Former Oregon
Sheriff Warns Of Possible
Civil War
By Michael E. Cook
Coos County (Oregon) Sheriff, Retired
From Koos News 10-1-99
I have always said what I think and try not to offend too many people in the process. However, this week I am going to get right down to it. If you are easily offended, don't read on. This article will not please you at all. I am writing about what will happen in the future if the government tries to take away our rights and impose laws on "we the people" which are not constitutional. I know many out there fear this very thing as I do. Freedom is a constant battle in this old world of ours. I, like many of you, fought for freedom and our way of life and have many times put it all on the line for that freedom. I, like many of you, will be willing and able to do it again.
Now we can get to the point I am trying to make. Those that would take away our rights are using the violence in our schools and other places as a vehicle to promote their agendas. We have already lost our property rights to the endangered species act and other federal laws. Many of you are out of work and Coos County is depressed because of this. Our way of life and the quality of that life has suffered in Coos County. The violence, they tell us, is beyond control as long as you and I have the right to own firearms. We must give up our most important right which, by the way, gives us the ability to protect our other rights and to stop crime and violence in our streets. This is what they try to push down our throats every day.
My questions to those who would take that right are: What is an acceptable body count for taking that right? How many Americans are you willing to have killed on both sides of the issue to take that right? What's the value of that right to you? I will tell you this right now; if they try to take firearms from most of the gun owners I know, including me, it will be another civil war here in America. The last one had a high body count and this one will be even higher. There will be law enforcement officers, military personnel and civilians lost in this war. This is one fight I am not looking forward to and I know it will destroy America.
The rules of engagement are lost on the civilians - we don't have jet aircraft and smart bombs so we'll have to fight with whatever we can until they kill us. We will fight and we will do the best we can. However, I know the outcome and I'm ready for that also. I'm at peace with my God. The bottom line is we don't need to even have this fight. If the traitors in government and others would stop their treason, or get arrested and punished for it, this would not happen. You and I have let this happen by allowing our media and our government to push this on Americans. We can no longer allow that to happen if we want to avoid a war. That is the bottom line.
When Sarah Brady at Handgun Control Inc., can draw down a salary of $277,891.00 a year for her treasonous acts against the second amendment, without standing trial and getting that kind of wage, we will continue to be run over. HCI has an annual budget of $7,624,306. They spend this and more each year to take you rights. The president of the NRA doesn't get a salary. Does this tell you anything?
You can make life tough for HCI. Write and ask for a copy of form 990, which they are required by law to provide. The address is:
Handgun Control Inc. 1223 Eye Street, N.W., Room 1100 Washington, D.C. 20005
They have to pay staff to copy and send you all 13 pages of that report. You need to include an addressed, stamped envelope. We could make them so busy they won't have time to fight.
Keep you ear to the ground, your eyes open, and your powder dry. It is coming and it won't be fun.