Egyptians Reject Pilot
Scenario - See US Or
Israeli Conspiracy

CAIRO (Reuters) - Many Egyptians said Thursday that a conspiracy was behind the crash of EgyptAir Flight 990, with some blaming Israel because 33 Egyptian military officers were among the passengers killed.
Others said the United States was trying to cover up what really happened in order to evade responsibility.
They rejected suggestions that one of the crew members might have committed suicide, sending the plane nosediving into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Massachusetts on Oct. 31, killing all 217 people on board.
"We still have two options: the first is the invisible fingers of Israel, which has developed scientific potentials," wrote columnist Abbas Tarabili, chief editor of the opposition daily al-Wafd newspaper.
"The second is that America seems to wish to evade responsibility for the crime by holding EgyptAir's pilots responsible."
In the weeks since the crash the Egyptian press has been full of conspiracy theories, ranging from plots by Israel's secret service or other foreign agents to the existence of a secret "no-fly" area over a key U.S. base, from which missiles may have been fired, downing the plane.
Many cited the presence of Egyptian military officers on the flight, a fact confirmed by the government, as a likely motive.
Sayyed Abdel-Aati had an unsourced article in al-Wafd Thursday headlined "The Israeli Mossad planned to blow up the plane to kill 33 Egyptian military officers."
"Planting explosives on the Egyptian plane was an easy task in light of the presence of all the Israeli intelligence networks in the United States," he said.
U.S. investigators have released details supporting a theory that Flight 990's pilot and co-pilot were competing for control of the plane before it crashed into the ocean.
Working with the flight data and voice recorders, the investigators speculate co-pilot Gameel al-Battouti took advantage of the captain's absence from the cockpit to send the Boeing 767 airliner into a steep dive.
Some Egyptian media and citizens questioned the intention of U.S. investigators, saying they leaked part of their findings to cover up the real cause of the crash for their own interest.
"The only explanation for this is that they wish to hold EgyptAir responsible," said Galal Doweidar, chief editor of the state-owned daily al-Akhbar. He added that U.S. officials either wanted to evade responsibility for lax security measures or to protect Boeing, the U.S. plane's manufacturer.
EgyptAir co-pilot Gameel al-Battouti, suspected by U.S. officials of crashing his plane in a suicidal act, was in good spirits before the tragic flight, a colleague said Thursday.
Captain Zaki al-Kashef also defended what is thought to have been the co-pilot's action of switching off the engines as standard procedure in an emergency landing over water.
Kashef told Reuters he met al-Battouti in New York before the flight that ended disastrously off the U.S. coast.
"We stood near the hotel reception as I was checking in and the Flight 990 crew were checking out," Kashef said. "He was laughing as usual, with a smile on his face. It was a smile of someone returning to his kids.
"Al-Battouti was a very normal man with very normal problems in his life, nothing that serious," Kashef added.
American investigators said Tuesday they were holding off a decision on whether to turn their probe into a criminal investigation until more Egyptian experts, including translators, heard the cockpit recording.
Grassroots Response To Government 990 Lies From NewsHawk Inc < 11-19-99
We just received this intelligent, substantive message from one of our respondents, which makes a wealth of very important points, and includes her statements as a witness to the fact that early news reports on the Fl. 990 crash said unequivocally the plane's HIGHLY irregular stop at Edwards Air Force Base east of Los Angeles WAS CONFIRMED.
The Egyptian government and EgyptAir to this day have NEVER retracted their statements on this.
Also included in the note reprinted below is an appraisal of the impact NewsHawk's blockbuster articles on the FL. 990 crash have been having on the local level here in the U.S. In short--WORD IS GETTING AROUND!
NewsHawk® Inc.
Subject: pressure valve... Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 01:19:47 EST From: To: NewsHawk
John and Bob; This note is being sent to blow off steam that has been accumulating since flight 990 went down. Thanks for being the pressure valve!
First of all, I was one of those people who was up early and heard the TV reporters speculating WHY the þight had landed (conÞrmed) at Edwards AFB. After going out that day I came back to updates which mentioned nothing of this. I didn,t even hear about the EWR (Newark) story until the next day. Who knows where this plane lost 2:20 þight time? I have learned to pay CLOSE attention to the earliest reports of any incidents, since they are the closest to true investigative reporting, BEFORE they are scrutinized, sanitized and spun into the "ofÞcial reports."
Then, when the next speculations came out about the Boeing reversers possibly being at fault, I was outraged! The plane was under water, there was NO corroborating evidence to even MAKE this allegation, and yet the press was publishing unsubstantiated, unveriÞed specualtion! This does not seem to be responsible journalistic reporting, it doesn,t even seem up o standard for the tabloids, yet THERE IT WAS!
I was curious as to how they would alter the facts to make this theory stick... [This theory is still hovering in the background. Today there was a report of a domestic -AA(?)"767 that had reverser problems, and made an unscheduled landing"I can,t remember where.]
Along THIS line of thought, I am wondering why the media is continually blasting Boeing they make a FAR superior product to ANY of the Airbus Industrie aircraft, both in durability and safety, yet it seems there is a PUSH to convince the public that Boeing is out and Airbus is in. (I do not know of any political/NWO reasons for this, do you?) For example, the 747 fuel-tank spark story advocated in the TWA 800 case is SO very far-fetched it is incredible what the public will swallow as long as it comes from 'ofÞcial' sources.
This investigation has been very interesting, due to the fact that the Egyptians will NOT accept the quick, pat answers that the US ofÞcials want to slap on the case (so we can move on to the next mass murder?). Hu-ray-y-y for them! My fear is that once they arrive, they will be appropriately threatened / misinformed until they agree with whatever STUPID Þndings the FBI invents.
The MOST infuriating part of this "investigation" began when the news reported that the pilot was heard saying a PRAYER, and all HELL broke loose.
Just because he didn,t say "HOLY JESUS" or "MARY, MOTHER OF GOD, SAVE US!!" in ENGLISH, they are trying to FABRICATE a theory the public will accept. Fortunately, so far the Egyptians are OUTRAGED and active. Even the timing of this prayer is problematic, since I have heard it reported that he said it at differing parts of the dive/descent. All I know is that ANY person who is religious, if placed in that situation (the 'oh-my-god-we,re-gonna-die-e-e' situation) would commend him/herself into God,s hands. WHATEVER this poor person said in prayer could have been twisted, edited and rewritten by the spin doctors in the time they had the recorders (especialy if they were picked up within 48 hours, as you have reported).
One Þnal commentyour articles are deÞnitely getting around, which is probably why "THEY" are trying to stop you. Talk of your articles has even permeated the Middle and High Schools here! The students have been circulating your articles among themselves via e-mail, and actually DISCUSSING THEM!!!
Thanks for keeping us up-to-date! AMM