Chief Crook Enters
Microsoft Case
By Sherman H. Skolnick <>

Chicago Federal Appeals Chief Judge Richard A. Posner was appointed as mediator in the Microsoft case. Who is he really?
For twelve years he was a professor at the Law School at the University of Chicago, founded by the oil-soaked Rockefeller Family. One thing you can say about Richard A. Posner. He has been clever. His fellow law professor, some say his shadow, is Frank H. Easterbrook.
They have been quite a team. They reportedly represent Rockefeller's University of Chicago's ONE BILLION DOLLARS stock portfolio. Few stop to realize, some universities are actually huge, tax-exempt money ships, that survive wars and depressions, even, like in France, the overthrow of government.
While a professor, Posner formed and became the President of Lexecon Inc. Their press agent describes it as" a firm comprised of lawyers and economists who perform economic and legal research and support clients in antitrust cases and other litigation." The firm supplies "litigation services". But that is not how some of its critics describe it. They reportedly say it is made up of experts in applying the "big fix" in and out of Court. Lexecon, according to some critics, works a malign, if not corrupt, influence on judges in important cases. Later, as a federal appeals judge, Posner reportedly retained a financial interest in this reputed "court fixing" enterprise.
In more recent years, Lexecon was swept up in a series of smelly cases. Charges and counter-charges flew up and back, in and around the Courts, like bullets of jurisprudence. "Blackmail", "extortion", and hints of even worse that that. Few commentators, however, on Lexecon wanted to be publicly quoted by name on the really dark side of the accusations, "bribery of judges". But some who claimed to know about this enterprise of "litigation services", somehow whispered from what they felt in their heart of hearts, that knowing how to get away with strong-arming court officials, evening black-mailing or bribing them, is what Posner's creation is reportedly all about.
Under President Lyndon B. Johnson, Posner worked his way into the center of the secrets of influencing the monopoly press. Posner was General Counsel to President Johnson's task force on communications policy. An expert on anti-monopoly matters, Posner actually reportedly arranged for the newsfakers to avoid becoming the target of a shakedown by the Justice Department's Anti-Trust Division, notoroiously politically-motivated and highly corrupt. Blackmail and counter-blackmail seems to be the machinery of American government. And Posner for years and years has been in a position to know about and operate such mechanisms.
In December, 1981, President Ronald Reagan appointed Posner [(312)-435-5806] to the U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit, in Chicago, hearing cases from federal courts in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, and petitions to review federal agency rulings. [Some claim Reagan starting early on, did not attend to Presidential business that much and it was handled, actually by Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush, former head of America's secret political police, the CIA. Thus, Bush, in violation of the U.S. Constitution's 22nd Amendment, was actually "President" for 12 years.]
Few caes actually have the statutory or other right to be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court. The petitioners in the bulk of the high court's cases have to, in effect, knock on their door and beg permission to enter to be heard. It is called, filing a Petition for Certiorari. In a recent term of the U.S. Supreme Court, with 1600 such "begging" petitions pending, the 9 high priests in that temple rejected, without explanation, each and every such Petition, with just one word "Denied".
The bad news, by the way, is sent by collect telegram to the petitioners or their counsel. That term, and thereafter, of that Court, they were either tired, lazy, or indifferent, or needed a nursing home. The High Court judges are most all multi-multi-millionaires. Do they decide matters involving their own financial interests? Some think so. When Justice Clarence Thomas was appointed to the Court and being ratified by the U.S. Senate, he started to mouth off about "natural justice". He stopped himself just as he was about to mention that the infamous "Dred Scott" decision was a proper decision under "natural justice". Still on the books, that pre-Civil War ruling held negroes to be mere slave chattel and baggage that could legally be moved from State to State.
[For better or worse, I have held for years the record of having petitioned the high court more than any other petitioner in U.S. history. So I understand plenty about the High Court.]
So, the High Court in Washington being for most a dead letter, Judge Posner knows HIS court in Chicago is the end of the line for most cases. What is Judge Posner's specialties? Being known, for one, as an alleged "workaholic", churning out thousands of federal appeals court rulings. He would have you believe he takes no vacations and even working on his "Opinions of the Court" as most are called, day and night. More realistically, like every reviewing court judge, he has tucked away a virtual warehouse of law clerks, law professors, and such, who "ghost write" court decisions for him, awaiting his named to be thereon affixed.
Many of Judge Posner's rulings are joined in by his sidekick, ever-present, 7th Circuit Judge Frank H. Easterbrook [(312)-435-5808]. Afraid to being quoted by name, lawyers have complained to me as head of a court reform group and TV Program moderator/producer, that Judge Easterbrook is on mind-altering dope. The appeals judges sit in panels of three to hear "oral argument", the verbal presentation of a few key points. Judge Easterbrook has been observed, in the middle of counsel's oral argument, to laugh to the ceiling. One lawyer told us he was affronted by this, and politely asked Judge Easterbrook what the joke was. So, one day, to verify this, I came to the Court of Appeals and personally observed the same. It seemed obvious to me, Judge Easterbrook is either a combination of mentally unbalanced together with using dope.
Talking about this and other things on our weekly public access Cable TV Program got us in "trouble" with Judge Posner and his sidekick who I jokingly called Judge Easterbunny. Here are some of what happened to us: During William Rockefeller Clinton's first campaign for President, in 1992, on our TV Show we documented how Hillary Rodham Clinton had a business-woman partner, Diane Lewis, who was protected from prosecution by the corrupt FBI. Diane Lewis''s handwritten notebooks were shown up on our TV screen. Diane Lewis secretly sold missile and missile parts to known terrorists worldwide, in violation of U.S. Export laws. Our show set off a clamor, and in September, 1992, Diane Lewis was arrested but later released upon her plea that she was "helping the CIA" and that the Justice Department did not dare start up with the partner of the new First Lady.
[Bill Clinton is the illegitimate great-grandson of old John D. Rockefeller, founder of the infamous monopoly Standard Oil.]
Thereafter, Hillary put myself and my TV associate, Joseph Andreuccetti, on her "enemies list" to be harassed by America's secret political police, the FBI. The Clinton Presidency has actually been under the unconstitutional control of Hillary. There is by the way no statutory or Constitutional office or title of "First Lady". Hillary Rodham Clinton ORDERED the U.S. Military to attack at Waco. SHE ordered the U.S. Military to have U.S. warplanes bomb CIVILIAN targets during the Kosovo War in 1999. In Serbia, hospitals, churches, and schools were obliterated, with great loss of life, upon the ORDERS of Hillary Clinton, to bring that small nation to their knees being the excuse.
Hillary ORDERED the FBI to harass certain reporters, those particularly good at condemning the Clinton administration as being treasonous and corrupt. By 1995 and 1996, some PAID reporters were forced out of their jobs. We are NOT paid journalists, rather court reformers and researchers, part of a public interest group, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts. Since 1991, we run an unpaid, non-commercial, one hour weekly public access Cable TV Show, cablecast in Chicago, on judicial and other bribery and political murders.
I and my associate Joseph Andreuccetti, brought a damage suit against Hillary Clinton and others, filed in Chicago's Federal District Court. We contended that Hillary, without actual federal authority, put us and other journalists on an "enemies list" to be harassed. Unlike us, paid reporters similarly damaged have been too chicken to either join our suit or bring their own litigation. They figure that somehow, they will get another good-paying job if they "behave" themselves.
The case was assigned to Chicago Federal District Judge George M. Marovich [(312)-435-5590]. As shown in our undisputed federal court records, part of our troubles were caused because we were investigating a west suburban shopping mall, Cermak Plaza Shopping Center, OWNED BY JUDGE GEORGE M. MAROVICH. He is subject to blackmail, we contended in Court, because enterprises in that shopping mall are reputedly money laundries for underworld illicit funds. Silent partners in these deals include top corrupt officials of the Illinois Department of Revenue and the IRS, Chicago Region office. Hillary and her lawyers obviously were blackmailing him. He did NOT disqualify himself. Instead, Judge Marovich conducted the case like in a "mailbox" court. We were not allowed to appear publicly in his Courtroom. Judge Marovich, without any formal hearings, dismissed our case, contending---get this---that we had too many specific facts, dates, and details for HIM to consider.
Under federal statute, a federal district court litigant---like us---has a statutory guaranteed right to appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Circuit, that is, Judge Posner's Court. Despite our rights, Judge Posner ruled that our case, although pending in his Court, would not be heard. AND, Posner ordered the Clerk of his Court, to remove our highly detailed appeal briefs from the Courthouse by sending them back to us in a box. FURTHER, he ruled that I and Andreuccetti are thereafter permanently barred from every federal court in Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin. We "knocked on the door" of the U.S. Supreme Court by Petition for Certiorari. Only one word came back from the Nation's Capitol, our petition was "denied", that is, the High Courts priests refused to open the door. Thus, by Federal Appeals Court "order" are federal constitutional rights are cancelled and uneforceable.
Over the years we have learned the secrets of corrupt judges. In important, politically and financially potent cases, and those with big corporate bucks involved, the judges handling the appeal CHANGE THE UNDISPUTED FACTS. A long list of case law, U.S. Constitutional precedents, statutory interpretations, and such, cannot easily be "fixed". So the judges issue a ruling with straight out lies, judicial perjuries. The appeal record from the lower court, to put it simple, shows the uncontested facts show it is "day". For corrupt and political purposes, the appeal judges write in their ruling saying the case involves "night". Applying prior case law precedents involving "night", the judges issue their corrupt ruling. Appeal briefs have attached what is called an "Appendix" of Record, reprints of some of the pertinent court papers from the lower court. In Judge Posner's Court, 15 copies of the same are filed. On the other hand, the Judges' rullings are PUBLISHED in law reports, printed in the many thousands of copies, sitting on the shelves of law officeds, law libraries, and such, nationwide. Without the "Appendix" to double check, how would you know you are reading a judicial decision that is a fake, a fraud, and a judicial perjury?
Early on in our court reform work since 1958, we began compiling hard to get copies of the Appendices of Court Record, in some places called Abstracts of the Record. In comparing that to the many-copy published decisions, we noted that in important cases the judges issued a pack of lie, in certain cases.
Would honest appeal judges do such a thing? Every once in a while a more outspoken or foolish appeal lawyer dares to put into the Court record a list of Judge Posner's monstrous liess. For example, lawyers for a now defunct Telex terminal vendor dared document in their anti-monopoly case against Western Union, Judge Posner lied by changing the uncontested facts to favor Western Union. Thus overturned was the vendor's 36 milllion dollar lower court verdict against Western Union.
Olympia Equipment Leasing Co. vs. Western Union, No. 85-3150, U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Circuit. [As reported in lawyer's newspaper, Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, 8/12/86 and 10/7/86. Also: Chicago Sun-Times "Law Talk" Column, 11/30/86, page 46.] On behalf of Posner, his "shadow", Judge Frank H. Easterbrook, to scare would-be outspoken lawyers who are very rare, threatened horrendous multi-million dollar punishment against the lawyers and their client for filing a "disrespectful" petition. What is "disrespectful" by showing that Judges commit judicial perjury, in other words, are straight out liars? Is Judge Posner a King, put in place by divine right, and thus it is disrespectful to document his frauds upon HIS OWN COURT?
Since September, 1993, Judge Posner has been Chief Judge. He and his "shadow", reportedly dope-using, ever-present, Judge Frank H. Easterbrook, specialize, in important cases, in issuing these fraudulent decisions packed with fairy tales, changing the uncontested facts as established in the lower court. In past examples, over the years unearthing corrupt judges and their rotten rulings, we began our investigations where we suspected the "big fix", in court cases as follows:
1. We obtained copies of the court records, briefs, and appendices of record and compared them with the rulings of the Judges. If the judges failed, neglected, or refused to correct their falsehoods in their rulings, then the judges must have been under a malign, if not corrupt, influence by the alleged "winner" in their court.
2. We then began examining the judge or judges "closet", their financials, their ownership of properties whether tied to known scammers and criminals, and banks. And the banks which have nominee accounts for offshore use by the Judges, where "escrowed" funds are sent. "Escrowed" funds for judges are simply bribery money or assets parked offshore in advance of a decision to be corrupted. If the Judge complies with the corrupters, the escrowed funds are then forwarded to the next step, being the Judge's offshore account. In other stories we have pointed out the major reputed enterprise for the same being the huge Dutch octopus, Algemene Bank Nederland, ABN, with branches in 15 U.S. cities, and whose flagship is La Salle National Bank in Chicago. Most of the Judges in Chief Judge Posner's Court are bankers, so the whole corrupt process, as to them, is made simple. By the way they refuse TO DISQUALIFY themselves when their financial interests are involved in the appeal. Guess who wins in their crooked court?
3. By this means, we put together our accusations against judges over the years. As the head of our group, I proceed, at great risk to myself, to directly confront, in their Court, the thus accused judges. Over the last 42 years of our work, judges' stooges have grabbed me,some eight times, wheelchair and all, and dumped me in prison, for "contempt of court". Almost in every instance, the Establishment then threw away the judges for having the bad sense like an incompetent gangster, to cause a public ruckus, and had such judges prosecuted and jailed for bribery and tax evasion.
In his alleged "decisions", Judge Posner promotes a principle invented by him, of "economic efficiency" as to court cases. In his decisions, despite the law and the facts, it is not economically "efficient" for an underdog to be able to get damages from a misbehaving corporate interest. So the underdog must lose, for the preservation of the large corporate interests. Posner applies the same rotten principles in civil rights cases, knocking down, jointly with Judge Easterbrook, the bulk of such cases. How? By falsifying the uncontested facts and applying his infamous theory of "economic efficiency". Judge Posner used such corrupt means to wreck the appeal of four black army reserve non-coms suing their superiors in a racial discrimination suit. The blacks were asked to leave their unit because the superior officers wanted to make it more white. Using his fraudulent methods, Judge Posner destroyed the blacks' appeal. Chicago Lawyer Magazine, March, 1983.
As the Chief Judge, of the federal appeals court in Chicago, Judge Posner assigns the workload. In really important cases this is crucial to the "big fix" whether by blackmail, bribery, or other exdtra-legal methods. In the really, really important cases needing to be "fixed" on appeal, Chief Judge Posner assigns HIMSELF to the appeal often jointly with Judge Easterbrook and a harmless third member of the appeals panel as a stooge. By this means, Chief Judge Posner put in the fix on one of the most important unpublicized appeals. Schurz Communications, Inc., et al., vs. Federal Communications Commission et al. U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th Cir., No. 91-2350 and consolidated cases, on Petition for Review of Orders of the F.C.C. As stated in the Court record, "At the core of the controversy in this proceeding is the question of what restrictions, if any, should be places on the television networks' acquisition of financial interests or syndication rights in programs produced by non-network producers for their network schedules. Befoe being appointed to the bench, Judge Posner was retained as a laegal expert by CBS, now a litigant in the instant proceeding,and provided an affidavit to support CBS' opposition to a provision in the antitrust consent decree (entered by NBC) that is essentially identical to the FCC's 1970 financial interest and syndication rule. The Commission decision that was reviewed by this Court substantially relaxed the agency's 1970 rule. In his opinion for the Court, however, Judge Posner reachd beyond this modified 1991 rule and not only opines on, but suggests that it may be appropriate to vacate the original 1970 rule (WHICH WAS NOT BEFORE THE COURT). Under these circumstances, 28 U.S.C. Sec. 455 requires that Judge Posner disqualify himself. The federal statute, like the Code of Judicial Conduct, states that a judge 'shall disqualify himself in any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned'" (Emphasis added.)
MOTION FOR DISQUALIFICATION of Judge Posner, filed November 18, 1992, in No. 91-2350. The Motion when on to detail "Judge Posner's Prior Work for CBS" and "The Failure to Disclose Judge Posner's Prior Work for CBS". An excerpt: "Judge Posner did not publicly disclose his prior work for CBS....Nor did counsel for the networks disclose the fact that CBS had previously retained Judge Posner as a legal expert, despite the fact that the same law firm (Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering) that presented argument for the networks before this Court also represented CBS when that network retained Professor Posner to assist it in its efforts to prevent the NBC decree from bein entered. In Fact, Lloyd N. Cutler of that law firm appeared as counsel in both proceedings. It was only during the week before oral argument in the case, and only in the course of reviewing documents for a proceeding relating to the consent decree, that counsel for the Coalition happened upon Judge Posner's affidavit.
The MOTION FOR DISQUALIFICATION went on to detail "The Relationship Between Judge Posner's Prior Work for CBS abd His Opinion For the Court in this Case". The Motion implies that Judge Posner inserts matters into the case that are not before the Court and not in the Court record. In other words, creating matters out of the air, judicial perjuries.
JUDGE POSNER, despite the incriminating, undisputed details about his conflict of interests favoring the TV Networks, REFUSED TO REMOVE HIMSELF.
Long-pending in this Nation's capitol has been the U.S. Justice Department anti-monopoly case against Microsoft. After a very lengthy trial, Washington, D.C. Federal District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, in a blistering decision, based as he says on the evidence he heard in his Court, condemned Microsoft as being a monopoly in violation of federal law. BUT then Judge Jackson did something of which he should have known better. Judge Jackson, supposedly to try to straighten out the Microsoft mess, appointed Chief Judge Richard A. Posner of Chicago, as a mediator for a supposed out-of-court settlement. Chicago Tribune two stories, November 29, 1999. Microsoft case sent to mediator. Chicago Tribune, November 20, 1999. The Chicago Tribune on 11/20/99, falls all over themselves saying what kind of a wonderful judge is Chief Judge Posner. NOTE: traditionally the head of the parent firm, Tribune Company, has also been the Chairman of the Board of the super-secret Federal Reserve District Bank in Chicago, tied to the banker-judges on Posner's rotten court. Then the monopoly press tells us that lawyers for Microsoft and the Justice Department have met with Chief Judge Posner in Chicago.
To some who are savvy as to Judge Posner and his unpunished, unpublicized criminality,---well it is like sending the would-be targets to meet with an assassin cloaked in judicial robes. Some one who can be bought, blackmailed, or compromised in various ways.
We have to assume that Microsoft's expensive lawyers know the truth about Chief Judge Posner. And the U.S. Justice Department with their adjunct, FBI,part of America's secret political police, with their secret records, wiretappings, stool pigeons, and dossiers, know plenty about Chief Judge Posner. Short of straight out bribery, blackmail of the Judge is a way of getting your way with a known super crook like Posner. Is the Clinton Justice Department merely shadow-boxing? In 1994, we pointed out that Microsoft had an armlock on the U.S. Justice Department and their FBI. Why and how? Well, the Justice Department and the FBI have stolen, FROM MICROSOFT and are using in their offices nationwide and particularly in Chicago, Microsoft's copyrighted software. (Soft of like the infamous INSLAW case.) AND THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT AND FBI HAVE NOT PAID MICROSOFT. So, if Microsoft wanted to really stick it to the Justice Department and the FBI, well, Microsoft could bring a court counter-claim against them for hundreds of millions of dollars, for theft of property and use of stolen property, Microsoft's copyrighted software. And Microsoft could rightfully claim that the Justice Department brought the anti-trust case against Microsoft for ulterior purpose, to deter Microsoft from making damage claims against the Justice Department and the FBI.
Cynics proclaim as to Microsoft's software called Windows: IS THEIR A WINDOW TO SEE WHAT IS REALLY IN MICROSOFT'S WINDOW? And more to the point, wishing a plague on them all, some curse them all, saying: May all their systems crash---Judge Posner and his banker-judges, Microsoft, the FBI Secret Police, and the Injustice Department, all of them.---website: Office: (773)375-5741


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