidbits ("lies") here and there using lower-level government flunkies (we've totally LOST COUNT by now how MANY different scenarios the feds have tried to put over regarding Fl. 990), to see which lies have the best chance of staying afloat. Then, if some particular scenario seems to be holding, they'll dig in and stay with it.
So far, EVERYTHING they've said about Fl. 990 in nearly 3 weeks has been going over like a lead balloon.
Their approach could best be summed up as follows. Throw enough shit at the wall, and SOME of it has GOT to stick. Pee-YEW! What you end up with is a wall covered in crap and the WHOLE THING STINKS!!!
Exactly HOW STUPID do these criminally insane vermin think we are? How stupid do they think the Egyptians are?
ENOUGH! Somebody... change the channel... PLEASE!
And, by the way.... WHERE ARE THE BODIES!! Pieces, even? It's against the laws of physics for absolutely no bodies or parts of bodies to have floated to the surface by now. It's utterly ludicrous to suggest that just because the jet hit the water at supersonic speeds, every single body was pulverized into nothingness--an "explanation" which is apparently being surreptitiously propagated and encouraged... by SOME agency or other.
Something is definitely totally "wrong" with this aspect and it's not even being MENTIONED by the mainstream media.