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Ever since EgyptAir Fl. 990 mysteriously "went down" 33 minutes out of New York on Oct. 31, the NTSB and other government officials have been floating an incredible, ever-changing array of "explanations" and scenarios about the crash: better described as fairy tales. It seems as though every time one turns around a new, different scenario as to what caused the jet's destruction is made public. We've completely lost count.
Never before in the history of aviation disasters have so many varied and conflicting explanations been proffered and then withdrawn by official investigators, to be then replaced by yet another "explanation".
OUR highly reliable sources tell us that the data AND cockpit voice recorders were recovered from the jet's wreckage within approximately 48 hours of the crash, although (OF COURSE!) the public has not been told this.
U.S. government officials instead claim they recovered the voice recorder Saturday, Nov. 13--nearly 2 weeks after the crash.
However, the NTSB DID state UNEQUIVOCALLY on Sunday evening, Nov. 14, after they received the battered voice recorder in Washington (MINUS any identification markings which would definitely indicate it WAS the one >from Fl. 990) and had done several analyses of the voices and sounds on the tape, that there WERE a number of scenarios which could at that time be COMPLETELY AND PERMANTENTLY DISCOUNTED, based on what was on the tape.
The NTSB stated at THAT time--a MERE 3 days ago!--that ANY scenario such as a hijacking, a fight or struggle between crew members, a "suicide" dive initiated by a pilot or anything along those lines COULD BE RULED OUT.
Less than 24 hours later, NewsHawk released our blockbuster article "Fl. 990--What WE Know But Gov't Media Won't Say", which exposed the real cause of the crash as a double hit by a particle beam weapon followed by a missile strike. Simultaneously, the NTSB said that the investigation into the cause of the crash was going to be turned over to the FBI as a "CRIMINAL investigation".
Yet by Tuesday afternoon, the federal government backpedaled furiously and stated that indeed the NTSB would remain in charge of the investigation after all!
Whew!! Getting DIZZY yet, anyone?!
Incredibly, just as NewsHawk was about to go on the air Tuesday night with Jeff Rense of Sightings to discuss the extraordinary evidence publicized in our article, the NTSB issued a statement which claimed that lo and behold, in COMPLETE and total contradiction to THEIR OWN STATEMENTS made on Sunday, there now suddenly WAS evidence on the cockpit voice recorder that one of the off-duty EgyptAir crew members aboard Fl. 990, Gameel el Batouty, entered the cockpit, asked to take control of the jet, and upon doing so initiated a suicidal, homicidal "death dive" which ended with the destruction of the jet as it plunged into the Atlantic Ocean.
And we're supposed to BELIEVE this? AFTER the NTSB's own outright DENIAL on Sunday, Nov. 14 that ANY SUCH THING occurred?
Whoa. HOLD it right there. Of course it's always easy to slander the dead, as they sure as hell can't defend themselves, but let's "look at the record" here a minute.
Gameel el Batouty was a senior EgyptAir pilot with many years experience and an enviable record as a professional pilot that was absolutely untarnished in the slightest way. He had trained many pilots both for the Egyptian Air Force and for EgyptAir and was considered one of the very best in the business. He was widely considered to be not only an excellent pilot but a most decent, intelligent and respectable person who was well-liked and admired by all who knew him. What's more, Batouty was a devoted family man who was known to have loved his wife and young daughter deeply.
Batouty's family in Egypt is shocked and outraged that this fine man's honor, reputation and legacy is being butchered and besmirched by liars and scoundrels in the U.S. government and are saying so loud and clear.
Reacting to these claims that Batouty deliberated crashed the jet and killed 217 people, Batouty's wife Omayma Dahy said "I am more upset today than on the day he died. It's as if he died again today."
Batouty's nephew Walid el Batouty stated, "There's one thing we know for sure with the history of this man, there's NO WAY he could ever do such a thing."
According to other relatives, Batouty was a highly honorable man who had everything to live for; a person who could NEVER be responsible for sabotage, murder or suicide. Moreover, such an act of suicide would be severely contrary to the tenets of Islam and would literally be inconceivable to Batouty, a devout Muslim.
How gross and evil of the heartless, miserable, cowardly cover-up agents and manipulators in our federal government, desperate for some half-way convincing explanation of the destruction of Fl. 990 they can bamboozle and confound the public with, to desecrate Gameel el Batouty's honor in this way and to cause such grief and pain to the deceased pilot's family.
For those who are wondering how the Egyptians, etc. could have been bamboozled into believing what the NTSB and others NOW claim about Gameel el Batouty--these guys have technology that could make it seem like Minnie Mouse took control of the jet and also make her sound like Luciano Pavarotti.
And DON'T FORGET: the cockpit voice recorder brought to Washington D.C. on Sunday Nov. 17 which is now being played for Egyptians is almost certainly NOT the actual cockpit recorder from Fl. 990, which we KNOW was recovered within 48 hours of the crash.
How far will the U.S. government go in the evil machinations? Are there NO BOUNDS AT ALL to their sickening, weasely, devious lies?
Apparently not. Because to tell the truth would utterly implicate factions of this very same government--the real perpetrators of this horrific incident of "official, state-sponsored terrorism. And THAT, it seems, these spineless cover-up agents will never do.
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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 11.18.99 Egyptian Officials, Others--MAJOR Doubts re: Fed Batouty Suicide Scenario
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Direct responses and reactions to U.S. government claims about EgyptAir pilot Gameel el Batouty, from people at the highest levels of the Egyptian government, officials and co-workers at EgyptAir, friends and family members of Batouty and mental health professionals with access to the real facts (that is, NOT compromised, bought-off fed weasel spin-doctor shrinks), show near-unanimous dismay, irritation, bitterness, outrage and disbelief regarding claims and insinuations Batouty intentionally crashed Fl. 990 in a demented suicide/murder action.
That's why Egypt has just sent a new team to Washington comprised of its best investigators to review what the U.S. government CLAIMS are the voice and date flight recorders from Fl. 990.
The U.S. government's claims seem to be based mainly on the fact that Batouty (IF that's even who it was) can be heard uttering what may be a prayer apparently as the jet began it's initial drop, though Arab and Islamic sources state firmly that the mention of God's name even in everyday conversation is extremely commonplace among Moslems. Apparently to the feds mentioning God's name automatically MAKES YOU A TERRORIST!! (But I guess we ALREADY KNEW THAT, didn't we?!)
Furthermore, the NTSB and other feds have been insinuating that some sort of confrontation or even struggle took place in the cockpit, ostensibly between Batouty and other crew-members. Yet the only comments on the tape being cited by feds as indicating such are the words "work with me, pull with me," spoken by Captain Ahmed al-Abashi. Do those words sound like they indicate a "struggle?" to us, they sound like the exact opposite.
Again, keep in mind that suicide is EXPRESSLY and unconditionally forbidden in the Koran and is considered as grievous a sin/crime as cold-blooded murder. Batouty was by all accounts a devout Moslem and a most honorable human being. His honor is being desecrated and besmirched to a literally extraordinary degree by the statements and insinuations issuing from government officials in Washington D.C.
The lies and disinformation being spewed by feds on what is most certainly a highly sensitive issue for Egypt and the entire Arab community are so blatant and near-ludicrous that we have to wonder at this point if the feds are trying to precipitate a serious international incident of some sort.
We hereby appeal to all NewsHawk recipients to forward the articles we've published about Fl. 990 to Egyptian/Arab friends, acquaintances or other any contacts they may have as well as to Egyptian/Arab media outlets.
We MUST ensure that the government's avalanche of lies and disinformation DOES NOT PREVAIL in this case.
The time has come to DRAW THE LINE.
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