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One Arrested, Second Still Sought For Columbine Threats
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No sooner was 18-year-old Michael Ian Campbell of Cape Coral, Florida arrested by the FBI at his home Friday, charged with making an Internet threats of an impending massacre at Columbine High School such as occurred there last April, then Colorado's U.S. attorney Tom Strickland disclosed that other similar threats regarding the school were currently under investigation.
Campbell's threats were frightening enough for school authorities to cancel classes at Columbine for two days.
Strickland said Campbell was arrested for "transmitting in interstate commerce a communication containing a threat to injure another person;" adding that the arrest "should send a strong message that threats, especially against our schools, will not be tolerated."
Even though Strickland then noted that other threats against the school had been made and were being investigated, he refused to comment further, which would indicate that the ongoing investigations have yet to yield tangible results.
Comforting, isn't it?
Maybe parents ought to just stop sending their children to the place.
They're really getting into the holiday spirit at Columbine High School in Jefferson County, Colo. The school has been shut down for two days because of threats posted in an Internet chat room, apparently warning of a military-style attack such as occurred at the school last April 20; involving numerous gunmen, lots of weapons and over SIXTY pre-placed explosive devices.
This is now like about the EIGHTH time there have been some serious, disturbing incidents involving threats made or actions taken by certain students (OSTENSIBLY, anyway) at Columbine High since the 1999 fall semester commenced--which have included threats of violence and mayhem scrawled/painted on school walls; posted on the internet, and issued directly to other students & faculty in at LEAST one case. This latest incident would seem to be the most frightening so far.
It's funny... we THOUGHT that the FBI, the Jeffco Sheriff's Department and just about every other government "official" in sight--along with the vast majority of dog-on-a-leash mass media outlets--had proclaimed that Harris and Klebold "acted alone"--without the aid, assistance or complicity of one single other person on the face of the earth; despite, for one example, the utterly contradictory statements made by Jefferson County top copper John Stone--who's publicly claimed on a NUMBER of occasions that in his view, based upon such FACTS as the vast quantities of materials used in the April assault, there is no doubt whatsoever Klebold and Harris MUST have had help--to put it mildly--in executing the logistically complex commando attack on Columbine High last April 20, 1999.
Research and investigation undertaken by myself, the Columbine Research Task Force and other independent investigators into the events at Columbine last spring, including interviews with students who witnessed events and circumstances UTTERLY at odds with the officially-sanctioned fictitious versions, irrefutably confirm Sheriff Stone's beliefs about the massacre--in spades.
Additionally, the published statements made by Columbine art teacher Patti Nielson, who was in the school library when most of the killing took place, have on a number of crucial points fundamentally and irredeemably destroyed the endlessly-regurgitated official lies about what happened at Columbine.
The shooting attack upon her and student Brian Anderson PRIOR to the library slaughter occurred UPSTAIRS at the extreme north end of the school at the SAME TIME as at least two OTHER gunmen--widely presumed to have been or to have included Klebold and Harris--one or more of whom wore masks and/or headphones, entered into the school from the complete opposite end over a 1/4 mile away and headed into the cafeteria... DOWNSTAIRS. They had just exchanged gunfire with Sheriff's Deputy Gardner, on duty as a "security" guard near the school entrance at the south parking lot.
And what about the fact the son of Duane Fuselier, the FBI's LEAD investigator on the Columbine massacre case, had made a video only two years previously when he attended Columbine of trenchoated assassins gunning down students in the halls of the school and then blowing up the building at the end! Some friends of Fuselier's son were also friends of Harris and Klebold. And we're supposed to believe that Klebold and Harris acted completely alone; that there were no ties linking their actions to any other people or to any wider group. Uh-huh.
So much for "two lone gunmen."
Anyway: last time WE checked, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were dead. Supposedly, there is "officially" no doubt the two acted utterly alone in implementing the heavily-equipped military assault on Columbine. (And we're actually supposed to believe this when head sheriff Stone doesn't even buy it?)
So: then WHO or WHAT is responsible for the 8 serious incidents of violent threats which have occurred at Columbine in just the past 3 months?
To give an example of such, we're first reprinting below our bulletin from 10.21.99 about an incident in which one of those Columbine students who probably had "NOTHING" to do with what happened at the school last April said he was about to "finish the job" the guys who weren't his buddies started then.
But don't forget, we're supposed to believe Klebold and Harris "acted alone". The loony, social misfit "lone gunman" theory; times two. In TRUTH, however, this fiction is unilaterally contradicted and invalidated by a great deal of testimony and evidence--such as statements made by many student witnesses indicating that there were at least a total of THREE gunmen on the school's lower level and perhaps as many as 7-8 trenchcoated, gun-wielding thugs on the school's upper level, some of whom were said to have been masked as well.
Which brings up another point: it's pretty hard to make a positive visual ID on someone who's masked. If Harris and Kelbold really WERE among the NUMBER of gunmen proven to have been at the school, then at what point did they unmask, allowing themselves to be positively identified?
Moreover our research showed it was common knowledge to HUNDREDS of Columbine students that other people--perhaps "trenchcoat mafia" members--WERE involved in perpetrating the Columbine slaughter AND that a substantial number of these SAME perpetrators and accomplices were BACK IN CLASS only several weeks after the horrendous massacre, when make-up classes resumed at nearby Chatfield High, causing many not to attend those classes due to horror, outrage and fear.
It seems quite clear that this current incident at Columbine and the previous ones this fall are additional substantiating evidence that Klebold and Harris did NOT "act alone", and were connected to a wider group of some kind.
The public has not yet been told anything even resembling the truth about the massacre at Columbine by government, by official investigators or by mass media; of this there is NO doubt.
1999 NewsHawk® Inc. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 10.21.99 Columbine Student--would "finish" massacre job
A 17-year-old Columbine High student, whose name was withheld because he is a juvenile, has been arrested for allegedly threatening to "finish the job" of other gunmen who carried out last spring's massacre at the school. He's charged with inciting destruction of life or property and is being held on $500,000 bond.
Sheriff John P. Stone said a student reported that the teen had remarked he would "finish the job started by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold."
Maybe somebody should clue this loser in that we're not even sure Harris and Klebold DID 'the job"... certainly in regard to a lot of it.
What's the deal here anyway? Do they BREED these kinds of freaks at this school or WHAT?
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WIRE:10/21/1999 01:29:00 ET Teen-ager charged with making Columbine threat
GOLDEN, Colo. (AP) _ A Columbine High School student has been arrested for allegedly threatening to "finish the job" of the two teen-age gunmen who carried out last spring's massacre.
The 17-year-old student, whose name was withheld because he is a juvenile, was jailed Tuesday on charges of inciting destruction of life or property, and theft for allegedly stealing a school microphone. He was held on $500,000 bond.
A student reported that the teen had remarked that he would "finish the job started by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold," Sheriff John P. Stone said.
Harris, 18, and Klebold, 17, killed 12 fellow students and a teacher before committing suicide April 20.
Officials with the Jefferson County school district said they contacted police after hearing rumors about the student. Security has been stepped up at Columbine and parents, students and staff were notified of the threats.
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WIRE:12/16/1999 11:17:00 ET Chat room threat closes Columbine High School
LITTLETON, Colo. (AP) _ Classes and final exams were canceled today and Friday at Columbine High School after a threat was made in an Internet chat room.
School district spokesman Rick Kaufman would not give specifics about the threat but said it was directed at the 1,900-student school and not an individual student.
"It was about some kind of act that was to occur today at Columbine High School," Kaufman said. "In the interest of the safety and emotional well-being of our community, we canceled classes."
The family of the student who saw it Wednesday night immediately contacted the sheriff's department and school security, Kaufman said.
Marilyn Saltzman, another school spokeswoman, said authorities "swept the building inside and out" but found nothing.
Students had been scheduled to take final exams today in advance of the winter holiday break. Friday was to have been a make-up day for those who missed any final exams.
Twelve Columbine students and a teacher were killed April 20 by two teen-age gunmen, who then killed themselves.
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